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Grace on Ice, Chapter Two

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Grace on Ice, Chapter Two  Reply with quote  

Chapter Two

Todd took off his skates and gear and loaded up his backpack. When he got to the lobby, he saw his coach and some of his teammates gathered in the parking lot. Coach Loebick was speaking to a police officer. Todd could see frustration on her face and supposed they were not telling her anything.

Todd really did not want to talk to them, and just as he was debating leaving by the back door, he saw that the small group was moving off. Picking up his pack, he backed through the front door, turning to see his dads car pull into the parking lot. He waited as his dad got out, talked briefly with Coach Loebick and the cop, and then made his way to the arena.

"Hey, Hot Toddy, how're you doing?" The man ruffled his son's hair. "You okay? Are you going home?"

"Yeah, dad. Mum wanted to drive me, but the cops wanted her to stay, so I said I would walk."

"I can give you a ride if you want."

"No, I'll walk. I think it will help make me feel better." Todd hitched his pack into a more comfortable position. "Grace is dead, dad. It really bites."

"I know, Todd. We'll be home as soon as possible."

* * *

Rebecca was glad to see her husband come onto the arena. "Hey, you."

"Hey, yourself." He gave her a hug and a kiss.

"Detective Gibson, my husband, Rob. Rob, this is detective Jack Gibson and this
is detective Angela Hollstrom."

Rob shook hands, and took a moment to survey the rink, automatically putting together a plan for getting it back into shape.

"Rob, the rink can wait," his wife said. He turned back to the small group.

"Of course, Becky." Looking at the investigators he asked, "How can I help? And, perhaps the conference room would be more comfortable?"

They moved to the office area of the arena, and the detectives and Becky filled Rob in on the essential details.

"So, what now?" Rob asked.

"Well, we don’t know if it was an accident or not. Mrs. Yates has bee quite helpful with operational details, but we don’t know why the victim was here, or when she arrived. We are working on that," Gibson replied. "I know Mrs. Yates is anxious to get home to your son, but if you two can stay and help us out, I would appreciate it."

• * *

Being a fan of C.S.I and Law and Order was scant preparation for being face-to-face
with police detectives. Rob and Becky were drilled on all aspects of the rinks operation, especially for the past 48 hours. The nitty-gritty came with questions about the victim.

"I understand from Mrs. Yates and young Todd, that the woman on the ice was named Grace Robertson." Detective Gibson made it a statement. "What can you tell me about her?"

Rob let out a sigh. "Grace. She was an amazing skater. Fluid, strong – and, man, could she play hockey."

"How well did you know her?" asked detective Hollstrom.

"Very well. She's been skating here since she was three. She's at – was at -- ***University on a full hockey scholarhips. She was training for the Olympics."

"Why would she be here at night? Mrs. Yates explained that the arena should have closed at nine."

Rob considered his reply. "Grace was driven. I would guess she found a quiet corner to wait in until we locked up. She knew where the lights were."

"Would anyone else have been here with her?"

Becky looked at Rob and arched her eyebrows. The expression was not lost on the detectives.

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