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Dark Poems
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The omnipotent glow of the moonlight
Pervades the dark Gothic atmosphere
The ubiquitous fragrance of decay
Attracts the spectres that dwell near

Headstones move from their stations
The earth quivers underneath
Coffin lids flutter open
Skeletons rattle their teeth

Ravens fly over the grounds
In the fray they like to dive
They call out in unison
When the graveyard comes alive

The spirits dance around in circles
Weaving in and out of the mausoleums
Stone angels supervise the mayhem
Like stolid fixtures in wax museums

Corpses traipse across the graveyard
Spirits wander in a row
Apparitions waltz in tandem
Since they have no place to go

Ghosts do pirouettes and pas de deux
Like dancers in a classical ballet
They sashay between the gazebos
Singing ballads and dirges as they sway

Sorcerers gather beside the fountains
They concoct mysterious potions
The wizards summon poisonous serpents
They uncover secret notions

Zombies prance beside the tombs
Demons tap dance on the graves
Bats fly into the maelstrom
Mingling with the ghastly knaves

Wolves howl into the distance
They scramble to find their prey
Black cats tiptoe in their midst
Like children they come out to play

The burial ground grows wild
The dead are never alone
In the thick of the night
They have a life of their own

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They scrape violently at the fence
With claws that plow like a motorboat
They sound like nails on a chalkboard
Stripping away the acrylic coat

They roar just like grizzly bears
At the citizens who pass by
While they patrol the corner
They can make a roughneck cry

They burrow through the plywood
As if to tear down the fence
Their fangs are dripping with blood
The horror never relents

More like wolves than canines
Murderous in thought and deed
Why do those people own them?
They are like a demon seed
Death warmed over.

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He galloped across the meadow
A dark knight on his Prussian horse
His armor and chain mail clothed him
He was an indomitable force

He returned from a great battle
His army had won a long war
He would celebrate his successes
And rule the world like none before

Nothing could dampen his victory
He was floating in a sea of bliss
He was a formidable leader
With a talent for analysis

The sun set on the Highlands
He was still many miles from home
When he approached a maiden
Who lay beside a crumbling dome

Her auburn hair was tangled
And her white lace dress was torn
Although she was still breathing
Her countenance seemed forlorn

He dismounted his stallion
And knelt down beside the girl
He turned her body gently
With the valor of an earl

Her skin was pale and frozen
Blood was trickling between her legs
It stained her shins and ankles
Clotting like tiny crimson eggs

His aquamarine eyes gazed at her
His heart was teeming with chivalry
He laid her upon his dark stallion
To his castle they fled for safety

He placed her in a gilded tub
And he washed the stains away
He combed her sultry auburn hair
And he invited her to stay

He laid her on a bed of down
Under a purple satin sheet
He wrapped her in a woolen blanket
And he massaged her tender feet

After he brought her back to life
He turned to leave the room
Yet she called him to her bedside
He sensed impending doom

But his fears were unwarranted
The maiden took him in her arms
She plaited his long chestnut hair
And was held in thrall by his charms

He slid under the satin sheet
And he kissed her blood red lips
He stroked the mounds of her white breasts
And he caressed her hips

They fell asleep together
Then they awoke to a new dawn
It was time to separate
To see the land God smiled upon

He would have tried to make her his queen
But they were never meant to be
Since they came from two different worlds
Hardened by animosity

He carried her home on his stallion
And she thanked him for his care
She would remember him forever
Like an angel unaware

He bade her farewell for the last time
His soul plagued with a dreadful ache
She disappeared into her palace
Then he rode his horse into a lake
Death warmed over.

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You were a Prince of Darkness
Now you're a metal god in Heaven
You towered larger than life
And ruled the world in '97

I would never claim to know you
I doubt anyone ever did
My music teacher spoke of you
When I was only a kid

I can't believe you're gone
Your legacy lives on
Forever inside of me
So long ago, so far away
Victim of adversity

Well you had a way with words
And your melodies were haunting
Your baritone voice thrilled me
And your resolve was undaunting

You had so much to give
A respected musician and writer
You played your bass guitar
With all the strength of a prize fighter

I can't believe you're gone
The one I looked upon
With awe and reverie
So long ago, so far away
Your Gothic majesty

Who could ever forget you?
Bloody kisses and burnt flowers
You took the industry by storm
Like a warlock with magic powers

You fought all your demons
And I still loved you to death
I hoped you'd make it through
Before you took your last breath

I can't believe you're gone
Your legacy lives on
Though you were a mystery
So long ago, so far away
You were beautiful to me
Death warmed over.

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His mother was religious
She was set in her own ways
She nagged him about his lover
Till the end of his days
She swept him under the carpet
Too ashamed to admit the truth
Her son was a homosexual
But she called him a troubled youth
He wanted to live his own life
So he moved to another state
He was a boy with a future
Destined for a different fate
He was clinically depressed
And sought comfort from a friend
But his demons overcame him
He struggled until the end
His mother's words were haunting
She always wanted to change him
He heard her in his nightmares
And in his refuge at the gym
He leaped off the balcony
It was a long way down
He had to silence the voices
That only made him frown
No matter how hard he tried
He couldn't forget what she said
When his head hit the concrete
The lost boy was finally dead
Death warmed over.

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Choking on chocolate
Is like killing with kindness
This overindulgence
Will no doubt lead to blindness

Choking on chocolate
This crap doesn't happen everyday
Just one more reminder
Death is only a mistake away

Choking on chocolate
Not just a figure of speech
You make a careless move
The end is always in reach

Choking on chocolate
When you're running out of time
Forever in a rush
Too many mountains to climb

Choking on chocolate
Will you live to tell?
It's time for a lozenge
Your throat feels like hell
Death warmed over.

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Though he is a tower of strength
He comes from the school of hard knocks
His family is long distance
His personal life on the rocks

He made many sacrifices
And learned the value of hard work
He stopped playing video games
Although his friends called him a jerk

He left his island home
And settled in a new city
But he never forgot
His kinsmen across the sea

He accomplished his many goals
And surpassed expectations
Yet he is destined for much more
Like the United Nations

He is not just flesh and blood
He is a pillar of humanity
He lifts up his fellow man
Those on the brink of insanity

He is not just an athlete
He is a role model and son
He inspires youth to greatness
And brings goodwill to everyone

He can't please everybody
Then again, no one else could
Even good guys have bad days
They cope with loss like they should

He glides across the ice
With much grace and precision
He consults his teammates
For each crucial decision

He is always a hero
Whether he wins or loses
He gives a hundred percent
No matter what he chooses

A "C" is embroidered lovingly
On the left side of his chest
He is a credit to the black jersey
He is the best of the best
Death warmed over.

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All this reminds me of the endless hours of recitation in school where we went The blessed old abbot of Aberbrothok, and, the moon was a ghostly galleon, and, when I went to her she stood alone a woman turned to stone.

Your religion, you miserable man, begins in your stomach and ends in a lavatory - Nodar Dumbadze

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Death warmed over.

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The metal gods live
Some are on the radio
They rule the airwaves
In New York and Ohio

The metal gods are sober
They have forsaken alcohol
They play golf on the weekend
And they go shopping at the mall

The metal gods are born again
And they have discovered Christ
They hang out with Justin Bieber
Some of them listen to Feist

The metal gods have grandchildren
Some of them use a pacemaker
They sing psalms at karaoke
And Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker”

The metal gods were invincible
But they are slowly dying
The legends who used to enthrall us
Are now in the ground lying

The metal gods molded the world
Some of them were so damn clever
They changed the course of history
Their music will live forever
Death warmed over.

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Paul Hewson was a visionary
He held the world in his hands
He revolutionized an industry
In ways no one understands

He possessed an angelic voice
His friends called him "Bono Vox"
He occupied the Slane Castle
And the heights of the Red Rocks

He was ready to conquer the Earth
Like a minstrel in a traveling show
But the Fates, they were unkind to him
And in a brief moment, he was laid low

The doctors tried to save him
The nurses brought him ale
He cried out for his morphine
His skin looked deathly pale

His wife came to see him
She stayed right by his side
He thought of his father
His words before he died

He welcomed visits from his children
His fans sent him their well wishes
Chris Martin wrote a ballad for him
About swimming with the fishes

His agent postponed the world tour
Paul was down, but not out
Tomorrow was another day
Nothing to fret about

His Irish blood boiled within him
His spinal column was sore
Yet after his convalescence
He was stronger than before

A monk gave him a medallion
It sparkled brightly in the gloam
The golden charm would bring good fortune
And grant him a safe passage home

Paul hung the medallion around his neck
And he signed his discharge the next day
He bid farewell to the brave hospital staff
Then he was finally on his way
Death warmed over.

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The Ota People gather round
They're dressed in all their finery
They saunter throughout the courtyard
Like tasters in a winery

And I become the odd one out
Because I have no costume
Their revelry is contagious
It illuminates the room

Then I gaze at all the anime
And I want to buy everything
A brunette pixie brushes past me
Holding the hand of her blond king

Redheads in pastel blue blazers
Stand in line at the food court
I compliment them on their suits
But I like to keep it short

It is a party like no other
This wild parade of Otaku
I take pictures of the dancing girls
So much to see, so much to do

I met a Druid in a long black cloak
And he became my new best friend
We left with our Sakura Diaries
I never wanted it to end
Death warmed over.

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Marcello searched for a refuge
That would make his burdens lighter
He needed some inspiration
He worked as a travel writer

After many hours of reflection
He decided to book a cruise
It would send him to Bermuda
He felt he had nothing to lose

The ocean liner left its port
Beside the sunny Florida coast
It sailed through the Caribbean
It floated silently like a ghost

The ship encountered a whirlpool
And it veered at a treacherous angle
The Captain's First Mate lost the wheel
As they entered the Devil's Triangle

The craft spiraled around in circles
It would never enter the coast again
Marcello fluttered across the deck
He clung to the mast with the other men

They were pulled down violently
Through an ominous watery abyss
The ship was torn asunder
Entangled in the throes of Satan's kiss

Marcello was ripped from his perch
And the battered ship was left behind
He was thrown into a cavern
Alone, bereft, and out of his mind

Then he woke up the following day
He lay inside a dark granite cell
A hairy black demon approached him
He said, "Welcome to Hell. All is well."

How on earth did I arrive here?
Marcello thought inside his head
His pleasure cruise had gone awry
All in all, he wished he was dead

He called out to the hairy fiend
He desired to meet his Master
The one the Metal Gods sang of
The one who caused the disaster

The monster picked him off the floor
He introduced himself as Lance
Marcello put his faith in him
He was willing to take that chance

Lance took him to a fiery river
And they boarded a rotting canoe
The fiend gave two coins to the ferryman
A skeleton with eyes of dark hue

They sailed to a wretched island
Full of vermin, rocks, and weeds
There was no one to complain to
No one to care for his needs

They came to a boiling swamp
There lived a killer stingray
Lance jumped over the chaos
Then Marcello found a way

They encountered an ancient Coven
A dozen witches with a curse
The sorcerers hissed at Marcello
They made his ordeal even worse

Lance threw a ball of fire
And it burned out the witches' eyes
They screamed in agony
Like the wails of a man who dies

There was wilderness around them
They walked through puddles of mud
Then they entered an old bone yard
It was filled with drops of blood

"How much further was the journey?"
Marcello asked his demon guide
"Still many miles to go," Lance said
"The passage is both long and wide"

They climbed a rocky mountain
It was a ragged, awkward slope
Marcello perspired profusely
He was at the end of his rope

Then they came to a log cabin
At the top of the dark mountain
There lived a nest of vampires
Who drank from a crimson fountain

The bloodsuckers looked excited
After they spotted their human prey
They telegraphed their hunger
But Lance and Marcello ran away

They scurried like rodents in the woods
And they discovered a canvas tent
Marcello convinced his guide to stop
Because their energy had been spent

They took a respite by the tent
The fiend rolled an herbal joint
Unaware of the wraiths at night
The pair were robbed at knife point

They fled to an abandoned hovel
It was on the edge of a cliff
Two dictators kept them company
The bodies were decayed and stiff

Then they settled down for the night
And they slept on a dirty hard floor
Hell had no hotels or mansions
There were no luxuries anymore

They arose to a new dawn
The sky was still black as night
They could not tell dusk from day
Hell never let in the light

It was time to meet the Master
Marcello felt his hands shaking
He still hoped he could escape Hell
His soul was not for the taking

Lance threw the tyrants off the cliff
And returned to being a guide
Marcello thought to shine his shoes
He still possessed an ounce of pride

They walked briskly down a path
That was littered with legs and arms
Lost souls groaned in misery
There were no elves or lucky charms

At last they came to a crypt
And Lance held his palm to the door
It opened as he touched it
Then they walked over a stone floor

There were blazing torches in sconces
Knights in black armor guarded the halls
Marcello trembled in bleak horror
As serpents swam in the waterfalls

They arrived at the end of the crypt
And they beheld a being with horns
Seated on top of a marble throne
He was flanked by two black unicorns

He called Marcello by his name
His history was already known
Satan knew his predicament
He desired to make him his own

But Marcello was very unwilling
He insisted there was a mistake
He belonged in the land of the living
His body and soul were not to take

What was the doomed mortal thinking
When he challenged the powers that be?
It was insubordination
Satan enforced his authority

But Marcello planned an escape
He mounted the nearest unicorn
He charged in the face of Satan
And in a flash, the Devil was torn

He forced his way out of the crypt
And left his guide behind
He rode through the valleys of Hell
In a wild state of mind

He overtook the dark ferryman
And he crossed the murky river
He wondered how he would return home
The conundrum made him quiver

He figured out another plan
When he came upon the granite cell
He found a new inhabitant
He said, "Welcome to Hell. All is well."

He punched and kicked the stone walls
Then they gradually gave way
He floated in an ocean
The same one from that fateful day

He was discovered by a pirate ship
Before he drowned in the deep water
They ferried him to the Florida coast
So ended the Triangle slaughter
Death warmed over.

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A soldier cleanses his wounds with a rag
His captain flies home in a body bag
The living room with an elephant
My name is not "Current Occupant"
An evening of caviar, white wine, and class
The pain of him shoving his tool up her ass
The homeless man in the elevator
Sunburnt tourists at the equator
Truckers lining up to get their fill
The coast guard cleaning up an oil spill
A banana republic with orchards of weeds
A council of elders scattering carrot seeds
A president with an honest disposition
A congressman in a compromising position
Pop stars singing in their underwear
A middle aged man who lost his hair
Bleached blonde models with dark roots
Gothic girls in combat boots
A newborn baby, white as snow
Tattooed girls in a burlesque show
A prosaic red rose with a prickly thorn
A pink chrysanthemum in a field of corn
A bride in a garish wedding dress
A black veiled widow under duress
The quarterback with ten girlfriends
The computer geek whose heart rends
The prostitute in the dark alley
The preacher in the Fraser Valley
The angels at the pearly gates
The perils brought on by the Fates
Scuba divers swimming in the Pacific Ocean
Nomads in the Sahara trekking in slow motion
Bikers guzzling beer in Delaware
Feminists dancing at Lilith Fair
Potheads smoking weed at a bowling hall
Twelve steppers at a community mall
Toddlers wearing diaper jeans
Shoe freaks in the Philippines
Stupid, worn out, tired clichés
Peanut butter and mayonnaise
A teenaged girl with a bloated belly
A volcano filled with hot red jelly
A typhoon hit a resort in Japan
A tall woman married a little man
An amputee whose limbs have become bionic
Thank God I didn't say, "Isn't it ironic?"
Death warmed over.

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It's funny how art imitates life
There are many strange parallels
We are all part of the big picture
Similar people, tastes and smells
When we think we are unique
And nobody else understands
We find a kindred spirit
With no judgmental reprimands
Oleander is to belladonna
What chocolate is to ice cream
There are subtle synergies among us
We are all living the same dream
When you think you've done it all
You find a new realm that's open
Sometimes the past reappears
It comes back to haunt you again
Death warmed over.

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