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Killing Me

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Killing Me  Reply with quote  

Killing Me

by JQS


That Kian Slocum was responsible for the deaths of fifty eight people was sore spot for his mother. Deserving or not, ending a persons life seemed, to her way of thinking, a rather vulgar undertaking. Undertaking, by comparison, would have been much more dignified choice. Being the owner and proprietor of a funereal home wasn’t a bit glamorous and made most folks go all somber when mentioned, but it was certainly respectable. A nice dark suit, a well built American car (without any flashy tom-foolery like the kids sported on their vehicles nowadays), and steady income. Best of all; a big ole proper house that was both office and home where a mother could count on her son being at most anytime of the day, night, weekend or Sunday after one of the afternoon.

But not her Kian.


Professional assassin or, as he calls it; ‘Contract Killer’. (as if involving paper work made the subject any more palatable at Thursday afternoon bridge club!) Killing people was what her boy, who she’d languished through eighteen hours of labor with, THAT was what her only son had taken to doing as a way to make it in the world.

It was galling.

The day he’d come to visit and tell her the truth of his career she’d asked him, “Well how much did this particular trip pay you? ‘Cause you have certainly just put me in my grave!”

She refused to speak to him after that. She couldn’t bring herself to say his name or listen to his voice, the voice she’d known all his life that now broke her heart in twixt. Silence was now her only defense from the shame and that night she stormed up to his bedroom and demanded to know, by God, why he’d want that for his Momma!

She did have to admit he seemed to do well for himself. He wore nice, well tailored suits and kept a respectable shine on his shoes. Whenever he visited he would pull up the driveway in a sensible American-made sedan. At least, she reasoned, if one had to make their way in life relieving other people of theirs, a person might as well be good at it and, apparently, Kian was.

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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics. This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.

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