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No organ failure or death? Then it isn't torture!

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No organ failure or death? Then it isn't torture!  Reply with quote  

I was surprised not to see this here yet.

How much closer to hell can this administration take us?

Justice Department says it's ok
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Why be suprised at all? Here is a man who rallied his base by claiming that he wanted to create a society that valued life, while having been in charge of the state that leads the country in executions!
He tells us that it is more important to keep pouring money into the sinkhole that he created in the middle east, rather than making sure the kids in this country can be taken care of if they are sick or hurt.
He makes claims to care about education, while making it damn near impossible for schools to teach anything other than what is required for his stupid tests.
He cares nothing for diplomacy, tact, or even basic courtesy, and why should he? Hasn't his God given him a mandate?
I mean, I know you guys all know this stuff, you're smart people. You may not view it the same way I do, but I'm sure we do have some commonality about how we view the fucktardery of this administration (or as an old AG blog said: the fucktard cowboy and his evil robot side kick).
But we are partly to blame for the mess we are in. I don't mean anyone here or myself specifically, I mean the country as a whole. We've let ourselves be mislead time and time and time again. When the Democrats got their "mandate" from the people and won back the house and senate, they should have impeached the little fuckers then. But no, they decided to be bigger people and work toward "bi-partisanship". WTF? When has that been more then a talking point since the last election?
And now, they let opinion polls lead them around by the nose instead of having the balls to say "You know what, it's a shit situation, this is how I will fix it...". Instead they waffle and flip every time it looks like their approval numbers are going to dip. If you'll fix it, we will vote, trust me. Just give us something other than ridiculous, meaningless prattle. That's fine for a message board or a blog, but you're looking to lead our country. I'll blow the fucktard myself, and make out with Ann Coulter if it will fix this. I'll take one for the team, I swear.

It's like the story about the boy who finds a rattlesnake freezing on the side of a mountain and the snake tells him "Put me in your shirt and take me with you, so I don't die up here". The kid tells him no, you're a snake and you'll bite me. The snake promises not. The boy puts him in his shirt, takes him down and when they hit the warm desert floor, the snake sure as fuck bites him. The kid, as he's dying asks, why? and the snake tells him "You knew what I was when you picked me up."
I cannot tell you how many people I talked to before the last election, from both parties and undecideds, who said they hated what W had done, but were going to vote for him anyway. When I asked why, I was almost always told, it's his mess, and he needs a chance to clean it up. For fucksakes, NO ! If a little kid spends four hours making a mess, especially when it was obvious one hour in how bad it would be, you don't give him four more hours to clean it up. You send him to his room and get the job done in a more competent fashion.
I'm sorry, but I just get sick and tired of seeing day after day more evidence of what fuckery these monkeys have gotten up to; evidence that will just be ignored by the same fucktards that put him there the second time around.
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