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Ethereal intro

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Ethereal intro  Reply with quote  

This is just an overview of what I'm thinking of writing, exploring and toying with the idea, please tell me what you think of it, I need honest feedback on this before I can take it further or give it up.


The last twenty-thousand years in a nutshell: Many things have changed, and like all human improvements, these advancements for good or bad is completely up to interpretation. Human influence and power spans the entire universe from one end to the other. We are masters of all creation. We have conquered death, the last human being to die by accident was over ten-thousand years ago; death is no longer a certainty and is highly unlikely, unless you really piss off the all-powerful, godlike government. There has never been an enemy that we could not defeat, in fact the last good alien war was over fifteen-thousand years ago; nowadays all sentient alien life that doesn't want to be house-pets or cannon fodder are ground into hamburger meat and fed to the other bootlicking, subservient half of the alien population. We can travel anywhere in the universe in a mathematically impossible split-nanosecond. We can destroy planets, stars and even whole galaxies with a mere thought. We control time itself and stop any inconvenience before it happens, like executing someone before they think of overthrowing the unjust, despotic government.

But in every age since the advent of civilization, no mater how powerful humanity becomes there is always a crisis that threatens to end it, and this time is no different. The big problem of the twenty-third millennia is there is no more room, the universe is full. We can convert, transmute, and change any particle of matter into anything else we desire, we can even transfer energy into matter and vice-versa, but we cannot create new matter. Over five percent of the entire mass of the universe is human beings. Every square millimeter of remotely livable space is occupied; the government was forced to ramp-up its planet production program, but that wasn't enough, and there is no more material to make new planets and none of our great and all-powerful inventions can help us now. We are fucked!

Or so everyone thought in the years leading up to 23,472 A.D. But just like many inventions that are suppose to save us from ourselves, we always manage to fuck it up and end up regretting it like a four alarm hangover after a wild week of partying or a better example would be at the birth of the nuclear age so very long ago. The last and greatest contribution to the human ego was brought to bare with all the power and knowledge humanity had to spare and we tore open our universe like a rape victim and entered the multi-verse. We expected that the only resistance we would encounter would be an alternate incarnation of ourselves from some alternate universe that we intend to strip-mine and rape dry. The only thing humanity in our infinite arrogance could imagine threatening our existence would be ourselves, we have always been our own greatest enemy.

In our hubris we thought ourselves gods and maybe we are in our small backwater universe, but now we are in the presents of the true gods, the creators of all that was, is, and ever will be. The gods of order and chaos, or if you prefer: God and Satan. We had entered the Ethereal plane, the universe that holds all universes. Think of the Ethereal universe as the Internet and all the tiny universes that make up the Ethereal universe as all the computers that make up the Internet; you cannot get to another universe without traveling thru the Ethereal plane. But the Ethereal plane is more than just a bridge of the multi-verse, it is the battlefield of the gods, where order and chaos battle each other over their opposing ideologies. And we bumbled right into the middle of it. The fleet of millions of ships that was sent to overwhelm and squash any resistance from some opposing human faction was quickly confronted and was tossed aside before they knew what was happening, for the first time in twenty-thousand years man knew fear again. Only twelve ships returned, many of the crews had been hurled into insanity. A record breaking number of simultaneous boule-movements accord and metric tons of perfectly good pairs of underpants have been ruined and not even the bootlicking, enslaved aliens are willing to launder them. Over two billion men and women died on those ships in less time then it takes to say: "Holy Shit!" and not even our great technology can bring them back or save us from the very gods that created us. I said it before and I'll say it again: we are fucked!

For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program.

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