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A Story About My Dog Lu

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I can't believe I have never told you this story. It is honestly one of my favorites. This took place back at the High Street house. The place where I lived for so many years and the home of The Hottletops and A Band Called What. Bands of my twenties. This was during the time of The Hottletops. There were five of us that lived in the house at the time. Our drummer Max, the other lead singer and guitarist John and his girlfriend Yoko, and me and some other girl whom I won't talk about.

Let me give a little background on Yoko. Yoko is the type of girl you would most definitely not get along with. She was an idiot of the highest order and it took me a long time to get to the point where I could talk to her without being completely sarcastic and rude the whole time. I actually went to school and church with Yoko all through out high school and we were never friends in the least. Now at the point when this story takes place she has already had a rabbit she liked for about two weeks and a cat that she liked while it was a kitten. Both were neglected and died. This is only in the time I was living in the same house as her; how many other pets she let die, I can only guess.

Yoko wanted a puppy. A puppy mind you, not a dog. Okay, that may be my biased opinion. John thought it was a great idea as Hombre, his dog, had been taken from him by his father-the evil bluesman E Street slim-because his father wanted him. John took Yoko out to a farm and they picked out a puppy and brought it home. I was a little pissed that she had gotten a dog when she let the rabbit die, not three weeks earlier. So, she was all excited about her new puppy and I was left shaking my head and feeling sorry for it.

The Hottletops was only successful- in the looses of the meaning of the word- because we practiced every morning at 8:00 am to 10:00 am. The next morning we were up and practicing as usual when Yoko walked in with a bundled towel in her arms and tears in her eyes. We stopped playing.

"I think I killed it." she said in a fit of hysterics, "We have to take it to the vet."

We called it a day and John took the puppy and Yoko to the vet up the road.

Apparently what had happened was this: Yoko had been getting into the fridge getting something to eat and the puppy was at her feet as pup's will do. There was a very large watermelon in the fridge that "suddenly fell out" and landed on this poor puppy. Now the thing was that this pup wasn't even weaned from it mother when they took her. It was a very small pup and this watermelon was large even for a watermelon. It crushed the poor pup.

The vet told them that the pup would need a heart catheter and it would be $350. They didn't even come close to having the money. Instead they opted to pay $60 to have it put to sleep. That was Cleo. So it goes.

John in his infinite wisdom decided the best move was to go out, right then, and find another puppy for Yoko. They went out and found another pup. They brought it home and I was shocked that John was so wise to give this murderer of small animals another chance.

I went to work.

I got a call from John while at work. A small miracle had happened. The vet had called while I was away and he didn't have the heart to put the puppy to sleep. He fixed it for free -or the $60 they had paid to put it to sleep- and they could pick up the puppy as it was stable and ready to go home. Now the small animal murderer had two small creatures to kill. Immediately and without thought I told John I would take the second pup, Lucy. Yoko had something to say about this and made me promise that I could care for the pup but if I moved out I had to leave it with her. I agreed, knowing that it would be grown and she would loose interest in it by the time I moved out. So it was that I saved Lucy from the small animal murderer.

Lucy has been with me ever since. She has been a great comfort to me on many occasions for her dedication to me is unwavering. She is always there for me and I have always been there for her. I take her with me everywhere I can and she is always ready to go when I say so. She has had one litter of pups and only one died before the others were given away to families with ranches with the exception of one which went to Mick, the bongo player from A Band Called What.

Cleo, the unfortunate thing, was passed off to those who would take care of her while Yoko lived in places that wouldn't allow dog's. The one who had Cleo the longest, over a year, was the bass player for The Hottletops, Byron. Byron gave Cleo a good home for that time and she actually got to the point where she was a good dog. Then Yoko moved into a place she could keep her and took her back. Not more than three months later Yoko had Cleo put to sleep because she could not take care of her. Byron was not even asked if he could keep her which pissed him off to no end. Byron had formed a bond with the dog and would have taken her without a second thought. It still boils my blood to this day when I think about the stupidity of it.

But Lucy is safe and far from starved for attention. I did what I could and was greatly rewarded for it and still am to this day. Lucy and I are kindred spirits, hence the Jaandlu thing. She is 10 years old and acts like she is 2 still. She is an amazing dog and I would love for you to meet her. She wont like you at first because she never really cares about anyone at first but I am sure she will warm
up to you. She is not very affectionate towards other people. She is nice enough in a polite sort of way but she won't give you kisses and she won't give you the time of day at first. If you throw ball she will play but only on her terms. She is very independent and doesn't get excited to see very many people. Like I said, she is not starved for attention. She loves to play ball, go for walks, and go for
rides. Other than that she has her own agenda. There are squirrels in them there trees and she is determined to get them out. There are mice that must be hunted and lizards just the same. I have seen her take down more than one bird that was fool enough to fly within jumping distance of her. When nothing else is about she does her best to keep the fly population down. I spend a lot of my free time, while listening to a book on my ipod, just watching her run around in the back yard looking for her next victim. Is this a double standard? Yoko is a murderer of small animals but Lucy is a great hunter. I don't think so. At least the small animals that Lucy hunts have a fighting chance. Well, sort of.

By Ja

*The names in this story have been changed except for the Dog's and the Bands. Not so much to protect the innocent because then I would be changing just the names of the dogs.
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