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I changed my lawyer last week. The last one started to drool. I went to meet the new team. The office was small, the plastic wrap still on the chairs. The attorney was young, fresh in a pure white shirt wrinkled from the dayís work. His black coat hung on the back of his chair. I sat at the edge of mine, shoulders hunched a little, looking up at him demurely with my chin tucked in. The boy fumbled, could not find things, could not read his notes properly, rang the bell several times for assistance.

I spoke seriously and haltingly, he didnít know names. I gave warning VIP names political and financial, he didnít seem to care. He sat glowing, bright and bustling, called in his junior to ask him details. A younger boy came in eyes bloodshot, a smell of tobacco pervading the air. They both consulted each other busily, cheerfully.

I looked at them silently and thought. Look at them. New, young, fearless, fresh out of the soil like baby shallots. They donít know me. They donít know who we are. They donít know anyone. They are young, beautiful, fresh, and are going to rush in on this like young cubs. Surely they will be cuffed and held up by their scruffy necks. But they will be fun to watch.

I thought of myself, silent and dark, thinking ahead, already well up to the rungs in survival. I thought of my slow measured tread, the careful movements. I suddenly understood the reason for death. They are the new wave. They donít know the hierarchy of the world therefore they will barge in and turn it over. They will try to turn it over. That is what is called rocking.

The old are being replaced by the young. Some work is being done on Earth then. We are doing something to the Earth. Grooming it, tilling it, separating itís metals, distilling milk from water, laying drain pipes all over. We are doing work, free labour. Like the earthworms turning the Earth for free. There is something we are being used for. Like bacteria released on Mars to create oxygen we have been let loose to do something. These younger guys are coming after us as we slow.

I went on looking at those two curiously.
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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics. This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.

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