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Coyote, Iktome and the Goat

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Coyote, Iktome and the Goat  Reply with quote  

Author's Notes: I wrote this a couple years ago when I was researching mythology for a summer project. I did Greek mythology for a month, then Egyptian for a month, then Native American for a month. Anyway, This story and another which I will post soon was the result of my Native American month. By the way, I wrote these BEFORE I read Coyote Blue, which made Coyote Blue even more awesome when I did read it. I was like "I've written Coyote stories too!"

One day, Coyote the Trickster was visiting his friend Iktome the Spider man. The day before, Iktome had purchased a goat from a traveling trader. The goat gave good milk, but it was very stupid, and very stubborn. Iktome had spent many hours trying to make it go into it’s pasture, and was very tired.
Coyote saw the goat, and was very taken with the creature. “That looks like an intelligent beast,” he said.
Iktome laughed. “Intelligent!? Ha! If you can make that thing do one trick by the end of the day, It’s yours.”
Coyote smiled. He always loved a good bet. “And if I should fail?”
Iktome pondered for a minute. “You will do all my hunting for the next week.”
Coyote agreed, and Iktome left to visit his cousin, promising to return at sunset. Coyote’s work began.
“If you stand on your hind legs, I’ll give you these delicious leaves,” he said to the goat.
“Meh.” it said.
“What about sitting? Sitting is an easy trick.”
“Meh,” the goat replied, remaining standing
He tried coaxing the creature, bribing it, yelling at it, and beating it, but the goat just stood there and said “Meh.” Finally he sat down, defeated.
“I’m never going to teach this animal a trick,” he thought to himself, “But I can’t let Iktome win, either.” Finally he thought of a plan.
He skinned the goat, and brought the meat to Iktome’s wife, saying the meat was for her to cook for Iktome’s dinner. She believed him, and set to work cooking the flesh. Soon the house was full of the scent of roasting meat. Meanwhile, Coyote made a suit out of the goat’s skin to fit himself. He put it on, and looked exactly like the goat. Then he sat down in the costume, and waited for Iktome to return at sunset.
When Iktome returned and saw the goat and no sign of Coyote, he laughed quietly to himself. “It seems my friend has given up and left already,” he thought. He was amazed when the goat stood up on it’s hind legs and began to speak.
“Hello,” it said. “Coyote said you would be here soon and that I should go to his house when you did arrive.” Iktome was so shocked he didn’t even try to stop it when it opened the gate to it’s pen and walked out in the direction of Coyote’s house.
When Coyote arrived at his house, he took off the goat skin and laughed hard. Then he called upon his friend the bear for help with the second part of his plan.
“I won a lovely goat from Iktome in a bet, and I wondered if you would have supper with me to celebrate?” asked Coyote. Bear, who never turned down a free meal, gladly accepted.
When they arrived back at Coyote’s house, he acted astonished and angry that only the skin of the goat was in front of his house.
“I knew Iktome wouldn’t take losing easily! I bet he killed my goat! Follow me!” Coyote grabbed the skin and walked back to Iktome’s house, with Bear right behind him.
They soon arrived at Iktome’s house, Coyote yelling and cursing like anything and Bear lumbering behind.
“You thief!” Coyote yelled. “You were upset that you lost, so you killed my goat! I knew you couldn’t be trusted! I bet your wife is cooking my goat right now!”
Iktome knew he didn’t kill the goat, so he agreed to show them what was in his
wife’s pot. He opened the lid, and lo and behold! There was the goat. Iktome now knew that he had been tricked, but with Bear there, he was too afraid to do anything to Coyote, who was getting angrier by the minute.
Bear was a generally peaceful person, and right now he wanted to eat some of that goat meat more than to watch Coyote and Iktome fight, so he proposed a deal. “Iktome, why don’t you give Coyote that lovely blanket your wife made last winter? Then I’m sure he would forgive you and we could all sit down to a meal of that meat that smells so good.” Iktome was angry but he had no choice but to agree.
This left Iktome angry and scheming, and Coyote happy and smirking, but afraid of what his friend might do to get back at him. Bear merely got a good meal, then went back to his house for a long nap. I think he was the best off, don’t you?

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