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Board Meeting

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Board Meeting  Reply with quote  

I threw together this little rhyme
While I supposed to be working on a project of mine
I hope you all like it and I’m sorry if I
Might have let someone slip through the cracks of time….

One day I wished upon a star,
For some friends to visit from a far.
Then along came a man named Jaandlu
Who said very politely, “How do you do?
It’s nice to meet a friendly face
While floating around out here in space.”
I turned to let the kind man in
When I heard the rumble of a twin engine.
“Oh that would be the rest of our friends.”
Said the man while gesturing around the bend.
And up drove a car with many people in tow.
They all filed out 2 by 2 in neat rows.
“Hello, how are you?” The first person said,
“I’m called Ferrit Leggings by the voice in my head.”
And then with a sneeze he spun round about,
Stuck out his hand and said, “I’m Kilgore Trout.”
The next to approach with a smile in place
Was a dashing young bloke named FattyFattyPorkFace.
The board divas were next to stroll up the aisle.
Hillary saunted by and cooed, “It’s been a while.”
Lib, Laruen, Jilly and Katy O
All waved with their boas as they said “hello”.
Sara Leigh was next acting her part as board mom,
Making sure Katarina, Lloyd, and Maddie came along.
Think insane. and sgt_steve brought up the rear
Announcing “Don’t worry ‘bout nothing cause you have us both here!”
Ginjg was the next board member to show
Along with Paul R and i8tokyo.
Just when I thought no more would arrive,
CU showed up mumbling, “Yeah…I’m alive.”
Gretchenfaith, Cathy, Lara, Palmer, Katie, and Lenore
All came out from behind the politics door.
Regina came in with the best guests yet,
‘cause she had ken and Chris tied up in a net.
Taco Bob came along shouting, “Buy my new book!”
But then started yelling, “Hey everyone! Look!!”
Naked and Famous was coming, singing a song
While Freaky Mojo was slowly shuffling along.
Lisa M and Stazy came just for the ride,
But Tal thought he had made it with 2 babes by his side.
Earthshoes, Rob, elliot, Sean and Jo
All came out just to see the show.
Finally it seemed everyone had arrived
So naturally I offered everyone some pie!

The End.

© 2005 all rights reserved, yk

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