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Endorsements and other realities ...

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Endorsements and other realities ...  Reply with quote  

Another "Endorsement" perhaps worse than O. bin Laden throwing his beard in at the last moment ... Putin's ... Putin threw his support to Bush.

Here's the scary part ... aside from fixing every election for "his" people to be in, BUT when Putin made all the media STATE-RUN, that more or less made Russia back into a communist country ... Putin, the neo-communist.
That while Little Georgie is trying to fuck around in the sand box, he's going to have liquid nitrogen up to his ear lobes ("Xtreme Cold War") before he finds that the Lenin statues have been put back on their pedestals.

If you doubt that, there was a poster hung in various places at my old job in Washington, where they made maps that Robb may be using, Elliot might have seen, and Think used. That poster, showing a May Day parade, and it DID NOT come down when the "Soviet Union" fell; it said (paraphrasing) ... "Great strides with be made by us in the name of peace, before we overcome and beat them as the enemy that they are to us."
I can only paraphrase it (I can't channel Dead-Lenin), but basically I'd wouldn't count "communism" dead right now, even if they aren't calling "communism" any more. Putin was KGB! Wake the fuck up.

Putin wants a cowboy he can out-wit. So another foreign policy failure in the making!!!! Yes GWB, you got the endorsement of the Russian Communists!

And whose endorsements did we ignor, that we shouldn't have ...
Those fucking letters from England ... nice that at least one of the "undecided voters" had a Bush-Cheney poster in his front yard (he got one of the letters). England is an ally in this mess, they KNOW terrorism, or did people forget the "I.R.A."? Listen to them ... oh well, too late.

The newpaper in Crawford, Texas ... when the hometown paper won't back the hometown boy .... WAKE THE FUCK UP .... they've noticed something that the rest of us didn't.

Other bits and pieces ...

65% of Texas voted for Bush to be president ... they didn't want him back either.

What about the year-ending-in-zero curse?
Cringe! The alternatives are scarier than the puppet strings.


Those letters from England ...

Maybe Kerry mentioning Dick's Dyke Daughter (needs more D's by the way)
Couldn't Big John have used Ellen deGeneres, or Ant even (that toady comedian on Last Comic Standing). Someone who might have been in his corner to start with ... (a special thanks to Bob Sheiffer for not letting that one die in the VP debates ... if only Jon Stewart had given Bob a shitload of questions when he asked).

And when Baby Bush was sniping during the debates about Big John absence for votes, why the fuck wasn't Kerry hitting him with his 40% stance on vacationing?
Hit him with why over half his cabinet, nor NYC or DC ... why they didn't know about the infamous August 6, 2001 memo ... "bin Laden determined to attack within the United States" until after it became reality. Rumsfeld defintiely didn't know about it until after the attack. GWB initialed off on that memo then went for a run in the Crawford heat. And why on September 10, 2001 did Bush sign the memo cutting terrorism funding?

Kerry apparently wanted to lose ... just those two items, those two FACTS, and we'd probably have a 78-day Lame Duck on our fucking hands, not Four More Wars with Barbarian George.

And two questions from Fahrenheit 9/11 ... there's a scene with Papa Bush and Junior in a game of horseshoes, presumably while Papa was preseident.
The reason I ask, because some claims to have not had a drink in years
..."since 1990" and "since he was 40" are two set of numbers I've heard ...
because in that scene "chapter 9, maybe, on the DVD" ... GWB was pulling from a long neck. No shit ... pay close attention.

The other guy, "the close friend" ... Bath ... the other guy suspended, too, for not having his flight physical ... unless he resigned, what kind of DISCHARGE did he get?

CM ... thanks for The Stupidest Angel ... right now it's the one thing keeping the world afloat, when even the sky is a dull miserable gray. I'm glad the Battle of Corrin kept me from finishing "Trenchcoat Angel" before the election results. After two questionable flying experiences I can't refer to the book as "TSA" not when the airport-wand-holders have the same initials.

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