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You nailed it

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Sara Leigh

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You nailed it  Reply with quote  

Chris wrote:

Woman says. “I feel bad about yesterday.”
Nother woman says: “Awe,you poor thing. Tell me about it in mind-numbing detail.”
Guy says: “That was yesterday. Now it’s today. Cheer the fuck up. See, all better.”

The bit about mind-numbing detail is right on the money. You know why we do that? Because we want the same in return, and we know that if we try that with a man, after about 2 seconds his eyes will glaze over and he'll wander off to do something else.

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Sue Conway-Krase

"yesterday"  Reply with quote  

I get it. I don't think it is gender driven I think it is a matter of attitude and the ablity to let go of things. I do find that my female children would respond as the woman did but I would tend to respond like the male.[/quote]

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Okay so you've answered the kind of women you like that are proactive if I got it right? Yeah??? So why is it that most guys go for the woman who doesn't have a clue or doesn't want to have a clue as to how to help herself. Okay the guys that are rescuers. You know em. And why can't I ever seem to meet one of them. I'd really like to know what that's like so I can get a perspective but I gotta tell you that when I worked at Macys in Boston and the guys would go into the womens fitting rooms to help their wives, girlfriends, sisters whatever put on their clothes that was kind of drawing the line. I kicked them out and back in they would go. Oops that came out wrong unless it was the couple who decided to have sex in the first stall where everyone could see what they were doing, what with legs moving back and forth and heavy breathing. I do seem to find them what in the stores and libraries and hope to God they don't reproduce.
The world in which you were born is just one model of reality.
They are unique manifestations of the human spirit.

Wade Davis (I knew there was a reason I liked Wade Davis)

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One thing I learned being in an environment that was mostly men (work and social) is that I could never win without adapting to the "Fuck It Attitude".

A problem arises (work, home, social, etc) and here is what often happens:
(this excludes, of course, delegatable problems - we all like to delegate when we can)

If a man cannot resolve it, or is not interested enough to resolve it, he will often choose to say "Fuck it" and walk away. No after thoughts, no nothing. It just lays on the floor being, well.. fucked.

Now a lot of the time, some woman who sees this will look at the poor fucked problem and say "Oh dear, you're all fucked by that mean ole guy, let me fix you up". If she can, well good. If not, then it is the guy's fault because he left it laying there all fucked.

Now if a woman has a problem, she consults her friends, her mom, her psychic, minister, congressman, all fellow-workers and strangers on the train in attempt to resolve this problem. We will analyze it, tear it apart, circulate it, mull it over, share it with gurus and sages, and sleep on it - whatever it takes to get the problem resolved. Sometime, its not even HER problem. Its just THERE (most likey, it was laying there all fucked by a previous guy who thought better of the effort).

That being said, I put a lot of interests in watching males do this and why they do this. My conclusion based on the evendence presented by proxy or by direct explaination is: priority. 1) its just not critical at the time the problem arises 2) hopefully if it becomes critical, there was a woman around who picked up the poor fucked little problem and found a resolution. (Phew!)


Woman: My ass is fat
I need to diet, go back to the gym, by some slimming undergarments and stand next to women who's rears look worse than mine.
Man: My ass is fat
Fuck it. (fuck it, if it becomes an issue, my wife will say something)

Woman: He isn't opening up to me.
I need to tell him how I feel at length, see if its me, if its him, is he having a bad week at work? does he still love me? does he need Viagra? Maybe I'll call a therapist and schedule a session or two...
Man: She keeps on about me opening up or something. Fuck it. She knows I love her. I need new tires, I wonder if Firestone has a sale this week. (she'll put me thru hell and forget about it in a week like last month)

So basically, I have learned to say "Fuck it" when I have a problem that isn't very interesting, doesn't directly concern me or is not high on my priority list. If someone picks it up, good. If not, it will be there when I get back (that is, if it truly is important - else it lays there all fucked and eventually gets stuck to someone's shoe and walks away).

>>My opinion as expressed, is namely my own (along with the other 7 voices I am currently listening to) and if you don't agree, at least laugh<<<

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Freaky Mojo

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uh.. that was me. !*!#& system logged me out or something.... Embarassed
There are no such things as limits to growth, because there are no limits on the human capacity for intelligence, imagination and wonder.
-- Ronald Reagan

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