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*spoilers* I thought the ending was perfect

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*spoilers* I thought the ending was perfect  Reply with quote  

Hey, AG I was watching a video of one of your book signings and two things struck me, one, you were looking for feedback, and two, you mentioned how you thought things were left unresolved in "you suck". Well, I'm ever so glad you're writing another one with the same characters because they're really fun (haven't read fool yet, financially challenged) , but I thought that the ending was perfect. Sad, but perfect. The couple wanted different things, but they were in love; so ending up like they did was the only way for them to be together. (not that I'd want to end up like that, however...)
Just my two cents. Thought the ending was very sad, sweet, poetical and all that. Don't know if that's what you were shooting for. It seemed like a metaphor for many relationships that people are "entombed" in because they don't know what else to do, or can't face leaving their partner. Of courrse, I'm not talking about a Rhianna situation - OMG I hope someone is giving that girl a good talking to.
Oh, also, I don't think that you have to write a funny book, I think you have more to offer than humour, perhaps you are selling yourself short. It may not be as wildly popular, but it might be very interesting too. Ever seen the Bill Murray movie "The razors edge" ? It wasn't his usual thing, and lots of fans hated it, but I bet he looks back on it as one of the best things he's done. I think it's a great movie, and there are a some out there that agree. Lamb was pretty serious in parts, but it still did really well - lots of philosophy offered up there in an edible form.
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not sure about yours, but my local library has ALL of the ag books including fool. of course you'll have to order them from the library catalogue, because since fool came out they are more in demand.
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You know I'm actually glad that you feel like "YOU SUCK" was unressolved AG.. It makes me feel better knowing you feel the same way I do. When Abby bronzed them, I immediately thought about how bronzing wasnt a permanant solution, hence Ben Sapir getting out. Although Im not sure I could imagine a more elegant ending. I dont know I guess just imagining the two spening eternity as mist together seemed like a lot was left up in the air, no pun intended. Maybe Abby and Foo dog take the money and run leaving the bronze works to be mishandled by the Hippie agent.. she would make a good snack for a recently roused vampire. Maybe biting her would get them baked haha. I did enjoy the book VERY much though!

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Got to say, my main curiosity is whether any of the events of "A Dirty Job" will play a role in the background of the YS:ALS sequel. The two books coincide in time briefly, but "A Dirty Job" ends some time (years!) after the ending of "You Suck." So it's not inconceivable that we could see some overlap.

At the very least, the fact that Rivera embarks on a new career at the end of "A Dirty Job" doesn't mean we can't still have him as a cop in any sequel(s) to "You Suck." And elsewhere, for that matter....
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I recently finished a re-listen to this one and, somehow, I missed, on the first go-round, the fact that Chet had been made into a vampire kitty. I asked my husband about the ending and he said "Oh yeah, the Vampire Kitty, I loved it!". I can't believe I missed this detail the last time I listened. I had to back up again and relisten, but I STILL didn't hear proof that Elijah had turned him. I'm not sure if I just keep missing something, but, my husband swears it was Elijah when he was alone in Jody and Tommy's loft. Can anyone else confirm this? Was it just supposed to be understood? I can't shake the feeling that Blue or one of the animals changed Chet.

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If you are looking for confirmation that Elijah turned Chet, there are two places you can find it:
here and here
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