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Character and creator don't get along
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TiroIndite wrote:
I don't like my main character any more, but I am stuck with him. I am glad it is only a short story.

I stuck myself with a character that I would never know in real life. He's a good guy. He's got his mind set on doing the right thing. He has a highly respected job. I know people with really good jobs, but almost all of them aren't respected at all. Has anyone of you ever had this problem? What have you done? Any suggestions would really help.

Maybe this is a signal that your taste in people is changing? Smile

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Maybe Laughing

Also, I wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions. I ended up doing what Chris suggested, I gave my character a flaw. I gave him a bigger flaw than he originally had and it worked enough that I was able to finish.

A few of you said that you had trouble with writing villains, for some reason they are easier for me to work with. I can relate to the anger better, I guess... I know that sounds strange, but it's true. It may be because of my fasination with Edgar Allan Poe, Saki (sp?) and etc. Or, maybe that I grew up in a neighborhood where gunshots and stabbings were a daily occurrence (almost); and I never thought anything of it, until I started going to a junior high school outside of my district. My new friends were to afraid to be within 5 blocks of my neighborhood, let alone in it. Who knows.

I think my tastes are changing, though in real life I've nver really liked mean or possesed people Smile

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You could kill him... Makes for one hell of a plot twist...

No don't do that... I might do it in my book...
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OMG I totally know the feeling. My friend and I did this dialogue thingie on AIM and my characters all turned into morons and assholes. Lets see, Ah, here it is. I'm KatarinaNavane and she's Irishkittyelf.

irishkittyelf:hm... this is my character, his name is xavier. he is very very short. he is fifteen, but he's only four foot five. this makes him horribly depressed.
KatarinaNavane: lol
irishkittyelf: if you make one up then they can have a conversation Wink
irishkittyelf: (this is what happens when im tired... oh, its only eleven thirty... i shouldn't be tired yet)
KatarinaNavane: Taren. 16 Tall, blond, (imagine alex mann) self confident to the point of asshole, class clown type
irishkittyelf : haha. xavier has grey eyes and dirty blonde straight hair in a john rzeznik haircut. he's really skinny. he's like... malnourished or something... something's wrong with that kid. anyway, he's shy, very very shy, until you make him mad, then he's like a volcano
irishkittyelf: (basically he's a headcase)
irishkittyelf (11:32:43 PM): (sneak peak to the future: by the time xavier is 17 he's six feet tall, so it's all good... unfortunately he remains a headcase)
KatarinaNavane: lol
irishkittyelf: wait what are we doing with these dudes again?
KatarinaNavane: slash? rotfl
irishkittyelf: hell no
irishkittyelf: they can have a fight or something.... or they can be like... brothers? no slash Sad
KatarinaNavane: aww
KatarinaNavane: lol
irishkittyelf: haha
irishkittyelf: xavier is afraid of taren
irishkittyelf: because he's short
irishkittyelf : so, now ima make up a story with them. so xavier is at his locker at school and taren is coming down the hall way.
xavier: *thinking* ohnoohnoohnoidontwannagetbeatuptoday!!!!
KatarinaNavane: taren doesn't beat people up
KatarinaNavane: he's pitiful underneath it all
irishkittyelf: xav doesn't know that Wink
irishkittyelf: make taren say something
KatarinaNavane: 'sup, shrimp? (with a smile, not meaning an insult)
irishkittyelf: xav (cowering in fear) uh... uh... do you want my lunch money or something *tremble* cuz... uh... you cant um... have it?
irishkittyelf): (he's a scared frosh, what do you expect?)
KatarinaNavane: "uh, just bein friendly kid, u might kno some hot girls" *laughs*
irishkittyelf: hahahahahhaa omg i come up with the weirdest shit... . xav: i dont know girls *sad*
KatarinaNavane: T: *Shakes head* Pity
irishkittyelf: enter girl. freshman, fourteen, name is Emma. um... loser loser loser beyond all belief. (i like weird people.) for example, today she is wearing tye dye (haahahahahaha)
KatarinaNavane: llol thick glasses, dark hair in braids?
irishkittyelf: yea!
KatarinaNavane: lol
KatarinaNavane: she should greet X so T can comment
irishkittyelf: okay
KatarinaNavane): E: greetings, Xavier
irishkittyelf: but first some history: emma and xav have lived next door to eachother since third grade. they are best friends.
KatarinaNavane: ok
irishkittyelf: xav: hey emma
KatarinaNavane: T: hey you said you didn't know any girls..Wait, my mistake, sorry sir *laughs at own joke*
irishkittyelf: xav: hey!
em: *cries*
irishkittyelf: xav: you made a girl cry!
KatarinaNavane: T: Hey sorry kid just a little joke no offense meant
KatarinaNavane: T: *pats E on back* Sorry, kid you're not that bad. I mean you
irishkittyelf: xav: you loser! don't you think before you say shit!?!?! what the fuck are you thinking???
KatarinaNavane: 're pretty...really... *obviously not sincere*
irishkittyelf: (remember the temper?)
KatarinaNavane: lol yea
KatarinaNavane: T: what the hell kiddo, someone's got a mean streak
KatarinaNavane: *not even remotely scared*
irishkittyelf: xav: *turns to em* dont cry dont cry. look at him. he's ugly. he looks like a girl. *to T* YOU GIRL!
irishkittyelf: em: that's sexist xavier.
KatarinaNavane: T: ha like u'd know a girl if you saw one
irishkittyelf: (invent a hot girl, make her pass so xav can drool)
irishkittyelf: (pass them in the hall i mean)
KatarinaNavane : lacey, cheerleader, blond, dumb, too much make-up
irishkittyelf: xav: *stares* that's a girl... that is definitely a girl
KatarinaNavane: T: That's my gf, u creep
irishkittyelf: em: you're dating that caveman?
KatarinaNavane: L: Excuse me? The only cave man i see here is you, lesbo
KatarinaNavane: wow, i've got all the assholes
irishkittyelf: (dont worry, i have the ugly undesirable eccentric people!... but at least xav grows up really hot)
irishkittyelf: em: she can't string more than three words together! it's like caveman talk. eirgo (ally: how the fuck do you spell t hat), she's a caveman
KatarinaNavane: T: *counts on fingers* Wait that was 12 words...No 13! Is cave man 2 words or one?
irishkittyelf: xav: why are you counting words? she said that your gf couldn't string together words... she wasn't talking about anyone else, dumbass
irishkittyelf: em: xav, stop being mad now.
KatarinaNavane: T: She said she can't say more than 3 and she said at least 12!
KatarinaNavane: L: yea, what he said
KatarinaNavane: T: that was 4
irishkittyelf: xav: loser.
KatarinaNavane: T: eleven words
KatarinaNavane : (he thinks that counting the words is hilarous for some reason. L is playing along and batting her eyelashes at him)
irishkittyelf : xav:DONT MAKE FUN OF ME WENCH!
KatarinaNavane : T: Wench, eh? someone's gettin mideval on your heinie!
irishkittyelf : EM: heinie? i think my IQ just dropped
KatarinaNavane: T: Yeah! Right on!
irishkittyelf: em: if yours dropped any... you wouldnt have nething left
KatarinaNavane: T: I wouldn't have anything right either lol get it?
irishkittyelf: xav: *blank look* what???
KatarinaNavane: T: she said i wouldn't have anything left but if i was dumb i would't have anything right as in correct cuz i'd be dumb...wait i'm confused
irishkittyelf: em: stop hurting yourself
KatarinaNavane: L: *to T* why are you even talking to these losers?
KatarinaNavane: T: 8 words
irishkittyelf: xav: HE WANTED MY MONEY!!!!!
KatarinaNavane: T: No i didn't i wanted your least until I saw her. Then I changed my mind
irishkittyelf: xav:........................................................
irishkittyelf: xav: loser, i said i didnt know any girls
irishkittyelf: em: AND WHAT AM I THEN??
KatarinaNavane: em: not sure if i should be insulted by the fact that he doesn't want me or the fac that he did...
irishkittyelf: xav: definitely the fact that he did
KatarinaNavane: hmm...
irishkittyelf: haha
KatarinaNavane: well that was interesting, it's kinda funn being the assholes for a change

That's all.
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