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NBP: French Stuff: A Complete Guide

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NBP: French Stuff: A Complete Guide  Reply with quote  

chris wrote:
French Stuff: A Complete Guide

September 7th, 2009

Hereís some stuff that Iíve seen lately, out and about in Paris, for those of you who donít get the Twitter feed, and some stuff that wasnít on there.

First, if youíre on the Left Bank of the Seine, and youíre looking for a little fast Greek Food,
What Do You Want?

Thatís RIGHT! When a BIG ASS GYRO isnít enough? Also, not a bad stripper name.
Just saying.

I know you loves the French cheese, oui?
Sure, they may be behind us in some things, but they are years beyond us in Cheese.

My friends Max and Marjory, who brought this to me from South-Western France where they are from, assured me that the man is warning the woman: What ever you do, Mamon, donít cut the cheese!Ē

Itís soft cheese. Jeeze.

But look, itís not just soft, stinky cheese

Ė itís digital, hi-def, soft stinky cheese,

on USB key.

By the way, ďDigital Hi-Def Soft Stinky CheeseĒ?

Should not be your first choice for a stripper name.

Sure, digital cheese is different, but uh ó well:OUCH, Am I right, ladies?
(Yes, thatís Scotch Bright)

Okay, uncomfortable, probably, but you can see yourself in the shine!

So, Iím staying near the Notre Dame cathedral, and I keep posting pictures of it, because itís coverd with gargoyles, saints, snakes, demons, angels, sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, pinheads, dweebies, wonkers, richies, and teletubbies, but what I didnít see until this time, up on the South-Eastern Roof:

Looks like a little roof surfing to me:

That right, HANG THEN JESUS!

But the weirdest thing Iíve seen this week, was this guy, who was sitting all by himself at the Luxemborg Gardens, in front of a chessboard, checking three cell phones.

Yes, look closely. Thatís a paper mustache.
Okay, it might be performance art. In fact I hope itís performance art. And itís certainly not funny.
But WTF?
If heís a criminal, including possibly a terrorist, then DUDE, A PAPER MUSTACHE!?
But what if heís a cop, working undercover. In that case, DUDE, A PAPER MUSTACHE?

So, just in case, I filmed him. Donít wait for a punch line. Sorry, but itís just a guy with three cell phones and a paper mustache being really sketchy.


[See YouTube video.]

It it makes you feel any better, I was extraordinarily annoying, AND, I may have either stopped a terrorist attack, ruined an undercover operation, or gotten someone a better grade in drama class, so my work is done here.

Iím working on a piece about the famous and dead for you. See you soon.

"If you allow yourself to be offended, then you're a bit of [a] nitwit."
(Christopher Moore)

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