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being "blocked"

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being "blocked"  Reply with quote  

I think I'm starting to change my attitude about being "blocked".

It didn't happen all that often. Actually, it didn't happen at all until my second novel -- in progress (second draft) -- and then it happened a lot.

Now I see that any time I got "blocked", it was actually a bloody good thing. While writing the first draft, after the first half or so, I found it harder and harder going. By the last third, I felt like I was Sissypuss or whoever that mythological dude with the rock was. I wrote on, no matter came out -- I was gonna write that thing! -- "Hail Mary writing", I called it. I did get a first draft out of it, but the storytelling was flawed, flawed, flawed. Maybe that was okay in a way -- I did get some idea where the bleeder was going -- but I had so much rethinking about plot and character to do that it wasn't funny.

Time to make a long story short...

I figure now that any time I was "blocked", my subconcious was throwing up its hands in despair at the impossibilities -- plot, character, whatever -- that my conscious mind was throwing at it; in its wisdom, it tried to save me from my own stupidity, refusing to participate until I got it together, not that I always listened. Now I do listen, and it saves me a shitload of time and stress.

I should have listend to the great big silence in the first place!

So this is my new motto: Being "blocked" is not necessarily a bad thing; indeed, sometimes, being "blocked" is my friend.

I solved a lot of my second draft problems by going for some long walks in the park with a small, cheap, digital recorder in my pocket. When I got an idea, I recorded it -- little ideas for what direction to take in the second draft -- and transcribed them (only took a minute) when I got home. Straightened me right out. The second draft is humming along now, happily.

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pamler, I thank the best way to handle "Writer's Block" is to not believe it exists. There's no such thing man! When I get stumped it's either I'm getting bored with the story (that means that other people are going to get bored with the story) so I need to add something fresh (so times bringing in a new character helps there, etc.) or... this is usually the case: I'm procrastinating. Yeah, ha! A Writer procrastinating. Can you believe that. Rolling Eyes

Sometimes the words flow out and some times they get stuck. Just put the pen to the paper and push, but whatever you do, don't let that white piece of paper get the best of you.


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