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What Would Lefty Do?

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What Would Lefty Do?  Reply with quote  

So .... I'm writing a short story for the Bizarro starter kit, and I thought it would be fun to do a story featuring Lefty (so, uh, obviously this question goes out to those who read my book.)

I thought it might be fun to hear from some of you about a situation you might like to see Lefty in. You know, like, improv where the audience throws out suggestions and the actors go with it.

I'm open.

(and thanks.)
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Taco Bob

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If Lefty had a job working for a newspaper he might be working on a story about coyotes. Do they deserve the rep for being unreliable, sneaky, and tricksters? He might write a glowing article on the wonderful, trustworthy coyote only to trick the reader at the end. Wink
Lefty on an arc? The Great Flood is upon the earth and only the crafty coyote can find the way to safety, or a female coyote.
Lefty sings his way into a band who end up on the verge of a record deal, only Lefty has to dress as a human when they go on tour.
The vacationing coyote goes to a quaint town near Big Sur known for it's pine trees. His vacation is interrupted by redneck wolves, loadie cats, ninja squirrel zombies, and a sea monster. Mr. Green
Key Weird

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I want to see Lefty with a bunch of mexican teenagers guiding them across the border one of the teenagers should be nine months pregnant, and then they are running from the border patrol helicopters, but then it turns out it's not the border patrol but the Coast guard patrol and they're lost and they have a Tlingit and they are on a secret mission from the whale deity and....oh did I mention they're crossing the beach border? There should also be Japanese people involved but I'm not sure how possibly on a kayaking trip of the coast... with cameras, OH a japanese film crew! filming the California coast and whales..... and the whale should talk to the people by cell phone... and Aurora Borealis and jellyfish should also be in there.. I like the ninja zombie squirrels too and something's after the cell phone..and evil border patrol agent that has heartache with the coast guard he feels is infringing on his turf.. Oh, and totally it should involve the desert at some point and one of those really big shiny towers the borders patrol agents put up with the phones to call in case they get stranded in the desert so they can call.... and it should have all kinds of trinkets hanging off of it, especially origami cranes and it should have a mystic named Lisa in a sari up there who offers them prickly pear cactus lemonade and then tells them where to go to get the best phone reception from the whale and then... Oh, is that too much like Clacktowers from Terry Pratchett?........
Oh never mind.. I don't belong in this section I just wanted to see what Taco Bob wrote.... Embarassed
I also think he should get to wear something other than a dew rag..
Please also, if you look at the above link scroll down after the tower and write something cool about the triangle thingy..Dude, check out the bumper sticker on his truck!!! Laughing ..... thanks! Cool

But I did read ALMOST the whole book.... still reading! Very Happy
Welcome to ADD world, I'm totally not thinking about cleaning and laundry now.....I'd rather be finishing your book but kid number two stole it back to reread and I have to clean.... Sad

All right, we are now eating dinner and Omegadelta and the thirteen year old evil one of unspeakable yeah that say they want to see Lefty go to Reykajvik and sing Norse sagas in Finnish and put him in a situation where he must speedskate... also, he must have an Erdos number assigned to him and discuss fractals... O.K., and you thought my suggestions were weird...
Oh crap, I think my link made it do that freaky wide thing... sorry... Sad
This is why we should not be allowed to post in the big peoples area...
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