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TRANSCRIPT from FOOLish Chatzy - March 8, 2009 - PART I

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TRANSCRIPT from FOOLish Chatzy - March 8, 2009 - PART I  Reply with quote  

Trying this again as I suffered a re-log-in glitch that made me lose what I'd worked on (grrr...).

I've pasted from where the chat began in earnest. The AG turned up in disguise; see if you can spot the sweet moment of discovery. Enjoy.



Watching The Wheels: KO!

Brenda Stahl: Hey

Katy O: I haven't quite finished the book - stupid stats class

Sephonae: Please remember that I am copying/pasting the chat as we go, so I'd appreciate it if y'all paced yourselves as you reply

Jaandlu: Yeah, right, Seph.

mllefifi: Paste ourselves?

Brenda Stahl: Will do

zendao42: hope you're ok w/ spoilers, Katy

Sephonae: yes, paste yourselves

Sephonae: thanks, Ja, for your generous spirit

Katy O: yeah - I'll probably forget anyway. : D

zendao42: can I use lotion instead?

Sugar Ray Dodge: that's gross

mllefifi: Gross yourselves.

Jaandlu: Razz

Sephonae: ok, first question:

Sephonae: Cast Pocket in the FOOL movie

Watching The Wheels: can i use a lifeline?

Jaandlu: Martin Short.

Sugar Ray Dodge: Shaia LaBoof!

Sugar Ray Dodge: Nah, I'm just kidding Smile

Sephonae: lol

Katy O: Tobey Maguire

mllefifi: The lead actor in "Scrubs."

Sephonae: really, Feef?

Jaandlu: These wqquestions are hard.

Katy O: Zach Braff

Watching The Wheels: topher grace

Brenda Stahl: Sry animate him - like Gollum

mllefifi: No -- these questions R hard.

zendao42: WTW, hope I wasn't your lifeline cuz I got nuthin

Sephonae: I see David Wenham, the dude who played the hunchback in Underworld


Sugar Ray Dodge: he was good in LotR

mllefifi: Yes, Zach Braff.

Jaandlu: I have not seen that, Seph.

walk from x.x.x.24 joined the chat

Sephonae: walk!

zendao42: hi jill

Jaandlu: Walk!

Katy O: hi Walk!

walk: hola Very Happy

Sephonae: Wenham was also the narrator guy in "300"

Sugar Ray Dodge: What about that asshole who played Malcolm Reynolds

Sugar Ray Dodge: he's pretty funny

Sugar Ray Dodge: Nathan Fillion

Sephonae: what flick, SR?

jeannie from x.x.x.67 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

Sugar Ray Dodge: Lord of the Rings

Sugar Ray Dodge: oh wait

mllefifi: You know -- someone sometimes should do a good movie based on "Lord of the Rings."

Sephonae: oh, yeah, actually, i think he's similar looking to Wenham, a bit

walk: jeannie Very Happy

Sephonae: jeannie!

Brenda Stahl: Firefly

Sugar Ray Dodge: Nathan Fillion was in Firefly

walk: so are we casting the fool movie?

Sephonae: oh snap, Feef

Jaandlu: Jeannie!

Sephonae: yep

jeannie: hi guys

Jaandlu: Yes, Walk.

zendao42: yep... hey jeannie!

Watching The Wheels: nathon fillon's great in Dr. Horrible as captain hammer!

walk: james franco as pocket

Watching The Wheels: hiya walk

Brenda Stahl: yes

zendao42: but he's too tall for Pocket

jeannie: wow look at all the brightly colored fruitbats

Sugar Ray Dodge: OH OH OH

mllefifi: Zach Braff is short, no?

walk: zen, just cast the rest of the movie VERY tall

Sugar Ray Dodge: Gimli

Sugar Ray Dodge: John Rhys Davies

walk: zach braff is kinda tall

jeannie: seth green

Brenda Stahl: special effects

Sephonae: Good call, SR

Katy O: can't they fix all that w/camera angles/etc?

Brenda Stahl: I like Seth Green

jeannie: wicked short and funny

zendao42: what, Howard Stern & John Cleese?

Sugar Ray Dodge: not to sound negative, but seth green is an untalented a-hole

Sephonae: oh, not negative at all Wink

Brenda Stahl: but he was a great werewolf


Watching The Wheels: frank oz, as a pocket muppet?

Sugar Ray Dodge: there are some good character actors

Jaandlu: Sorry, Didn't mean to shout.

walk: you kinda failed on the not negative front that srd

jeannie: i love seth green!

Sephonae: in what, Brenda?

Sugar Ray Dodge: like what's his name

jeannie: he was on buffy , yo!

Sugar Ray Dodge: I know, sorry Smile

Brenda Stahl: Buffy

Sugar Ray Dodge: I had another name, but I totally just forgot it

Brenda Stahl: Oz

Sephonae: only saw the first few eps of Buffy...I know, I haven't lived

Watching The Wheels: never seen an ep of buffy

Brenda Stahl: There's a penalty for that

jeannie: you crazy kids and your buffyless lives

Sugar Ray Dodge: i never particulalary cared for Buffy

Katy O: uh oh

Sugar Ray Dodge: i don't dislike it, though

mllefifi: So, was Seth Green bad in "40-Year-Old Virgin",,,?

Jaandlu: I liked Buffy.

Sugar Ray Dodge: Oh, I remember now

Brenda Stahl: There was a hell hole in my high school

Sugar Ray Dodge: Hugh Laurie

walk: seth green wasn't in 40 year old virgin

walk: seth rogan was

mllefifi: HOUSE!

walk: and HE could be drool

Sugar Ray Dodge: I think Hugh Laurie would be perfect

Brenda Stahl: Hugh Laurie as drool

Brenda Stahl: ??

Watching The Wheels: i don't know if i want to see seth rogan spill his git jiuce Very Happy

Sugar Ray Dodge: as Pocket

Sugar Ray Dodge: i know he's tall, but they can manipulate the filming to make him look shorter

Katy O: John Cleese as the old knight

Brenda Stahl: That's great

zendao42: ya know, if it's as bawdy as the book, maybe we should cast w/ porn stars

Sephonae: Cleese as Kent; awesome

Jaandlu: Definitely Cleese as Kent.

mllefifi: Making someone look shorter in a film? That's impossible!

Sugar Ray Dodge: Lord of the Rings

Watching The Wheels: ron jeremy as pocket??

Brenda Stahl: Speak to Peter Jackson

Katy O: ewww

Sugar Ray Dodge: almost everybody apears shorter in those movies

Sephonae: euuuuuw

jeannie: that guy from torchwood, the short guy

walk: i'm thinking ron jeremy should be drool

Sephonae: ditto that, walk

Sugar Ray Dodge: who would be good to direct it?

Brenda Stahl: Who from Torchwood?

Sephonae: although he's probably too old


zendao42: my ex, Leo- no kidding

Sugar Ray Dodge: Wait, why not?

Sugar Ray Dodge: I like Tim Burton

walk: fool is definitely not a tim burton movie

Sugar Ray Dodge: the movie could be claymation, like Wallace and Grommit

walk: he would make it too dark

Jaandlu: That's a horrible idea, SRD.

Sephonae: cause Depp would be Pocket and it would be all wrong, that's why not Burton

Brenda Stahl: Terry Gillian

jeannie: i forget his name, the one the asion chick is in love with

Sugar Ray Dodge: Why?

Sugar Ray Dodge: Claymation is awesome Smile

Sephonae: Brenda, yes!!!!!

mllefifi: None of the AG's books should be a Tim Burton movie...

Jaandlu: Not for fool though.

zendao42: maybe Fluke

Brenda Stahl: Except there would be a natural disaster

Jaandlu: I agree, Feef.

Sugar Ray Dodge: I'm coming out in favor of at least ONE AG book to be a Tim Burton book

Sephonae: I vote NAY

walk: brb

mllefifi: A Tim Burton book?

Sugar Ray Dodge: Tim Burton film, i mean

Sugar Ray Dodge: sorry

Sephonae: OK, cast Lear

Sparky~ from x.x.x.232 joined the chat

mllefifi: Soooooo----rrrryyyy.

Sugar Ray Dodge: William Devane!

Sephonae: Cleese would be good for Lear too, I think

Sephonae: hey Sparky!

mllefifi: Yes, at his age now.

Brenda Stahl: all my suggestions are dead I'm afraid

Katy O: I think so too

Sparky~: howdy folks! sorry I'm late... will give a quick glance at what I missed

Sugar Ray Dodge: Christopher Lloyd?

Sephonae: LOL

Brenda Stahl: That's good

Katy O: Peter O'Toole would've been good, but way too old now

Sephonae: it is!

Jaandlu: Sparky!

mllefifi: Lear IS old.

Sephonae: OOOOH, didn't O'Toole play Lear?

Brenda Stahl: probably

Sugar Ray Dodge: Bruce Greenwood?

Sephonae: that's a good one too, Katy

Jaandlu: O'Toole would make a great Lear!

Sugar Ray Dodge: I'm going to throw out Hugh Laurie again, but this time for Lear

Sugar Ray Dodge: He would be a better Lear than Pocket

mllefifi: Hugh Laurie would have to lose that American accent in order to play Lear. Just sayin'.

Watching The Wheels: christopher lee for lear?

Sephonae: Oooh, Laurie would be a great Lear

Sugar Ray Dodge: Christopher Lee is in bloody everything

Sugar Ray Dodge: he's the white, old Samuel L. Jackson

mllefifi: Christopher Lee even played the King of Siam.

Sephonae: I'd like Rowan Atkinson for Edmund, 'cept I think Edmund's a much younger man...Edmund totally made me think of Blackadder

Sparky~: Hugh Laurie is British, isn't he?

Sephonae: yup

Sugar Ray Dodge: yeah, he is, but he puts on a fantastic american accent to play House

mllefifi: Is he British, or English?

zendao42: hmmm, nobody's mentioned David Tennet for any of the younger roles yet...

jeannie: is there a difference?

Sephonae: i want to say English

Sugar Ray Dodge: pardon my limey ignorance, but what's the difference?

Sephonae: English = from England

LurkyLurkface: Edmund:

jeannie: oooohhh david tennant

Sephonae: British could be from England, Wales, or Scotland

Sephonae: I think, right Feef?

Brenda Stahl: John Lithgow for Edmund

Sugar Ray Dodge: William Shatner has a wicked sense of humor, so he would be a killer Lear

walk: christopher lee as lear!

mllefifi: I'm just playin' with ya, youse guys.

Sugar Ray Dodge: AG could be Lear Razz

Sephonae: Lurky, I dig your Edmund pick

zendao42: dat's why we here...

mllefifi: William Shatner is too old to be Lear.

jeannie from x.x.x.67 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

Sugar Ray Dodge: you think so?

LurkyLurkface: Lear is 80

Brenda Stahl: ian mckellen for Lear

Jaandlu: WB Jeannie!

Sparky~: who's LurkyLurkface?? I know the point of lurking is to be anonymous, but...???

Sephonae: nice one, Brenda

zendao42: no such thing as too old for Lear- he's dogfuckingky old

LurkyLurkface: <-Chris

Sephonae: ah, c'mon

Sephonae: no fair

Sparky~: heh

Jaandlu: No it's not.

jeannie: thanks jaa, i clicked on that link and lost chatzy

walk: really?

LurkyLurkface: Yep

Jaandlu: I didn't put any links up.

walk: crazy

Sugar Ray Dodge: so, I think out of all the ones I have thrown out, Christopher Lloyd or Hugh Laurie would be the best

Jaandlu: Don't blame me.

Sephonae: is it really you, AG?

Katy O: or Cleese

walk: we should start a pool for the date that fool gets optioned or whatever for a movie

jeannie: i want blaming you jaa

Sugar Ray Dodge: How could he possibly prove that?

jeannie: wasnt'

LurkyLurkface: I could leave and come back as Chris

Sephonae: In NY, AG was asked a question about Obama

Sparky~: I give Mark Strong an Mmmmmmmmmm!

Sephonae: do you remember what that was?

Jaandlu: WE wouldn't believe you.

Sparky~: although I never heard of him before...

walk: heya sparky Very Happy

Sugar Ray Dodge: Hey, I believe you man, it's everybody else who doubts Smile

LurkyLurkface: Who would be his fool?

Sephonae: ding ding

Sephonae: it's him

Brenda Stahl: That right!

LurkyLurkface: I didn't want this to be about me, so I was just lurking.

Jaandlu: Why are you being LurkerLurkface then?

Sparky~: I never pictured Chris as turquoise... lol

Sephonae: oh right, like, it's not your book or anything

LurkyLurkface: You know what I mean.

Sugar Ray Dodge: Who did we decide would be Fool?

Vahlee: you didn't think lurkylurkface would be suspecious?

walk: the more i think about it the more i'm really liking seth rogan as drool,

Vahlee: totally spelled that wrong...

Sugar Ray Dodge: I don't remember there being a consensus

Katy O: I don't think we agreed

jeannie: david tennant

Jaandlu: Who is Seth Rogan?

LurkyLurkface: I like tennant. He's a little old, but pretty brilliant.

jeannie: seth green!

Sugar Ray Dodge: NO! Razz

Sparky~: I honestly couldn't picture anyone in that role... everyone I could think of was too tall!

Brenda Stahl: Mummm david tennant

LurkyLurkface: I wanted him to read the audio book.

walk: he's really funny ja

walk: very good at improv

Sugar Ray Dodge: And everybody except me says that Tim Burton can't direct

Brenda Stahl: In dr who accent or his real accent?

Sephonae: OK, cast the Anchoress

Jaandlu: Oh yeah, he would make a great Drool.

Sugar Ray Dodge: And also that it can't be claymation, which I am also in favor of Smile

jeannie: omig if tennant did the audio i would actually dget it and i hate audios

walk: angelina jolie

Katy O: appx age?

Brenda Stahl: I like the claymation idea

Sephonae: 30s?

Sephonae: how old does the ghost look Lurky AG?

jeannie: anjalina as drool?

Watching The Wheels: uma thurman?

Sugar Ray Dodge: I think claymation would be great if it were done by the Wallace and Grommit people

mllefifi: Seth Tennant? Would he make a great Anchoress?

Sephonae: Seth Rogan

Sparky~: LOL jeannie!

Katy O: Carmen Electra as the ghost - she's actually pretty funny

Sephonae: Actually, I'd like Kate Winslet

mllefifi: No, Can't you reed? Like mee?

jeannie: ;o)

Vahlee: I could see Carmen Electra

LurkyLurkface: Pocket:

bleu from x.x.x.86 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

walk: kate winslet is too wholesome i think

Sephonae: bleu!

walk: BLEU

Katy O: hiya Bleu!

zendao42: ya need a blond cougar...

bleu takes a bow

jeannie: ((((bleu)))))

Jaandlu: That would make a great Pocket, AG!

zendao42: hi bleu

Jaandlu: Bleu!

mllefifi: If you want to see Carmen Electra, then watch "Meet the Spartans."

Sugar Ray Dodge: it really is a shame that Madeline Kahn isn't with us anymore, I think she would do good in a movie like this

bleu is a red head cougar Wink

LurkyLurkface: Pocket:

Watching The Wheels: "or, you know, you could just fucking tell me" "Noooo!" said the ghost all etheral and ghosty **snicker**

jeannie: i actually hate to think of actors in books ive enjoyed

bleu: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((grope hug))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sparky~: Mmmmmmmmm

Katy O: I like David Leon

Sephonae: (((((((bleu)))))))

LurkyLurkface: Walk, did you ever see Winslet do the sex-chat nun in EXTRAS?

jeannie: nnnnooooo huggging!!!!

Jaandlu: I can't cast because I don't know actors.

bleu: I am going to be back and forth because i still have kid duty

Vahlee: the movie should be done by Jim Henson's Creature shop....

Katy O: Keira Knightly for ghost too - she has a wicked sense of humor

Vahlee: and Gonzo should be pocket

Sparky~: walk - I like the james franco one too. so many hot guys being suggested that I never even heard of. maybe I should watch tv after all...

HazelRah from x.x.x.215 joined the chat 3 seconds ago

LurkyLurkface: Keira for Cordelia

walk: no i didn't

Sephonae: please, not her

Jaandlu: Rah!

Sugar Ray Dodge: I saw Watchmen on Friday night and I really enjoyed the performance of the actor who played Adrian

Sephonae: for any of them

Sephonae: hey Hazel

HazelRah: Hey Ja

Brenda Stahl: Like Farscape

jeannie: HAZELRAHHHH!!!!!

mllefifi: Jim Henson is dead. Get a grip.

Sugar Ray Dodge: If I were casting this thing I would fit him in somewhere

walk: rah!

HazelRah: And Seph, and jeannie and Blues Smashing Knockers and walk and etc etc

Katy O: and Natalie Portman as either Regan or Goneril

Vahlee: Hi HR

zendao42: a muppet jones?


Sugar Ray Dodge: Hey Chris, Nathan Fillion as Pocket. Yes, no, maybe?

jeannie: what would jesus do?

Vahlee: Jim Henson still lives in my heart

jeannie: if he had smashing knockers

Vahlee: Nathan Fillion is tuck

Vahlee: Tucker case*

Sugar Ray Dodge: I don't see Fillion as Tuck

mllefifi: What would Jim Henson do?

jeannie: adam baldwin

Watching The Wheels: pocket: I thought he was great as a smug, smart alecky venom in Spiderman 3.

HazelRah: SO did I miss the Heinous fuckery?

Sugar Ray Dodge: Adam Baldwin would be a good Tuck

Sephonae: we've only just begun

zendao42: tis ongoing

Sephonae: we've been casting the Fool movie

Brenda Stahl: he's great in Chuck

HazelRah: I feeeeeeeel a song coming on.

Vahlee: Adam Baldwin is too serious for a fruitbat

Brenda Stahl: dead carpenters - great

mllefifi: What were we talking about?

HazelRah: I pictured one of the actors who played a Hobbit, and is now in lost as Pocket on my first read

Sugar Ray Dodge: So, do I get one Tim Burton/AG movie or not?

mllefifi: Tim Burton does not do AG movies.

jeannie: what did tim burton direct?

HazelRah: Tim Burton needs to stay away from anything good

Sephonae: NO

Katy O: I kind of see the skinny guy from Flight of the Conchords

Brenda Stahl: if it's like edward scizzorhands

Katy O: for Pocket

Jaandlu: No Tim Birton AG movies.

Katy O: maybe it is a size thing

Vahlee: Hobbit= Dominic Monaghan (or something like that)

Brenda Stahl: Nooo!!

jeannie: did he do the nightmare before christmas?

mllefifi: Is Tim Burton as tall as the AG?

HazelRah: Burton fucks up already good stories. He may have the visual style/design, but he licks emotion in his direction

Sugar Ray Dodge: i think he wa the producer

walk: will arnett should be the bastard edmund

jeannie: he licks emotion???

Katy O: I like that, Walk

Sephonae: kinky

HazelRah: He did not do NBXmas, it was his idea, and character designs,., but Henry Selick directed that movie....same guy who did Coraline\

Sparky~: holy cow - my head hurts already. I suck at chat!

HazelRah: yes lick, sorry working with rented hands here, they never type as good as the store bough ones

dawnavive from x.x.x.55 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

Jaandlu: Hang in there Sparky.

Katy O: Hi Dawn

Jaandlu: Dawn!

Sephonae: any other casting suggestions or do we move on to another question?

HazelRah: bought...see

LurkyLurkface: Winslet, phone sex nun:

walk: book chatzy tend to be overwhelming sparky

Brenda Stahl: Neil Gaiman was not thrilled that Burton got credit for Coraline

dawnavive: areyou guys talking Fool yet?

Sephonae: hey dawn

jeannie: sorry sparky

dawnavive: hey

jeannie: ill talk softer

zendao42: trying to...

Sephonae: we are, dawn

dawnavive: i was just asking cuz i am not through it yet. so if you are talking fool i was going to go, lol

Sephonae: but you haven't missed much

jeannie: we're talking actors and directors

Sugar Ray Dodge: visually I see the fool movie like this:

mllefifi: We are Dawn? What happened to Tony Orlando?

Sephonae: ok, since we've got the AG here as LurkyLurkface, I'm putting this question out there next:

HazelRah: I'd love to have a younger Rik Mayall perform Pocket

Sephonae: Recurring theme alert: In Practical Demonkeeping, Travis was intimate with Amanda, then Amanda%u2019s granddaughter, Jenny, and then got back with Amanda in the end. In Fool, Pocket gets with the Anchoress, the princesses, who are sisters, and finally Cordelia, sister of the princesses and daughter of the Anchoress. Thoughts on keeping the nookie all in the family? (Were you consciously aware of this, AG, as you wrote Fool?) Did you notice any other recurring themes in Fool?

zendao42: got caught in the yellow ribbon

Katy O: I have Celebrity Apprentice on in the background - how about Joan Rivers for a witch?

dawnavive: k i will talk to you all later. night

dawnavive from x.x.x.55 left the chat 3 seconds ago

LurkyLurkface: Kate as the phonesex Nun, jump to about half-way through:

Sugar Ray Dodge: or like this:

zendao42: ah, that's what I meant by Heinlein, geg

walk: that was pretty funny lurky

Jaandlu: Chris, that is hysterical!

Sparky~: LOL!

Sephonae: that's what i was thinkin, zen

LurkyLurkface: Actually it didn't occure to me until just now, Seph, and I'm not sure I follow the question.

Vahlee: If I'm not mistaken, according to Jeff Foxworthy, that makes Pocket a redneck

mllefifi: What does "intimate" mean?

Watching The Wheels: Extras is fantastic!

Sephonae: recurring theme of one central figure having sex with chicks of different generations in the same family

jeannie from x.x.x.67 joined the chat

LurkyLurkface: Oh, yeah, sure.

Sephonae: as Travis did in PD, and now Pocket in Fool

LurkyLurkface: That happens when you bone everything that moves

Sparky~: lol

Jaandlu: lol

walk: lol

mllefifi: Maximum bonage.

Sparky~: also very common in the royal families though... so much freakin' in-breeding

Brenda Stahl: occupational hazard

Sephonae: how aware of Pocket's dalliance w/Regan and Goneril was Cordelia?

HazelRah: If you can't keep it in your codpiece, keep it in your family

walk: lol

Vahlee: lol

Jaandlu: lol

Katy O: ack

jeannie: ewwww

Sephonae: could any of you bone someone who'd already boned your siblings?

mllefifi: Wha?

jeannie: hell no!

walk: NO

LurkyLurkface: right away, you mean?

Vahlee: ...

Brenda Stahl: excuse me?

Sparky~: ummmmmm....

Katy O: not if I knew

Sephonae: lol, AG

Sparky~: lol

Watching The Wheels: ......depends. more details

HazelRah: comsidering my brother has been 6 feet under for many years now....ewww

zendao42: since I don't have any, noo...

Sephonae: lol WTW

Sephonae: at any point, AG

walk: i just looked at my bro in law and shuddered

Sparky~: one of my sisters and I actually dated the same guy when we were younger. not at the same time... and a few years in between, but...

Vahlee: Don't playboy twins do stuff like that all the time?

Sugar Ray Dodge: didn't you guys here about that news story from Oklahoma or someplace a couple years ago that some lady sued twin brothers for child support because they both popped positive as the father because of their identical DNA?

jeannie: is mremann your brother in law , bleu?

LurkyLurkface: That's not really news in Oklahoma


Katy O: I think there are Playboy twins right now that are doing that - or at least saying they're doing that

Sugar Ray Dodge: i'm not making that up, that happened

Vahlee: yeah for real life soap opera drama

LurkyLurkface: Oh, they weren't HER brothers. Nevermnind.

HazelRah: Isnt that how one becomes a Mormon?

Sephonae snorts

Sugar Ray Dodge: Um, no, but thanks for asking

mllefifi: Was there a question about "Fool" here? I'm lost... Wink

walk: we started talking about sex

walk: it happens

Sugar Ray Dodge: and everybody got all excited

Sephonae: what about having sex with a guy who was intimate with your mom? (Anchoress/Cordelia)

zendao42: happens in small but horny populations- run out of fresh meat

Watching The Wheels: which is a complete change of pace for this group Very Happy!

Sparky~: all the time, it seems Wink

Katy O: or grossed out, as the case may be....

Brenda Stahl: We were talking recurrent themes until sex reared its distracting head

HazelRah: I pity da Foo.......fighters.....terrible music

LurkyLurkface: Many people have said that Fool is TOO bawdy. Discuss

Sephonae: the recurrent theme was the sex theme, Brenda

mllefifi: Isn't sex a recurrent theme?

Sephonae: nah

Sparky~: seems it always turns to sex or drugs or rock 'n roll

Sugar Ray Dodge: TOO bawdy?

Sparky~: MANY people?

Watching The Wheels: not bawdy enough. Wink your move.

Vahlee: guess those people didn't read the warning

walk: you can't be too bawdy

jeannie: does pocket remind anyone else of a certain goofy writer we know??

Katy O: I thought it was fun

Sephonae: I dig the phrase "spunk-frosted"

mllefifi: How big is your bawd?

Sephonae: Neil Gaiman?

Vahlee: These people must not watch HBO or Cinemax

jeannie: yeah thats exactly who i meant

HazelRah: Odd considering morst of the shagging takes place off stage, and the language.....well joke em if they cant take a fuck...wait a tic...striek that,reverse it


FOOLish Chatzy continues in Part II post.
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