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I can't help but notice...
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Joined: 10 Jun 2004
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Location: south carolina & virginia
whoops...  Reply with quote  

This is just an added note to say whoops--i attempted to reply to the original question here, and ended up doing a new post--oh well; so, in other words, my computer illiterate answer is back on the main board where the question was posted. i think i'll go hide in a book now....

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L.P. Bowman

Joined: 01 May 2004
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Location: Southwest Oklahoma
who's who  Reply with quote  

Most people call me Lance, however I was bored at work one day and changed over to my initials L.P. on my voice mail. My customers loved it and now I go by L.P. or Lance. I am a chief lending officer in a bank. That really just means I am the chief asshole when other lenders screw up. Never planned on being a just happened. My true passion is to be a marine biologist and write a book on my insane philosophies on life.

I am 35 but tell people I am 21 or 62 when they ask. I have a lovely wife that hates that she loves me.....I really can be a pain in the ass (at least in her opinion). I have a 10 year old daughter that has a free spirit like her dad and 6 year old son that is so far, conservative like his and his sis are working on him though.

I enjoy golf, cooking steaks for my family and drinking lots of cold beer. I live in southwest Oklahoma (the west is the ugly side of the state) but grew up in southeast Oklahoma (where they grow lots of pot).

I truly believe 90% of the people in this world are dumb as rocks and it would seem that percentage is higher in Oklahoma.....although Missouri and Arkansas certainly give us a run for our money.

My first Chris Moore book was Biff suggested by an associate that thinks I am crazy. I don't do much on the internet other than but you guys really crack me up and for some reason I keep coming back.

I believe in "live and let live" as long as you stay the hell away from me. I smile all the time and hope it makes other people do the same.

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conspiracies unlimited

Joined: 16 Nov 2004
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Location: California
the real me  Reply with quote  

Hello, my name is Michael (sounds like a 12-step session). I am 35, born and raised in CA. I got married soon after joining the Army, which was soon after the 2nd or 3rd time I dropped out of Jr College.

I divorce that psycho whack-ado, left the army, and shacked up with another wack-job, went back to school (majored in history) for a semester (in a red state). Lefted wack-o #2, returned to the great state of my birth, transfered to a good school near home, met my LOVELY wife, we have 2 lovely kids. And I now work for her family.

My first CM book was the Gospel According to Biff... All Hail the Mighty AG, Praise be His Word... I've read all but PD & CB (my housekeeper moved them... Lawd know where dey be)

I am a movie buff... I LOVE movies!!! That is my biggest vice, followed closely by food... Kind of like Skinner, but with better taste and hygene (though he is a slightly better speller)
You are so whack.Wiggity whack?Nope, just the regular kind.
You can't dust for vomit
This is the Governor's wife. -- You mean she's not the hooker?
It's time to separate the awkwardly feminine from the possibly canadian

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Joined: 26 Nov 2004
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Location: Athens Ohio
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Hiya! I'm Laura, from Ohio, 15 years old and in my sophmore year of high school. I like singing, writing, playing video games, making jewelry and reading. I was introduced to CM books when a friend of mine (ironically enough, from church) recommended Lamb. Of course, when you consider that we're Unitarian Universalists, its' really not that ironic. I've read all of CM's books, even Stupidest Angel, and since I own them all, have become a lending library of his books--all my friends are always borrowing one, I have to write down who's got which!
Lamb's still my fav tho. Anyway, it seems like I'm about the only person under 30 on the site, but I'm still awesome, i swear. To see pictures of me go to and to read stuff that i've written beyond what's on the fanfiction board here, search for Katarina Ariadne Navane on either or
well that's pretty much me in a nutshell.
Totus Floreo Totus Ardeo

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Sara Leigh

Joined: 02 Mar 2004
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Location: Virginia
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Nice pictures. You're not the only one under 30. There are quite a few 20-somethings and at least one other high-schooler. But we don't discriminate here, based on age, so it doesn't really matter how old you are.

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Joined: 10 Aug 2004
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Location: Michigan
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My name is Jeff. I am the token Englishman (living in England) on the board just to make this place seem a little more multi-national. I am 27 and three quarters (because if the quarters counted when I was 8 and a quarter, they sure as hell count now), 6'4" with short dark hair and blue eyes. I am a Software Engineering Farmer's son. I write poetry and songs and I've always fancied writing a book but the idea for one hadn't hit me until Tuesday night this week so I'm going to get started over Christmas in-between demoing my 50 new songs and killing headcrabs.

I read my first CM book (IOTSLN) back in 1997 or so and since I have read them all. I am currently reading TSA for which I must thank Lynn and hopefully pay her if she'll tell me how much I owe.

I have terrorised the AG with e-mails in the past until I found this place and thought I'd let him rest.

I talk too much sometimes...and sometimes not at all.

Please take a flyer and leave...
Twitter: jefftunes

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Joined: 04 Nov 2004
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Location: Eau Claire, WI
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Kay, Fatty. What's a Software Engineering Farmer? *snicker*

And what are headcrabs? (really)

Does take a flyer mean jump off a tall building?

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Joined: 09 Dec 2004
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Location: monterey, ca
bout that rv idea...  Reply with quote  

Katie wrote:
buy an RV and become a travelling musician at Ren Faires. I play some interesting early instruments that no one's ever heard of, but I can also play the recorder and am going to learn mandolin this summer. .

hmmm, when i'm not house sitting or crashing with friends, i have a small rv - toyota sunrader - there are definitely some drawbacks, like stretching your arms over your head...and dumping the tank...

but freedom on wheels is really fun.

i travel with two dogs - "buffalo dog cody, better known as the toad (wind in the willows - obsessive compulsive herd dog - a black belgian shepherd/modesto streetwalker cross) and a samoyed from (sammy rescue) by the name of tendu, formerly known as thunder (2003 adoptions) also known as Mr. Tee or teeter.

my ponies are Nimbus and Sans Peur (who thinks his name is "annie" with a nasal twang). nimbus is 23 and totally blind and loves to be ridden - i'm his seeing eye person. with me, he can run and play, by himself, he can only walk.

sani is a swedish warmblood who gained a lot of weight due to long story ... he was away from me for almost five years by way of illegal sale. when i got him back he was so fat he looked like he was delivering twins any minute. i fell off him in march cuz i couldn't get my leg under his barrel when he shied - there was no "under" there. during the recovery, he has lost almost 800 lbs and i've lost almost 40. it was a shared thing.

when i'm not selling, writing, reading, i'm playing with beasties of some sort.

have always had critters, from snakes, turtles, birdies, doggies, half wild cat (dad was indian leopard cat - small asian wildcat), horses, squirrels, raccoons, etc.

right now, i'm critter down - which is better for the motor home thing.

looking soon to be landlocked again. maybe by spring i'll stop wandering. gas prices are a BIG deterrent here in california!

hmmm. work stuff was on other site. i won't bore yall with that again.

funny, at 3:53 am, i tend to ramble on...and on... and on...

hello? anybody out there? h e l l o ?
change begins with one person, one action at a time

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