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News from the front

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News from the front  Reply with quote  

chris wrote:
By the way, your Commander in Chief is still a fucktard. But you guys are in our hearts and prayers.


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My nephew was sent back in July (second time). Actually, I'm his "great" aunt. He emailed me last week and said to eat a little extra at his Grandmother's for him. I told him that I'd do my duty. Wink
Hmmm, care package may have contain a book next time. Would I be a cool auntie or what?
I'm thankful that he's okay and pray he remains that way.
Book: A garden carried in a pocket. Arabian Proverb

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Can you see this announcment ...  Reply with quote  

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Presdent of the Untied States,
George W. Fucktard ...

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"Fucktard"  Reply with quote  

Perfect! Forget "The Shrub" .. "Fucktard" is in!

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I join the ranks of..  Reply with quote  

moms that have kids that join the ranks.

Not my own biologically.. but he's my son, no doubt. He's my son's best friend. His own mother left 6 kids 2 years ago, big bi-polar problems that I won't judge. And I am his adopted mom and I must say, most willingly. He has told me (and I'm not bragging, it's an honor to me) that I am more his mom than his own mom ever was.

I can get just as mad at this young man as I can at my own boys. Test past. He's mine. Laughing This is a kid that was awarded a full 4 year ride to our nearest state college and he blew it off right away in the first semester.

I couldn't "be home" for 2 days for fear that I would twist his neck off when I found this out. But then I thought about it. My own son, who is just as brilliant told us that he wanted to take a year off before deciding what he wants to do in/with college and we respected, understood and honored that. He knew he wasn't ready. His pal, on the other hand was granted giant funds that he and his father sought out and this kid just wasn't ready to handle what he asked for and was given.

His name is Billy BTW. Billy is a 'right now' kid. He feeds/lives/plots on what he is focused on at the moment. Feet first always. Smile

Billy's grandpa died 2 weeks ago. His first major experience with death. His grandpa was a major part of his life. A hero. A veteran.

So Billy, (in 2 weeks time) has enlisted in the Navy. Subs, Yeoman, (this kid is a mechanical genuis and tested out to the point where "they" said he would be bored for the next 4 years if he chose mechanical stuff) Billy chose a sort of clerical type 'job' on a nuclear sub because in his words... " I don't know anything about this and I want to learn something different". I can't judge his choices.

Needless to say, this boy will be fed well tomorrow (Thanksgiving) by me... and his grandma/dad/folks... YAY for that!. I have no clue what is in store for him... and I'll whine a bit here... this is the boy that EVERY year... went to Scout camp and spent every bit of it in the nurse's station because of injury/sunburn/etc. But I trust him to make decisions that are right for him, no matter how wild they seem to me. Now, I'm prepared to watch Billy grow (and hopefully our own boys).

I suppose all moms say this.... "it's all good... he's going to be fine. I just love that boy... and my boys. I want all that is good for them. And nothing less (dammit) will do. TOUCH one hair on that kid's head and I will have to fart in your face for the rest of eternity you no-legged/no-armed fucktard."

As my nephew once said at age 8 in an apology note my sister made him write to a neighbor after something ?...occurred (I don't remember what LOL).... "I sorry I sweared, but it's a free country."

I spewed.
"I feel more like I do now." - Professor Irwin Corey

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