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chapter 17

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The Monolith tore open a package of Deli meat and rolled the slices into little tubes, eating them like licorice whips. His took five slices of white bread in his large hand and shoved them all into his mouth. Chewing slowly, his gaze fell to the photo album open before him on the kitchen table. There were cool-aid stains and smudges on the worn pages. Each page was a hodgepodge of yellowed newspaper clippings, recital programs, scrawling crayon masterpieces, and more. Photographs, by the dozens filled every corner and spilled onto the table when he turned a page. They were filled with bright, smiling faces at birthday parties, pool sides, pageants and little league ballparks. The Monolith shoved these aside and turned to the middle of the album.

It was bookmarked by an eight-by-ten glossy of a tall, dark haired man, in his late twenties, holding a laughing child over his head like a prize. The child was swallowed in a black tee shirt with ‘The Big FD’ printed in red across the chest. The logo matched the one on the billboard behind them, save for the words, ‘Ringer & Jay…Let us Pray’, which sat in the middle of it forty foot sign.

In the pages that followed, he sifted through dozens of shots with the child’s father and what appeared to be his wife at various public gathering. They were often pictured with celebrities of one type or another. Woody Harrelson at a movie premier, Stephen King holding a plastic skull, longhaired musicians by the truckload, and Nelson Mandela on an outdoor stage. In all of them, there was no sign of anyone that matched the descriptions in the file but the tall guy with the joker’s grin.

He leaned back in the chair and opened the refrigerator. Taking a two-liter of Coke from inside, the Monolith closed the photo album and pushed it away. It was then that he noticed the corner of a black and white picture, peeking out from just inside the back cover.

He drank nearly half of the soda and pulled the photograph of an old barn from the album. A smaller one fell out with it.
It was a snapshot of four boys in their late teens or early twenties. He immediately recognized the baseball bat-wielding boy from last night. Next to him was the grinning Deejay, and then two he didn’t recognize. One was shorter and muscular; the other was tall, with a goatee and about fifteen pounds lighter than the others.

He covered Bull and Jay with his thumb and said, “Welcome to the party, boys.”

He heard the front door opening in the living room. There was the sound of a little girl laughing followed by the mild, scolding tone of Jay’s wife. It sounded like she was carrying groceries.

He put the snapshot in his jacket pocket, recapped the Coke bottle and stood. When he heard Jay’s wife turn the deadbolt and fasten the chain, the Monolith smiled.



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JS, I am so sorry about that. I really, really didn't mean to do that. I clicked reply instead of new post. Give me a few hours and I'll retype it. I really, really apologize.

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All you have to do is, when signed in, go to any post you've made, click on edit (if you want to change word you realize you've misspelled) or delete post if you've put one somewhere you don't want it (or change your mind about posting at all). Simple as pie! Make sure, though, that you select the text (press ctrl+C) before you delete. In the new text window, just copy it in there (press ctrl+V) and VOILA!
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