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a chapter out of my work in progress

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a chapter out of my work in progress  Reply with quote  

I';ve been writing this book about a year now...and this is one of the chapters in it about Sleep trains called the Charrington Express, like all my chapters I wrote this when i was dead tired in an insomnia fueled night.

EDIT: Umm...yeah how do I get my indentions to show and show i have paragraphs?

The Charrington Express and The V-Men
If you were of foreign nature and were a new arrive to Earth or possibly another country the chances of anything letting you in are slim unless you planned to live in O-Kran where even the lowliest of beings could call home. However if you had connections or were just simply intelligent enough you could use the Charrington Express. The Charrington Express was more or less a trans/ inter dimensional railway in which the rider would travel through tired and awake and the many dimensions that are between. They come to an all white entrance with large black orbs hanging over them from large leaning towers. At each desk in front of them is a woman in what looks like a nurse’s uniform. ( they all have the same body, face, eyes. Everything. The only way to tell them apart is that each has a different color of hair ranging form Raspberry red to grape purple, and they were all glittery)
“Hi welcome to The Charrington Express, where do you want to go and at which dimension would you be most comfortable in?” a counter lady asks.
There are several dimensions to travel in, all listed below:
1. Awake: in the Awake Dimension you travel faster but you don’t get much time to do anything. It is quick and efficient however. Another good trait of this is avoiding the V-Men (I’ll mention them later) because you travel faster than they can track usually, however they can also nab you faster if they’re on the same train. Traveling in Awake is like traveling through a bright light as it is very yellow and very bright.

2. Drowsy: In Drowsy the ride goes slower and it is a light blue color. It still moves somewhat quick but V-Men usually gather here for quick nabs or rest periods. You take a separate tunnel as well but you can use the time here to read or just relax for a few minutes.

3. Feeling Beat: It moves slow, but faster than Tired, Sleepy, Rest, and Knocked Out. This is for those who have a long way to go and need some rest to recharge. V-Men take advantage of this travel way as most do not put up any fight when captured. It is a light purple.

4. Tired: It’s slow, a favorite of V-Men and it is a dark green( all dimensions form tired have darker colors)

5. Rest: The perfect sleep area and not even V-Men like to disrupt here. It is quiet and secure in your own bunk. It moves slow and is a dark red color.

6. Knocked-Out: a V-Man imprisonment area for those on the run or those targeted by V-Men.

Roaming in different corridors, homes, and anywhere a person can be are V-Men. They are trench coated agents who hunt down characters for questioning or their main target( this person usually has done a crime or is behind a large conspiracy, or random people) But they use the Charrington Express and have a head quarters there. They are not human but what they are is unknown. ( it is rumored they are clocker work so to say).
“ Stop, don’t you see what I am doing. You are being arrested for illegal travel.”
“ No no, I got my papers from a professional. Does Dr. Murphy count as a source?” a young Beak replies( Beaks are bird folk, they have beaks in stead of mouths and noses and are feathered in places, if it wasn’t already obvious)
“ Dr. Murphy? What do you know of Dr. Murphy? Tell us and you are free.”
“ Not much, he just told me to take this letter and go to Hiro Port City.” an honest reply.
“ Hiro Port….you are free to go, do not let us catch you again or we will torture you.” they reply in their same droll, robotic, voice. Their faces are often hidden and they usually take up a side profession as a cover up. They use voice recordings when speaking to people so it is hard to tell, outside the hunt, if they are a V-Man or not. A sign of them is when For Sale signs appear in empty lots or when all the trashcans are replaced with recycle bins. If V-Men are in an area and you know they might look for you , but cannot run, steer clear of bridges or food stores where they offer free samples. Leave the house at your regular time but don’t rush home, the longer you are out the better as most V-Men are stationary. The biggest threat is when you receive Telemarketer Phone calls or a Flyer for Sun Block appears on your door or car windshield.
If that is the case leave the area as soon as possible otherwise you will be subject to investigation or worse. A V-Man will often threat you with torture but the never will. However interrogation and imprisonment by V-Men is horrible by it’s own right.
“ Hi, I am a friendly merchant, I bring free samples of hotdogs and sun block.”
“ I am watering a plant, that is my job and I do it well.”
“ The world is down trodden, I am poor, dark slumbers, death…I am a poet, this is my poetry, golden child and death.”
“ Recycle, it is good for the world. See I throw my cans in here, conserve plastic.”
“ This lot is for sale, you put a house or cars here….in an empty lot such as this.”
“ Stop, do you know the Muffin man? We are looking for the Muffin Man, surrender all you know or we’ll kill you.”
A V-Man interrogates a young girl of 15. They have strapped her down and have a large red light glaring down at her. They make the questions more and more insane and the young girl continues to fail to give up information.
“ Pleeease let me gooo, I haven’t done anything.” she cries.
“ You have assisted Guan Paldo with his groceries, you retain information by being with him. Tell us.” they answer
“ Ok I helped him with his groceries….he had a deep Say Son accent….umm he also carried around a cactus key chain. Please don’t hurt me.”
“ Good but there is one last thing you must tell us. Where does he live and what is his vehicle?”
“ His vehicle is a Flop Trodder 700, I’d recognize it anywhere, it has a cow skull on it’s hood. He lives in Bung Valley, in a townhouse with a blue green roof. That’s all I know, I swear.”
“ Good, untie her and put her in Lockdown at her house, install Cell number 867700 and jacket her to prevent anymore misconduct.”
The girl (Whose name is Kory Jiss) is straight jacketed( like so many before her) and is sent into lockdown in her own room as it is turned into a momentary cell until all tape is cleared. They forget to make it to where she can get up and lave her on the floor. Luckily she found a way to get to her feet.
“ Stop what you are doing, you almost run over my roses….Are you in assistance with The Easy Oven Bake Factory? “ as one pulls out a gun.
The child in question is only 5 and runs crying to his Mother. Later the V-Men are seen arresting a 17 year old girl but this time she is sent to the horrible V Imprisonment Asylum for keeping until her associated target is found. She was arrested for making out with a Mr. Clark Noonan, the man in question, who is suspected of being not only a former patient of Dr. Murphy’s but is also suspected of being a Grade B Termite. The girl (Suzanna Rice) has never done anything wrong to anyone before but is suspected of being a Jed Belly in association with nursing a Termite Larva. (Termites are tricky things but only like No Man’s Land munching grounds where the Methane air is easier to breathe. The two girls mentioned are human and Clark Noonan is actually a termite but left Dr. Murphy after he discovered what happens at his offices) Beware, the V-Men are everywhere.
"Those are dead people laughing, you know that, those people are dead! "~Andy Kaufman

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