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Question for the AG

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dr. sue

Question for the AG  Reply with quote  

As I have been watching the events unfold in Rome for the past week, a question that pops into my head occasionally comes to mind.

Why do (almost) all religions decree that they are the one true church and all non believers are going to hell (or it's particular equivalent)? I mean I know money comes into it somehow, but is there a more esoteric reason?

I live in Utah and am not religous, so this question comes up frequently. Just this week, the mormon church was accused of STILL doing baptisms for the dead of Jewish Holacust victims, something that Jewish people object to strenuously (with good reason, I may add). The mormon church promised 10 years ago to stop, but apparently they are still doing it.

A related question is why does any missionary believe that they know better than you what you should believe? Expecially about something so personal?

Thanks Author Guy!


Post Sat Apr 09, 2005 11:43 am   

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Without muddying up the waters by adding in non-christian religions, the answer to "the one true Church" should not be taken to mean the church you're attending, but rather should be understood to mean that the religious doctrine that is practiced at the church, as well as throughout the religion (i.e., lutheran, methodist, catholic, baptist, etc) has been founded upon what was given through the Bible as describing "The Church" in the Gospels, the book of Acts, and in the Epistles.

Any one particular denominiation that delclares itself as "the one true church" meaning all others fail, then it is they who have failed to understand the meaning of the phrase. It is an inclusive, collective body rather than an exclusive, unique-to-one construct. It should be understood fully to mean that The Church transcends denominations, that it is a bond to core beliefs that creates The Church rather than membership in a congregation. That is "the body of Christ."

As to other religions of the world, well, that's just the way it is. They have themselves found a path to what they understand God to be, and therefore hold it as precious as do christians in the world. That the world can't just embrace the notion that (if there is a God and as the understanding of God would be) God would then be known however God is known. It sounds simplistic, and I should imagine it would have to be.

That's my $.50 answer.

Post Sun Apr 10, 2005 7:12 am   
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