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the best part about having a wedding is the ability to get almost all of your friends and family in one place all at the same time. the only other time that happens is a funeral, which means one of them is missing out.

what i don't understand, from your posts, dieve, is if you two love birds want to just get married or if you want to have a wedding.

if you just want to be married then, well, just get married. have the reception at the local pub. done and done, now yer hitched.

if you want to have a wedding then, yes, yer gonna have to pay. it ain't easy getting all of your freeloadin' friends and family in one place.

another great part about getting married and having a wedding is now you can make some of those friends and family WORK for you.
it's the maid of honor's and the best man's job to make sure you guys aren't too stressed out. the bride's maids and groomsmen are like their little go-to armys. you tell your #1's to do something and then they delegate! it's fun!

here's a few tips for ya
the dress.
go to second hand vintage stores, pawn shops and discount bride places. get the one that somewhat fits ok and you like the cut. THEN get on craigslist and find someone who is going to school for dress design or fashion and have them put the finishing custom touches on it. they'll be happy for the experience and they work cheap.
laveric's a dude. as long as he showers and shaves he's ready.

the ceremony.
if ya don't have alot of people coming then just take over your, or someone's, back yard. this is also the part where you can make your friends and family work for you. it's your big day, they'll be happy to do the clean up (at least, that's what they'll tell you).
hit costco for the food and snacks. use paper plates and forks.
make your own ipod playlist and plug it in to the stereo, now the dj is taken care of.
you know that friend who has that really nice camera? yup, there's your photographer. it's cheesy, but, you can also do the time honored tradition of putting disposable cameras on every table.
drinks. make it a non-alchoholic wedding except for the toast. saves a ton of money right there, believe me.

hit the pub. everyone buys their own and the bar will be happy for the business. if ya gots alot of folks going then maybe warn the bar a week in advance if they need to bring in another bartender.
or, heck, go inside and play twister in your friends living room.

seriously, if you guys are fronting the bill yourselves, for your own wedding, no one expects anything over the top or lavish. everyone will have just as much fun mixing it up in a back yard or the local church hall. free food is free food and if they wanna drink they can bring their own.

"It's your wedding and you can pick and choose which traditions you want. Seriously, your wedding is a celebration of your relationship, not a competition." too true.

so, dieve and laveric, what's the plan? throw us a bone here so we can impart our wise and sage advise unto you.....or use it as an excuse to talk about ourselves more, whichever.
~ TCB ~

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Can I request sacrificial virgins? Very Happy
We wouldn't kill em or anything, just their virginity. Twisted Evil
Although in this day and age they'd no doubt have to be mock sacrificial virgins. Shocked
We all enter this world in the same way: naked; screaming; soaked in blood.
But if you live your life right, that kind of thing doesn't have to stop there." Dana Gould

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Wow, cornman's a wedding planner?! Shocked

Who'da thunk? Very Happy

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