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How do U start ?

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How do U start ?  Reply with quote  

Hello everybody,

I have a simple question for all the writers :
How do U start a text or a novel ?
Is this,First, U have the idea, the story take place in your mind, U take a few notes, see the essential characters and then begin to write?
Or do U begin behind the white page, wainting for inspiration?
Maybe U can work with improvisation: U write a lot of bullshits (some words sounds good, maybe it could be a start..)..and after a lot of try, maybe U could have the beginning of something?

Personnaly, I write like my first proposition : I have the story in my mind, not all the story but I see where I want to go, and I write a lot of notes, and after I write, re-write, re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write,re-write and re-write.
That's my way to do.
I'm interessted by yours.

Thanks for your answers!


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Ferrit Leggings

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The way I write is simple as yours Zeb. I think of an idea, think about it some. Walks help with this. Think of a plot line and how things would fall together and write. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

I was working on my prose to hell and was piecing in bits about the Redsox and how they are perennial losers but then they had to win. I looked at it as a way to tie in modern events with the book so the reader could have something tangible to relate to but it didn’t work out. The angle was that all demons are Redsox fans. So I put that story aside and am working on something else. I have looked for other losers in history but none come to mind as well as the Redsox legacy. It stuck me.

I have found that the best ideas come in the most unlikely places. What I am working on now is a bit of historical fiction with a mixture of satire and comedy. Everything is falling in place for the story but I now have to get around to writing it. I have a thousand excuses, illness, parent conferences, work, work, work, family and so on but the truth is I am lazy. As for the unlikely places…The best place I get my ideas from are usually bathroom related. I got my idea for hell while sitting on the toilet and reading the bathroom book. My current expedition into writing comes from waking up at 2am and the idea popping into my head. I adapted the idea while taking a shower.

My advice for anyone stuck is to eat some greasy food and wait a few hours for digestion to take place or get really stinky and take a long shower. A bath is good also, once you have the idea take a walk and then write.

I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes. -HST

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Cool Zeb, The way I write is that everything gives me inspiration and many nights I do not sleep because I have stories in my mind. I do have an over active imagination and I am letting it work for me.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor safety." Ben Franklin

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