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Don't worry, i'm not quitting my day job...

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Don't worry, i'm not quitting my day job...  Reply with quote  

I'm really just trying to figure out if this is worth continuing. My vision is that of a comedy / thriller about a plot to blow up several dams along the Colorado River.


The chief antagonist in this story is not some bitter terrorist bent on environmental havoc; thought there is one. The chief protagonist in this story is not the brilliant, plucky, and resourceful detective nor the brave demolitions engineer she teams up with.

This is a story about a water droplet.

Water is a deceptively simple substance with a hugely complex existence. Most of the H2O molecules on earth were created at basically the same time, and very few of them have broken up or fundamentally changed. They evaporate, boil, condense, freeze, even sublime. They dissolve solids and form chemical bonds that are incredibly hard to break, yet they will rip those bonds apart to cling to each other.

Water is essential for all life on the planet, yet responsible for most of the destruction of life on the planet. Too much – you die. Too little – you die.

The focus of this story is a year in the travels of a water droplet – we’ll call him Wally.

Our year begins in October. Wally is basking in the unseasonably warm waters just south of Baja California. A late season tropical disturbance, soon to be named Hurricane Shelby, is causing strong, warm winds to rush along the surface of the sea. Wally evaporated and carried aloft, where he meets up with a minute particle of dust (you’ll have to wait for the sequel to find out her name). Several other droplets also cling to this particle because of its electrostatic charge. Millions of other dust particles, along with their clingy little water droplets, are attracted to each other, and combined as a whole, the mélange takes the form of a cloud.

As the cloud is pushed up, into cooler air, many of the water droplets find the attraction to each other greater than the attraction to the dust. They condense together until they become so big that they air can’t hold them up, and they fall as rain. Wally, on the other hand, hangs on for the ride.

The cloud, lighter because of the shed wait of the less dedicated water droplets, rises further until it hits that autobahn of the atmosphere – the jet stream. 100 MPH air currents rip apart the cloud. Wally is rushed north-north-west, moving from the tropical air mass where he was picked up, plowing through a mid-latitude cyclonic frontal system, and collides head on with the first arctic blast of the season coming down off the northern Rockies.

A quick 50-degree drop in temp causes Wally to be transformed directly from vapor to solid, and he transforms into a tiny, delicate piece of white lace. As a snowflake, Wally has no choice but to fall on the Colorado mountainside. He comes to rest about 100 miles north of Denver with 3.7x1017 of his closest relatives.

Fast forward to April. Wally is warmed by the friction of the wind and the heat spectrum of the more direct sunlight found in spring time. Once he hits 32.1?F, he reverts to his original state – liquid – and falls down hill. He and his newly-liquified buddies combine and continue downhill forming brooks, streams, and finally joining a vast confluence called the Colorado River.

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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics. This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.

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