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Bin Laden Tape
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I have friends in Europe. From their view we are nearly or just as radical as the "terrorists". I dont have the answer on how to fix the world. However, I do believe in leading by example. It is funny how Bush thought the Russians needed to sit down with the terrorist group that was responsible for the school masacre and have mediations/talks. I believe the leaders response was he would do that as soon as Bush sat down with Bin Laden. We are living in a do as we say not as we do society. This is not the image I want to represent me or my country.

Times like this I think back to highschool. (insert groans) There was a girl on my bus that for some reason hated my very being. She reminded me every chance she got that one day she was gonna catch me in the halls and beat the shit out of me. That day came and she pinned me up against the wall and baited me to hit her. I refused. Eventually, she got fed up and whalloped me in the face a couple of times. I still refused to hit her. Guess hitting someone who wont hit back takes some of the fun out of it. I got a bruised face but oddly enough I gained something I never thought I would--an odd distant friendship. She alwasy spoke to me in the halls after that....and not to threaten me either.

I dont know if you can apply this to world affairs.....what has it achieved to go after all the bad guys and kill everyone in our wake? Have we stopped the violence or are we perpetuating it? I saw a comment the other day that said it all. Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity. I do believe that.

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Bill Lambert

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Why is it that so many people feel that killing women and children is any worse then killing men? Human life is of great value irrespective of gender or age.

This is the greatest and most powerful nation in the world today. I would like to think that we could use this greatness combined with the power to help this world to become a better place. Nice thought but then there is the real world. Money, oil, egos and all those other human wants and traits shared by all people of all nations.

I was born in 1945 and this country was at war. It has been at war without letup to this day. If it isnít one thing itís another.

We are the most ethnically, religiously and politically diverse country on the plant. It is amazing we arenít killing each other at a greater rate then we do. For the most part we seem to get along better then most nations that are of identical ethnic and religious groups. So why canít counties like Iraq and Iran and the numerous African and European countries learn to get along? Couldnít be that humans like killing humans could it? Heaven forbid people should become tolerant of those they donít understand or are different in thought, physical make up and manners. And it seems heaven does forbid it.

I first heard ďFighting for peace is like fucking for virginityĒ during the Vietnam War. I donít believe we were fighting for peace then and I donít believe we are now. After all most of you out there couldnít do a day without your gas guzzling, air, water and land polluting automobiles. So therefore we must kill to help keep the flow going. I have been fucking for virginity from about the age of 15. Itís a losing battle.

It seems the older I get the dumber I get. I am so naÔve that I really do believe that much of this conflict weíre now in could be settled peacefully. If it wasnít for the fact that we are dealing with a religious group that is still in the 6th century with 20th century technology there might be hope.

It makes no difference what Europe thinks. They havenít liked much of anything this county has ever done. Many of those nations are unwilling to help us now and have been unhelpful even when we were doing what was all good and righteous. No matter what this country does it interferes with many of their own self-interests. And of course we have our own. Oil and that kind of stuff..

To sum up this rambling dialog I feel we should just do our best to make this an even better country and to hell with the rest of the world, until we are a bit closer to perfect.
For he who shall so shall he who.

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I myself drive an economy fuel efficient car (30+ mpg) and would use public transportation (and did when I lived in the city) if it were available. I do put my money where my mouth is.

Had Reagan not quashed the alternative fuels measures that Carter had put in place....well, there would be no oil issues with other countries.

We live in a wonderful country. I have been to different countries and my response when I land in the US is the same. A huge sigh...I feel as long as I am on US soil I can make it home. I am home. However, I am also concerned about how other countries perceive us. Sometimes as a human the only thing we have that is truly ours is our individual reputation and integrity. Once that is damaged it is hard to repair. I feel our nations image is like that too.
As for being worse that women and children are being killed. I think people are upset because they are civilians. I could be wrong and shouldn't try to speak for others. I myself am horrified by any killing amongst our species. I don't forget the men and women that are dying for this fight .....a fight that does not come close to fulfilling the oath they took when they took a military appointment. This is a link to the updated military fallen count and their pictures/bios. Very upsetting esp when you look at the ages of most of them. They are children.
No matter the opinion on the war, govt, etc. no two people are going to agree. That is of the things that makes this country lovely and frustrating all at the same time.

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Oh and to add a bit of amusement....

Imagine stuffing a Greyhound, a chubby bird dog and a (of they come any other way) chubby beagle and all of my stuff into that small car. I think the dogs would prefer I get an SUV or a van. Wink

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