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Joelibris is a 49 year old married straight Baptist minister. His lovely wife, (we'll call her "Y") is a stay at home mom who love baking pies and tending to their 3 adorable children. When not playing the 'gay guy' online, Joelibris enjoys golf, women's clothes, and sausages. He frequently encourages people to "Get-ah right-ah with-ah Jesus-ah."
"Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a
delusional minority and by the mainstream media which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

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Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." - Anne Frank

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DanaMichelle, upon being fired from her job as a model for JLo's fashion line for using a prosthetic booty, travels the world looking for clothing to fit the curve-deficient. She is teaming up with famous flat-butted actresses and musicians from all over the globe in search of clothing to flatter the flatter behinds.

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Darquewillow_Lily discovered her gift for reading herself in and out of books at the age of fourteen and is currently living in Pine Cove.
You look like a drunk nympho passing out in a alley.

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Having been born with "fivesight," El Jefe Oscuro quickly realized that he was destined for greater things.

After quickly passing through school, he was accepted to Harvard, MIT, Purdue, and every other college in the world for his academic achievements. Having long since learned to teleport from the Amish Ninja Assassins, he attended all the universities at the same time. Earning 300 degrees, including 20 PhD's in 2 years due to his having learned to utilize the entire capacity of his brain, he faded into obscurity and tried to live like a "normal" person.

Having worked many jobs, none for more than a couple of years, Jefe decided to start his own company. The Lesser Evil, as it was called (because after all, the were worse companies you could hire), quickly rose to corporate dominance, worth an estimated 2 trillion dollars within a years time. During this time, Jefe designed Microsoft's first entirely bug free operating system. Not feeling a sense of accomplishment, he went on to create a computer security system that was 100% hacker free, and every government switched to the new system almost immediately once they realized that their secrets would be safe from their enemies.

In 2008, feeling unsettled with the current political structure and the way their country was being run, the people went on a massive write in campaign to elect Jefe as President of the United States. He won with 90 percent of the vote, being the first person in the history of history to unite such a large number of people without the threat of violence. During his first term, Jefe eliminated the national deficit through the take-over of any nation that was in debt to the US. This program allowed him to choreograph the complete unification of Europe, with the added benefit of making the European community war free and profitable.

Jefe was elected to a second term without debate. In this term, Jefe cut taxes and all government salaries, including refusing to draw a salary himself, putting the United States in an even more strategic monetary position in the global economy. After establishing a competent win/win medical program for the people and the medical providers, he eliminated subsidies for medical programs, saving the country billions of dollars in the final year of his second term. At the overwhelming request of the people world wide, Jefe abolished term limits for the President, allowing him to be voted into a third term.

During this term, Jefe was instrumental in establishing a world unified government. He was voted President by a 98% margin across the world.
His contributions to the new collective included the elimination of third world poverty, making all nations roughly equal. As a result, he received no contest when he abolished the term limit for the President of the World Collective. He eliminated corruption in the voting system, with the unilateral support of the people, by abolishing it all together. All decisions affecting the President were solely made by the President.

Becoming bored, Jefe turned towards space exploration, an easy task because of his teleportation ability. He found that there was other sentient life in the next galaxy and declared himself ruler on all such sentient worlds, using his cool wit and charisma to propel himself to become Supreme Overlord of the Known Universe.

Having seen the women of the universe, he declared Deb the hottest.

No one knows what he tastes like, but it is rumored that he tastes like a banana split.
Socially irresponsible, morally irredeemable and pretty god-damned glorious to behold @mremann

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