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TRANSCRIPT from FOOLish Chatzy - March 8, 2009 - Part II

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TRANSCRIPT from FOOLish Chatzy - March 8, 2009 - Part II  Reply with quote  

FOOLish Chatzy, cont.

zendao42: Kent didn't get any, just saying...

Vahlee: James Patterson?

Sugar Ray Dodge: We don't talk about Neil Gaiman

walk: i like to think of shakespearean actors as man whores and sluts anyways

Jaandlu: Fool is yo0ur most Bawdy tale, Chris. But I wouldn't say that any of the scenes we over the top. No real R Rated scenes.

walk: the book just helps cement that image

HazelRah: fucking hell, damn rented hands

Sugar Ray Dodge: That was so funny in DC

Sephonae: Kent shoulda got some

walk: he got an offer at least seph

Jaandlu: Yeah, not everybody even got some.

Vahlee: there may have been some behind the scenes action between Kent and a witch

Vahlee: ya know...if they had the time

LurkyLurkface: Witch-tang

Sephonae: Pocket got a LOT

Jaandlu: IT was more sophomoric then too bawdy.

jeannie: i usually hate books that have a lotta sex in them, but then again i hate shakespeare

Sephonae: as did Drool, which is impressive

mllefifi: Gotta go to bed, y'all. Sweet dreams!

zendao42: think ha got my share

Jaandlu: It made me wonder if you were twelve.

Brenda Stahl: the witch in those bugs bunny cartoons

jeannie: night feef!

Sephonae: night Feef

Watching The Wheels: see ya, feef

LurkyLurkface: I don't know what that means, Jaa

walk: night feef Very Happy

mllefifi from x.x.x.10 left the chat 2 seconds ago

HazelRah: He had those sisters every which way till they were loose

Sugar Ray Dodge: some people like books with lots of sex, although I prefer books where everybody dies terrible deaths

Watching The Wheels: hey, even comically large dwarfs need sweet lovin'!

jeannie: calico likes the parts ive read to him

Jaandlu: Sophomoric?

LurkyLurkface: Yeah

Vahlee: so were you disappointed by the happy ending, SRD?

zendao42: snuff fan, SRD?

jeannie: especially the heinus fuckery most foul

walk: how much have read to him jeannie?

HazelRah: I was surprised Drool hadnt shapped someone to death

Sugar Ray Dodge: I like Happy Endings, don't get me wrong, but it bugs me that almost every book has a happy ending

HazelRah: shagged rather

Sugar Ray Dodge: but I did like Fool's ending

Sephonae: well, he hugged Lear to death

jeannie: a few pages here and there

LurkyLurkface: You're not reading enough Oprah books, Ray

HazelRah: Must not drink and chat at the same time

Vahlee: but but he did shag someone dead

Sephonae: i forget; who?

Vahlee: SRD, read any book with a dog as the central focus

Vahlee: they always frakin' die

Sugar Ray Dodge: Oprah's books bore the hell out of me

zendao42: do ghosts count?

jeannie: who shagged who dead?

Vahlee: Drool shagged the dead ghost

Sephonae: oh, right, LOL

walk: omg vahlee that comment alone almost made me cry

Watching The Wheels: "where the red fern grows." that's a punch to the gut

Sugar Ray Dodge: Hey, I read where the Red Fern Grows in 5th Grade and I about wanted to slit my wrists at the end

Watching The Wheels: see!

jeannie: oh yeah i thought you meant "to death"

zendao42: SRD, Jim Carroll- if his writing's like his songs...

Vahlee: saddest book ever!

walk: sssssooooooo sad

HazelRah: A dog named Kitty......

jeannie: thats actually one of the parts i told calico about

LurkyLurkface: Try Of Mice and Men, Ray. It's sort of the "not funny" version of Fool.

jeannie: im a bad mum

Jaandlu: I didn't mean to offend, AG. It was very funny. There were just a lot of sex jokes. I consider sex jokes to be sophomoric. Not in a bad way or anything. I laughed.

Watching The Wheels: haha!

Sephonae: I laughed, I cried

zendao42: gotta play to your audience

Sugar Ray Dodge: I read of Mice and Men in high school, that also made me want to kill myself

Watching The Wheels: "thats actually one of the parts i told calico about"?? the dead humping?

LurkyLurkface: You didn't offend, Jaa. It's just that critics use that term all of the time as a pejorative, but when you ask them to define it they can't.

jeannie: somehow i doubt that chris is easily offended

Sugar Ray Dodge: I think the best book we all had to read in school was probably Lord of the Flies

Watching The Wheels: that kid just an advance lesson of the birds and the dead bees.

Sephonae: my son's reading that now

Vahlee: I never read lord of the flies in school

Katy O: To Kill a Mockingbird

Jaandlu: Ph, I can define it.

jeannie: jink you kinda owe me a coke

Sugar Ray Dodge: Of Steinbeck's works I have to say that Cannery Row is my fave

Sephonae: and ectogasm

Vahlee: Mockingbird was one of my favs

zendao42: me either

LurkyLurkface: MIne too, Ray

Jaandlu: Sophomoric humor is the humor of a wise fool.

Watching The Wheels: <3 cannery row. and the winter of our discontent

Jaandlu: Is that what you were looking for?

LurkyLurkface: Cannery Row, Sweet Thursday, To Kill a Mockingbird are my fave books, in order.

zendao42: I had to read Tortilla Flat cuz of the song

Jaandlu: I love Steinbeck.

Sugar Ray Dodge: We were talking about this before, but of all English language authors, I think that Dickens is probably the best

Katy O: Grapes of Wrath haunts me

LurkyLurkface: Tortilla Flat has some great, great moments.

Katy O: looooooooove Dickens

Sephonae: me too Katy O

LurkyLurkface: I know, Grapes can be frightening.

zendao42: I know folks that would do that if they got 2 houses

Katy O: depressing too

LurkyLurkface: Especially when they come back from the grave, AS RAISINS!

Sugar Ray Dodge: I haven't read Grapes

LurkyLurkface: Oh, wait, you meant the book. Nevermind.

Sugar Ray Dodge: it looks way too intimidating in the bookstore

HazelRah: And cant stop singing that damn song

zendao42: I was thinking Mad Dog...

Sugar Ray Dodge: To me, Grapes is like War and Peace

LurkyLurkface: Battle Hymn of the Republic?

Katy O: I was a California raisin for Halloween years ago when I waited tables and was required to dress up

Sugar Ray Dodge: it seems like it has to be life event in order to read

Katy O: my next book is Catcher in the Rye

jeannie: i thought catcherr in the rye was boring

Sephonae: But getting back to Fool, here's a question from HazelRah:

Sephonae: Do you think the footnotes should have been used more throughout the book, or did it feel as if the AG got the ball rolling and than disbanded it 1/3rd of the way in? Should there have been more joking "asides" from start to finish? As if they were presented by Pocket? or like Lemony Snickett%u2019s explanation of words in the Series of Unfortunate Events books?

Vahlee: okee dokee guys, I gotta go. G'night and have fun with the rest of chat.

jeannie: but im not that deep

Sephonae: nigth Vahlee

HazelRah: Catch her in the Eye? what?

Watching The Wheels: night vahlee!

Katy O: I wanted more footnotes

LurkyLurkface: Night, V

Sephonae: i loved the footnotes

Sugar Ray Dodge: night v

jeannie: night V!

Jaandlu: Night V

walk: i've been trying to work my way through "how even broke his head and other secrets" for about a month now. i think i need to give it up and start a book i actually care for

LurkyLurkface: In retrospect, I wish I'd left them out.

walk: night vahlee!

Katy O: really? They were fun

Sephonae: how come?

jeannie: how come??

jeannie: jinx

Sephonae: dang it

jeannie: i wish life had footnotes

Watching The Wheels: i thought the footnotes were hilarious. I loved the circular definition of wanker (one who wanks; a tosser) and tosser (one who tosses; a wanker)

zendao42: Fforde fans dig footnotes, too...

jeannie: and a soundtrack

Sephonae: and footnoterphones

walk: i liked the footnotes, it reminded me of prachett

Sugar Ray Dodge: More and more fiction books have been having footnotes

Sparky~: my life does have footnotes

LurkyLurkface: That's why I wish I'd left them out, Walk

HazelRah: I loved Drool calling Oswald a Tosser, after he heaved him over the cliff

Sugar Ray Dodge: I read a book called "Beat the Reaper" right before Fool, and it was also full of footnotes

walk: oops

Sephonae: lol

jeannie: yeah stop copying pratchet

walk: brb

LurkyLurkface: I get so many notes that act as if Terry invented footnotes and I was someone cribbing from him.

jeannie: prachet?

Sephonae: you know Pratchet???

Sugar Ray Dodge: Terry

Sugar Ray Dodge: for god's sake

zendao42: aka PTerry

LurkyLurkface: We have the same editor.

jeannie: he knows neil too!

LurkyLurkface: Yes, Jeannie, and Neil too!

Sephonae: the footnotes were awesome, wish there'd been more

Sparky~: alright, I'm really slow but I just saw the "Grapes of Wrath" as raisins line = HA!

HazelRah: SweetJebus, someone needs to bury the dream king

jeannie: :OS

Sugar Ray Dodge: FULL POWER! DAMN YOU!

Sephonae: i especially liked how some were serious footnotes and others were just goofy

Sugar Ray Dodge: sorry, Wrath of Kahn is on in the background

zendao42: always liked footnotes- gotta know what's going on

Sugar Ray Dodge: I like footnotes as little extra jokes

LurkyLurkface: I'm glad they worked for you.

Katy O: better than Donald the Douche I have here (celeb apprentice)

Sephonae: favorite Fool bits, folks?

Sugar Ray Dodge: I thought it was fine

Jaandlu: I like footnotes too.

Sparky~: after reading "Oscar Wao" I thought I'd never want to read a book with footnotes again. those footnotes fuckin' pissed me OFF!

Sparky~: but the ones in "Fool" made me laugh

Sugar Ray Dodge: Sometimes they are better off in the back of the book so you can ignore them if you want, or read the book a second time and read them then

Brenda Stahl: I read Infinite jest so I'm immune to footnotes

HazelRah: Having read House of Leaves, footnotes dont bother me in the slightest,

Sparky~: I couldn't finish that book Brenda. felt like I should but could not

Watching The Wheels: gloucester's two "suicide" scenes were hilarious. 'You fell on a puppet...'

Sephonae: yes, the suicide scenes were hilariously funny

HazelRah: A Puppet? Yes , A puppet, you grabbed it from the Natural....

Brenda Stahl: house of leaves is next for me

Sugar Ray Dodge: we talked about Muppets already, didn't we, or did I just imagine that?

LurkyLurkface: ack

RadLad from x.x.x.85 joined the chat

Sephonae: hey RL

HazelRah: Theres always room for Muppets, like jello, just less edible, what with the fuzz an all

Watching The Wheels: "he doesn't have a hat." "yeah, but *HE* doesn't
know that" "My sons abandoned me and I have no hat!!!!" hahaha!

zendao42: they may have been mentioned...

Jaandlu: RL!

Jo from x.x.x.254 joined the chat

RadLad: Hi

Sephonae: LOL WTW

Brenda Stahl: jo

Jaandlu: Jo!

Sephonae: hey Jo!

Katy O: the hat was good

Jo: Hi all you wonders!

walk: i liked the trickery at the end where drool got laid. it just makes me happy when drool gets laid.

jeannie: hi jo, fancy meeting you here

walk: JO and RADLAD

Sugar Ray Dodge: getting back to the movie aspect for a second, who thinks that an all Muppet production of Fool would be kind of interesting?

zendao42: so, you'd do him?

Sephonae: havin a laugh

Katy O: I liked the first scene with the witches

Watching The Wheels: hiya RL and jo!

LurkyLurkface: Or sock puppets?

HazelRah: judging by the animal noises , it makes more than just dRool happy when he does

RadLad: Hello everypne!

Katy O: can't see Muppets being bawdy enough

Jo: LOL yes! A little bird told me something about this!

Katy O: fuzzy cleavage and all that

jeannie: i actually like the claymation idea

Sugar Ray Dodge: Or sock puppets! Exactly! See, this is why you are my favorite author

LurkyLurkface: Muppet wood? Nope

Sephonae: i liked how you described Edmund as "owning his darkness"

Brenda Stahl: you've never seen Avenue Q

Watching The Wheels: "can't see Muppets being bawdy enough" avenue Q

Sephonae: made me wonder if Pocket owned his

Brenda Stahl: Jinx

RadLad: Stop-motion animation anyone?

Sephonae: don't think he did, till the end

Katy O: I like the mix of contemporary slang and olde-day words

walk: pocket owned his wit

jeannie: what do you call the nightmare before christmas type animation?

Katy O: Ave Q?

LurkyLurkface: What's with the animation thing?

Sephonae: QFT, walk

Sugar Ray Dodge: So, stop me if I'm wrong, but the concensus pretty much is claymation = Good, Tim Burton = Bad?

walk: that's stop motion jeannie

Sephonae: No to both, SR

LurkyLurkface: Fucks sake, I wrote the shit out of those lines. Let an actor say them.

Watching The Wheels: it's a musical, a bastardized version of sesame street. It's hilarious

Brenda Stahl: that's actually a great idea

Brenda Stahl: there are live actors too chris

zendao42: c'mon, let's not go all Gumby

Sparky~: not a fan of any animation, puppets claymation, etc... I want to see hot men!

LurkyLurkface: Nevermind

Sugar Ray Dodge: okay actors

Brenda Stahl: that's even better

Sparky~: er - and ladies

walk: if it was filmed i'd like to see it done bbc style, kinda gritty, not all neat and polished like hollywood movies

Brenda Stahl: pokey

Sugar Ray Dodge: what about an actual live performance by Shakesperean actors?

Sparky~: ummm... where's the erase button?

Watching The Wheels: three sisters? ; ;

HazelRah: real english mud all over the actors clothes

LurkyLurkface: I'm trying to retain the stage rights just for that purpose, Ray

zendao42: well, we haven't cast as many chicks

RadLad: What, with like a sepia-style of coloring, walk?

Sugar Ray Dodge: that is too awesome Smile

Sugar Ray Dodge: I would see that

Jaandlu: I would love to see it on the stage.

Brenda Stahl: with music

Jo: I'm with you, Ja

Sephonae: rock opera style?

Sephonae: Andrew Lloyd Webber?

Jo: And I'm not done reading it yet

HazelRah: ACK

LurkyLurkface: just kill me

Brenda Stahl: without a doubt

Sephonae: lol

Jaandlu: No, not rock opera style.

Sparky~: I like movies so I can go back and watch the parts I like best

Watching The Wheels: Fool, done like Cats! ?

Sugar Ray Dodge: I know I'll probably get booed out of here, but ALW style would totally kill Fool

Sparky~: re-watch

HazelRah: Seph.....wrong wrong wrong....must I send you mix CDs of good musical music??

Sephonae: LOL

Brenda Stahl: mmmeemories

LurkyLurkface: You're a sadistic lot, you are.

zendao42: only if Jethro Tull does the music

Jo: We can't kill you, Chris, your our favorite Author Dude!

Sparky~: not me, man... I hate that shit

Sephonae: or Tim Burton directing Johnny Depp to sing the everloving crap out of it?

Brenda Stahl: elton john and tim burton

RadLad: I'm about to tear out my ears

Sephonae: on stage???

Sephonae: Wink

jeannie: yeah jethro tul

Sugar Ray Dodge: if Fool is done on stage, I vote we get Aaron Sorkin to direct


jeannie: l!

Sephonae: ROTFL

HazelRah: Seph, remember that song "Disgracefully Yours" imagine that guy writing the music

Jaandlu: lol

Sugar Ray Dodge: and William Shatner to play Lear

Sephonae: maybe the ABBA dudes?

Jo: LOL!

Watching The Wheels: "Tim Rice.... I got another idea. King lear, but with more shaggin!! What rhymes with "git-juice"? GO. I want a musical by monday!"

Sugar Ray Dodge: NO NO NO!

Sephonae: yeah, that would work Hazel

HazelRah: no way, have Michael Bay direct the stage paly, than things will asplode all over the place

LurkyLurkface: Yes, Fool with all ABBA songs!

Sparky~: OMG - please stop!!

zendao42: round of zombie repellent, anybody?

jeannie: love abba!

RadLad: As long as we're going nuts, I vote Fran Dreischer as Cordeila

Sephonae: ROTFL, RL

Brenda Stahl: i love abba too

Sephonae: voulez-vous...aha!

Jo: I'm still full of Panda repellant, thanks Zen!

Sugar Ray Dodge: How about Stupidest Angel with all ABBA songs? It will make me want to slit my throat just as much

Brenda Stahl: fool like fiddler on the roof

walk: i'm loving this whole thing

Sparky~: y'all are making me want to jab pencils in my ears

Katy O: gee, why not Paris Hilton?

LurkyLurkface: Who's that wanker that did Moulin Rouge

HazelRah: i wouldnt fuck her with a borrowed dick ON her birthday, and neither would Pocket, if he knows whats good for him

LurkyLurkface: Let him do it.

Sephonae shrieks

jeannie: ok we can all; agree on the sountrack

Watching The Wheels: ikea, ABBA, got a little swedish thing going, I like it

jeannie: hated moulan rouge

LurkyLurkface: yep, me too

Sugar Ray Dodge: am I seriously the only one who is 200% against ABBA songs, or are you all joking?

Brenda Stahl: loved moulin rouge

jeannie: totally gay, but not in a good, guy on guy way

LurkyLurkface: Yes, we are all joking, Ray

RadLad: Never bothered to watch it

walk: never saw it Very Happy

Sparky~: SRD - I am on your side!

zendao42: just you, ray

Katy O: Nichole Kidman - blecch

Sugar Ray Dodge: Oh thank god!

Sparky~: no no NOOOOOO!

jeannie: hate nichole, LOVE ABBBA

walk: i thought most of the above was joking

RadLad: The Proclaimers '500 Miles' needs to be played over and over again

Sephonae: whatever helps you sleep, walk

Sparky~: damnit, now I have Dancing Queen going thru my head. I HATE YOU ALL!!

zendao42: but we do love our ABBA- dat's no joke

HazelRah: Now why would you want to hurt someone like that RL?

walk: that's the whole movie, 500 miles played 30 times over

walk: black screen

jeannie: as much as i love abba i dont think it would fit with fool

Sephonae: Hey, back to Fool: During Chatzy one night, there was much speculation as to how exactly Pocket was able to fit himself through the arrow loop, when the wall would surely have been quite thick and it was alluded later that Pocket was not exactly King Kong in the codpiece department...any thoughts?

zendao42: Sparky, think of Waterloo

Watching The Wheels whistles mamma mia.... here I go again. My, my how can I resist ya!

Jaandlu: It's impossible.

Jaandlu: I can't imagine it happening.

RadLad: Seph, mabye she very long lips?

Sephonae: AG, did you give it the old college try?

RadLad: had*

LurkyLurkface: The arrow loop is described as being as wide as your palm.

Sugar Ray Dodge: WTW, ABBA doesn't sing that, Whitesnake does

zendao42: contortionists

Sparky~: Oh, yeah - that's better Zen... thanks fer nothing!

walk: seph, you work with what ya got

Brenda Stahl: poetic license

Katy O: or incredible powers of suction

jeannie: well it would have to be very long

RadLad: Yes, wide, but the depth?

Sephonae: lol Katy

Jaandlu: But how deep is it, AG?

Katy O: skillz. no?

HazelRah: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, does Shakespeare

Sephonae: yes, the depth was the concern

LurkyLurkface: The stones taper to a point at the opening so an archer can aim off center.

Brenda Stahl: size always matters

Jaandlu: Have you tried it, Chris?

zendao42: so, I'm the only one that's done it in awkward positions?

Katy O: hahahahah

jeannie: i think the scene is more emotional than sexuasl

walk: i know what i'm getting someone to try next time i'm in england

Sephonae: you're probably the only one here who's mastered them, zen. Wink

jeannie: but thats just me

Sugar Ray Dodge: sorry, Spock was dying, I'm back now

RadLad: I have to thank the AG and Katy, I am the talk of Morse Pointe now. Thanks =)

Jaandlu: It's still a good scene.

LurkyLurkface: Yeah, Walk, but most of the arrow loops are on the second story or higher. Whoever is outside needs to rapelle or something

Katy O: I don't think the parts of the scenes with the weiner through the arrow slot are, um, emotional : D

LurkyLurkface: and no, I don't know how to spell rapell

Sephonae: caring cunnilingus

jeannie: i like the scene where the king sits under the table with pocket and his daughter

Sephonae: great band name, eh?

zendao42: hmmm, think I'veseen that video

walk: there is always scaffolding

Sparky~: rappel

Sephonae: yeah, that was sweet, jeannie

LurkyLurkface: tks

Jaandlu: Scaffolding would work.

Sparky~: I's a good speller

Brenda Stahl: nice band name

jeannie: until i found out the kind was a vrapist

Jaandlu: brb

Sephonae: tender tossing

Sephonae: wondrous wanking

Watching The Wheels: oh, yeah. the scenes with pocket and cordelia were genuinely tender!

zendao42: oh, the rat song- since I reread it, I keep hearing to the tune of a BT Express song

Brenda Stahl: that's the first song in the musical

Sparky~: wow Seph, you're good at that...!

jeannie: it was more the longing of adolesent sex

LurkyLurkface: Good evening, Lord Birmingham, hope you don't mind, we'd like to set up some scaffolding on the wall of your ancestrial home for a little experiment we're doing...

Sephonae: at wanking? why, thank you

Sparky~: ummmmm

Sephonae: it's how i'm putting Seb through college

Sephonae: in a few years' time

Sparky~: oh, my

Wonko from x.x.x.147 joined the chat

Sephonae: Very Happy

walk: he's british he'd totally let me give a go

Sephonae: Wonko!

walk: WONKO

Jo: Hi Wonko!

Sparky~: forget I mentioned it...!

zendao42: hey wonko

Sparky~: hey wonko

Katy O: details, Seph, details

Wonko: Hi folks

HazelRah: At two hands a should have that money in no time

jeannie: juanco

Katy O: Hi Wonko!

Sparky~: lol jeannie

Sephonae: i figure i've got a year before i get started, Katy

Katy O: it is good that you have a plan then

Watching The Wheels: hey wonko!

Sephonae: But come junior must they

Brenda Stahl: hey wonko

jeannie: ;o)

Wonko: wow,lots of folks in here tonight

RadLad: Hi Wonko

Sugar Ray Dodge: when my family lived in Israel, me and my brothers and sister went to school with a bunch of limey fucks, and reading Fool reminded me a lot of that, only Pocket is way cooler than any of them were

Katy O reaches for the wine

Watching The Wheels: "But come junior must they" and people say they can't find a job in this economy.....

walk: brb, the beer is here Very Happy

jeannie: how come you lived in isreal?

Sugar Ray Dodge: all right then, bloody wankers, time to bash their noggins

Sephonae: initiative, WTW

Sugar Ray Dodge: my dad is a biblical archeologist

Brenda Stahl: cool job

jeannie: cool

Katy O: wow

HazelRah: so digs the bible?

zendao42: that explains a lot

Watching The Wheels: oh sweet, like indiana jones?!

Sugar Ray Dodge: I'm keep trying to get him to read Lamb, but he won't have any of it

zendao42: his loss

Jo: has he found many bibles? Wink

HazelRah: Indeed

RadLad: I gave Lamb to my aunt and she's enjoyed it so far

Sephonae: another FOOLish question from Hazel: What WOULD Jesus do IF he had smashing knockers?

jeannie: i keep tryna get everyone i meet to read all chrises books

Jaandlu: I gave Lamb to my mom and she liked what she read of it.

Katy O: yup - it would be fun to re-read and discuss Lamb nex

Katy O: next

Jaandlu: She stopped just short of the finish.

jeannie: he would wear a bra

Jaandlu: I'm not sure why.

HazelRah: I gave Lamb to a friend once and with the instructions, read this , or we are never talking again

Sugar Ray Dodge: my dad is a fucking historical accuracy fiend

Katy O: I got my brother-in-law & nephew Lamb - they loved it

Sephonae: think he'd keep 'em, jeannie?

zendao42: if he can do miracles, he won't need the bra

Katy O: Jeses would wear a 'bro', not a bra

Sugar Ray Dodge: that's why he says he won't read lamb

RadLad: Mr. Castanza

Katy O: and it would be white

Sparky~: I lent my copy of "Lamb" to someone and he never returned it.... f'in f'er

Sephonae: lol Kay

jeannie: well yeah because in my world jesus is a tranny

Sephonae: Katy*

Sugar Ray Dodge: what kind of world do you live in?

DanaMichelle from x.x.x.44 joined the chat 4 seconds ago

Sephonae: don't ask

HazelRah: Little Orphan Trannie?

jeannie: DANA!!!

Sephonae: hey Dana!

DanaMichelle: hey y'all!

Katy O: Hi Dana

Jaandlu: I have lent out all my Chris Moore Books. I never see them again.

Sugar Ray Dodge: Uh oh, it just got about ten times hotter in here

RadLad: Hi

Jaandlu: I have bought the whole collection three times already.

Katy O: I do not lend mine - I'll buy you a copy first

Sugar Ray Dodge: Hi Dana

zendao42: a Rocky Horrorable world

Jo: I've leant out so many copies of Lamb I've lost count.

Watching The Wheels: oh, i overheard a random person praising Lamb on the subway the other day. That was pretty cool

DanaMichelle blushes

zendao42: hey DM

Jo: Hi Dana!

DanaMichelle: Hi everyone!!

Watching The Wheels: hiya DM!

walk: hey dm Very Happy

Jaandlu: DanA!

DanaMichelle: wow! so many people!!

Brenda Stahl: hey dm

Jaandlu: Yep, it's a party.

jeannie: so dana , i feel i must apologize again for the syringe that calico sent you on facebook

DanaMichelle: I just remembered that you guys were doing this tonight... has FFPF showed up?

Sugar Ray Dodge: what were we talking about?

Sparky~: dude is a Sr VP at my company and I'm too shy to ask for it back...

Jaandlu: Nope.

Katy O: we were doing my statistics homework

DanaMichelle: not to worry, jeannie. it's all good

Jaandlu: Jeff is a looser.

walk: i think we are all just saying what pops into our heads srd

zendao42: tosser

Sephonae: another fool question

Sephonae: The AG writes %u201Cwhimsical horror,%u201D although in Fool, the monsters weren%u2019t supernatural, but human. In your opinion, which character was the most monstrous?

DanaMichelle: so has everyone read fool?

walk: i'm going regan on that one seph

Sephonae: shoot, that didn't come out right

jeannie: sparky , you dont facebook?

Sephonae: who was the most monstrous character in Fool?

Jaandlu: Regan for sure.

walk: hold on sparky, i'll try and get some links up

zendao42: I'm going w/ Lear

Watching The Wheels: yeah, there's been no pics from teh signing! photoguy is about to get a smack down ;D

RadLad: Lear was the most monstrous, but also the character I had the most sympathy for at times

Wonko: Oh, crap! is this the Fool chat?

Katy O: the sisters were monstrous - boinking everything, screwing over their father, and poking out people's eyes....

Sparky~: nooooooooooooo! no facebook. I is a loser

DanaMichelle: most monstrous? Pocket

HazelRah: Id say Lear, he sired that wench Regan

Brenda Stahl: I go with Lear

Watching The Wheels: Lear.

HazelRah: He forces his brother to rape a woman, just because.

Sparky~: ok, maybe not a loser, but... ascared of facebook, it's like the on-line vortex that sucks people in and won't let go

Sephonae: yes wonko

Sparky~: Lear

Sephonae: i go with Lear too

DanaMichelle: lear deserved everything he got, for sure

Wonko: I haven't read it yet, I should go...

Brenda Stahl: but in a frankenstein sort of way

Jaandlu: Lear was pretty evil. There were a lot of evil characters in Fool.

Sephonae: ah, sorry dude

RadLad: If we're going for worst disfigurement in a monster, Gloucester with no eyes must have been ugly, followed by the witches, then Drool

Katy O: yup, Sparky, it sucks away all your time

Jo: I can't say, I'm not done reading yet

LurkyLurkface: I have to go, you guys. Smoke alarm going off. Charlee grilling salmon again.

Wonko: this is all going too fast for my brain tokeep up with.

walk: sparky can you open this link?

zendao42: wonko, I should be sending yours this week- gotta get a box

Katy O: I'm just past the point where Pocket find out about his mom

LurkyLurkface: Byes

Discussion of Fool petered out at this point and just the usual Fruitbat shenanigans took over.
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Katy O

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Thanks, Seph. That was a lot of work, time, and trouble on your part!
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^I think if I were a little less retarded it wouldn't have taken up so much of my time! Very Happy
<=== Dressing in dismal chic and maintaining her detached aura of aristocratic chill since 1985.
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"You can't wipe your ass with empty promises." - thread title, by walk

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fortune cookie

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Thanks, I got me wank inna twist an couldn't unknot it.
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