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old poem about love

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old poem about love  Reply with quote  

well here goes its not quite poetry but I put it in that section cause of the voice it has.

Water, much like fire, can make and it can break. Without water nothing can survive. But too much can also kill. Tsunamis, Tidal waves, all can kill. But rain is a form of water too, it can make and destroy much the same as a fire can. But water is also calm, things must live in and around it to survive. Water builds up most of the human body, but also if given too much to a human, it can be a deadly poison. The ocean is a form of water and life, It obeys no one but the moon. The moon controls the tides and how the animals in and around it survive. The animals in the ocean rely on the moon for guidance so that they may carry their young to safety. Water much like fire can also be used as a way to describe love or ones emotions. I myself am drawn to the ocean. The Ocean is my friend, though we may not have our agreements all the time, she takes care of me. Though she does not supply me with fresh water that I may need to survive and stay hydrated, she supplies me with entertainment, and food. But how is she like love? Well, like fire you can control a certain amount of it, but most of it, is wild and free, untamable. There is no way to keep it all bottled up inside. But I could say the same thing about the internet, endless and full of possibilities, but that is not love. No love is something more powerful, something that is not human made, but rather, it is there something to feel, to hear, to see, to just feel its presence. Love cannot be seen to the naked eye, but it has to be felt. No one can say exactly what it is, but I know this much is true, Love may be toyed with and it can never be broken if it proves real, physically yes, but mentally never. True love is always in the air, and it is possible, it just takes 2 physical bodies, and they do not have to be of the same gender to prove this.

I think that soon I'll post some of my essays, my favorite ones..... ^_^ one is really special and you all will see why.

that poem is posted for Lisa M. Ken, AG, and FFPF cause they rule, nad its Lisa M's B-day and I missed Ken by a day.

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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics. This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.

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