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Just finished the book about ten minutes ago

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Just finished the book about ten minutes ago  Reply with quote  

Well, I read all of AG's books in order of publication, except for You Suck, which I read right after Bloodsucking Fiends. So now I'm officially caught up as I just read the final pages of A Dirty Job a few minutes ago.

Spoilers will probably follow: (like you haven't all read this)

The first thing I did was look up that website with the little undead-zombie-animal costume party things. Like I needed to have any more trouble sleeping.

Anyway, I loved the book. I'm noticing, more and more, that what I dig about the books isn't really the plot, but the ride. I find that strange only because he does create very well constructed plots, and on the surface I want to liken them to really jerky-twisty-detective novel type reads, where you plow through 300 pages just to see why the hooker was wearing pink lipstick when she only owned red.

Obviously, when writing about vampires and sea monsters and demons, you have to have a macabre sense of humor to begin with, but looking back it, I'm really very impressed with how seamlessly comedy and tragedy could be blended. I mean, the book is about death. He smacks you in the face with the theme. But the book still had me laughing out loud, page after page. Even Charlie's death scene, the most tragic part of the book, was told in the context of humor, and you were still laughing even as your heart was breaking.

Too many readers these days are conditioned by television to tear through novels just to see the ending, and I'm glad there are authors that can write a plot and retain interest while still creating work that isn't really about the ending or the plot, satisfying as they may be.

That said, some notes off the top of my head:

-I loved the interaction, though limited most of the time, between Minty Fresh and Charlie. With a library of half-cocked character interaction, this really stuck with me, and I'm not sure why. Maybe that Minty Fresh is such a fully realized - and profoundly unique - character, his interactions stand out more than a lot of the other characters. Meaning, he seems almost like another main character that just happens to be in someone else's book, versus being like Lilly or Jane who, while wonderful, were still very much secondary characters.

-The characterization, mannerisms, and expressions of Sophie as she slowly aged over the course of six years were awesome. I think that was my favorite comedy in the book. On one page I'll laugh because of something ridiculous like a page long description of an Eldorado or the mechanics of an undead squirrel army, and the next page I'll laugh merely because Sophie says something that any five year old would say. Sophie, to me, was kind of a metaphor for the whole novel... As the Luminatus, she was the perfect blend of honest reality and the supernatural, the same thing Charlie had to balance for the entire book.

-Charlie and Irena arguing over whether or not he was Death, and whether she was supposed to die.

-The semi-crush on Charlie by one of the Morrigan, first in Charlie's imagination, then in reality as the Morrigan gossiped while watching Charlie. "I think we really shared a moment there."

-The entire Beta-Male theme throughout the entire book. Absolutely awesome idea.

Well, anyway, the entire thing is kind of bittersweet. Gonna seem like a long wait until the next book comes out.

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