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Dark Poems
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He carries his locked briefcase
Soft black Italian leather
He won't leave home without it
No matter what the weather

Its many pockets and folds
Transport his whole life in their grip
He would be lost without it
It follows him on every trip

I am in awe of his career
How did he become this great man?
The answer lies in the briefcase
It must contain a secret plan

He is an icon and a rock
Nothing seems to faze him
With my futile means and ruses
I try to amaze him

In less than two weeks
He won't remember my name
Yet he changed my life
I can never be the same

He hands me his magnum opus
His motives never misunderstood
Then he picks up his old briefcase
And he flies out of my life for good
Death warmed over.

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He is a prima donna
Wants me to scratch his itch
I won't give him that power
Because I'm not his bitch
He gives me attitude
But it doesn't matter
I'm like, "Whatever, dude."

He is a selfish pariah
He loves to comb his hair
But I won't worry about him
I really just don't care
He is so bloody rude
I pay no attention
I say, "Whatever, dude."

Maybe he has a screw loose
Or maybe he's just high
His arrogance will vex me
Until the day I die
His jokes are very lewd
I try to ignore him
I sigh, "Whatever, dude."

There is no substance to him
He has no style or grace
I'll tell him to go to Hell
With a smile on my face
Sometimes he likes to brood
He wants my sympathy
I scream, "Whatever, dude!"
Death warmed over.

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There was a deluge of anguish
During a dangerous time in Melville
The citizens reeled in horror
When a demon enforced its iron will

It possessed a craftsman's daughter
A girl with chestnut brown hair
Her given name was Madeline
It confined her to a chair

She was unable to go to school
The demon pinned her against a wall
She cursed and cried and foamed at the mouth
While her mother listened in the hall

A healer made a short visit
To the scene of the possession
He confirmed the diagnosis
The occult was his obsession

The healer called for an exorcist
To expel the beast from Madeline
He summoned a man named Sylvester
A minister untainted by sin

Sylvester donned his crucifix
And he poured his holy water
He rode to the affected home
To release the craftsman's daughter

He was welcomed into the house
Amid numerous knocks and screams
Madeline groaned with distortion
Her gown was bursting at the seams

Sylvester felt an ominous presence
As he walked throughout the home
He met Madeline in the drawing room
She was soiled with blood and foam

Madeline's mother called to her
The pale form that had been her child
She entreated the fiend to leave
But it became stalwart and wild

Sylvester held his silver cross
And shined it at the writhing form
He commanded the demon leave
The air was a chilly ice storm

The beast held firm to its host
After Sylvester pleaded his case
It spoke in a baritone
In a child, it seemed out of place

It was an omnipotent being
That seemed to know it all
The demon caused a sudden earthquake
Which made Sylvester fall

He tumbled fast to the hardwood floor
And he dropped his crucifix
He bled profusely from his temples
Surprised by the demon's tricks

Sylvester rose to his feet undaunted
He drew the holy water from its sack
Then he opened the tiny glass bottle
And sprinkled it over Madeline's back

The water singed the demon
Smoke billowed from its host
It rose up to the ceiling
Then it gave up the ghost

After the being departed
Madeline fell onto the hardwood
She fractured an arm and a leg
But the demon was gone for good

She lay in plaster for six months
And she learned her lessons still
But she never forgot the beast
Who wreaked havoc in Melville
Death warmed over.

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I hear the clanking of chains
You rattle them in my sleep
Your spirit fills the whole house
Your legacy runs so deep

The sound of your gait fills the halls
It resonates in my ears
And reminds me of your passion
The antidote for my tears

You were walking the promenade
In a ferry on the west coast
Maybe I had too much to drink
You're just a ghost
You're just a ghost

The wind chimes rattle magically
There's a gentle stream in the air
The warm gale rushes over me
A seductive breeze strokes my hair

Then I hear a soft humming
It reminds me of your voice
You still fill my world with light
Your love is like a Rolls Royce

I sent you a letter the other day
It must've got lost in the post
I realize the idea was insane
You're just a ghost
You're just a ghost

Memories upon memories
Those long, hot nights we shared
You wiped away all the sadness
And let me know you cared

Sometimes I am sleepwalking
And I stroll into the street
Then you appear to guide me
You still sweep me off my feet

How can I turn and look away
From the one that I love the most
You will never stop haunting me
You're just a ghost
You're just a ghost

The windows close and the door swings
The lights flicker off and on wildly
Sometimes I feel your hand in mine
And I know you're walking beside me
Death warmed over.

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Solemn expressions of lingering grief
Roses and lilies adorn the hall
Six pallbearers carry the oak coffin
They set it down on the pedestal

Music plays like a modest symphony
Mourners pray in English and Polish too
Women wear their black-veiled hats and dresses
These customs are intermingled with you

You stand there in your suit
The picture of class and dignity
You can't hold back the tears
They are a sign of humanity

Your parents molded you
They said boys shouldn't cry
No one ever told you
What to do when they die

Your eulogy is spectacular
There is no mirth or arrogance
Your aura is humble and sincere
You show concern with every glance

You have to be an adult
You're not a child anymore
Maybe you've lost the battle
But I know you'll win the war

You can't forestall the future
A life without your dad
I don't think I've ever seen
Your blue eyes look so sad
Death warmed over.

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He liked to dress in women's clothes
And he took four hours to shave his hair
He painted pink cheeks and smoky eyes
Till his manhood was no longer there

His given name was Bruce Something
He liked people to call him Toni
The catty boys tossed him their bills
He tucked them in his little pony

Toni had a campy circus routine
He dangled from a trapeze bar
But he thought of it as a stepping stone
He dreamed of being a movie star

He wore purple tights and a tutu
And his head balanced a golf ball
His assistant held out a cushion
To shield him from a fatal fall

He performed twists and somersaults
And he sang songs from musicals
A wire was hooked onto his waist
It burned his backbone with its pulls

Toni wore clown makeup and a nose
It looked sillier with his smiles
People laughed and clapped their hands at him
The folks who passed through the turnstiles

This was his weekend occupation
A circus freak and an acrobat
He worked full-time selling computers
Toni was a real genius at that

He swung on his trapeze one day
But his assistant went to the loo
He lost his grip and tumbled down
The audience knew not what to do

Toni landed in a cage of lions
They had been shipped over from Egypt
The beasts lacerated his tutu
And they turned their den into a crypt

His assistant returned from his diversion
And discovered the mess in the cage
He blamed himself for the senseless tragedy
His heart was filled with a banal rage

The circus closed down for the summer
It was put on hold indefinitely
They thought it heartless to continue
After the loss of their precious Toni
Death warmed over.

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We find ourselves in a foreign land
Three thousand miles from home
A city with pristine blue waters
More beautiful than Rome
After the secret wedding ceremony
We are enveloped in marital bliss
Two halves of the proverbial whole
Our love waxes stronger with every kiss
We lie naked in each other's arms
On the first night of our honeymoon
Then we make love throughout the night
Until the following afternoon
We visit shops where Tom and Katie cruised
And find delights in a bargain bin
Then we sail slowly along the canal
Where Madonna sang like a virgin
The gondolier knows four languages
He is well versed in history
He enlightens us about protocol
And unravels the mystery
We hear seagulls in the distance
And the sounds of the marketplace
An ancient civilization
Filled with romance and surreal grace
My heart starts sinking suddenly
Like the stone edifices before my eyes
How temporary they all seem
They become smaller with each new sunrise
Then I wake up and discover
It really was just a dream
My life is still far from perfect
Things are never as they seem
Death warmed over.

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The tabloids call her a poseur
She doesn't act, dance or sing
Wikipedia is a blank
She doesn't do anything
Her attitude is indifferent
So she walks around nude
And she offends with her language
She is really quite rude

She's a topless tramp
Her whole life is a bore
So she takes it all off
She's an attention whore
She's a topless tramp
She can't make amends
Her mates don't call her
She stole their boyfriends

She likes to shock people
But she ends up looking dumb
Her tantrums are tired
She struts around like a bum
She scares little children
At the football games
People take her picture
Then she calls them names

She's a topless tramp
And it's getting old
Her nipples are flat
They're covered in mold
She's a topless tramp
And she has no class
Men reel in horror
When she shakes her ass

She wears fake eyelashes
And she bleaches her hair
Talks like a truck driver
Because she likes to scare
She passes construction workers
They hammer Sunset Boulevard
They whistle as she stalks near them
She summons them like Scotland Yard

She's a topless tramp
With an itch in her vagina
But she'll never tell
For all the green tea in China
She's a topless tramp
And she's got a sordid past
She's yesterday's news
Her appeal is fading fast

She smokes cigarette butts
Because she has no pride
She wears furry high heels
They look like something died
She used to shoot heroin
The bitter drug that kills
Now she chases the dragon
Through rolled-up tenner bills

She's a topless tramp
Nothing for the imagination
She lets it hang out
For the men in Union Station
She's a topless tramp
For the creeps who like to stare
That plan just backfired
Her life is going nowhere
Death warmed over.

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Sophie was a curious girl
Who liked to bend the rules
She played with her brother Martin
And they had a friend named Jules

After the school year ended
They spent a nice summer in Denmark
Their Aunt Claire was left in charge
She fed them and took them to the park

They returned home everyday
After their glorious afternoons
Then they finished their minor chores
And they learned to interpret runes

They ate their meals together
And they helped to make canned goods
Although their aunt was placid
She warned them about the woods

There was a Forbidden Forest
That bordered the edge of their yard
It was the subject of folklore
And kept the people on their guard

Aunt Claire spoke of the creatures
Who kidnapped little girls and boys
They lured them with chocolates
And they promised them modern toys

The trio went to play handball
In a field within their range
They amused themselves for a while
But they soon desired a change

Jules got an idea in his head
To explore the Forbidden Forest
Sophie and Martin laughed at him
It seemed to be a foolish request

Jules insisted on disobeying
The warnings of wise Aunt Claire
They caved in to the ragamuffin
And entered the forest there

They were amazed by eagles
And owls that hooted overhead
They passed through rows of trees
Some were dark brown and some were red

It was still light outside
Only an hour before sunset
They passed a little pond
And tried not to get their feet wet

There were no sprites or witches
No one to lecture or scold
They found a weathered grotto
Filled with trunks of precious gold

They lined their pockets with treasures
As much as they could carry
It was a fine discovery
More splendid than a fairy

But they soon discovered
They had somehow lost their way
Sophie cried in despair
Jules and Martin tried to pray

They wandered to a log cabin
And they knocked on the door
A dwarf greeted them gruffly
He'd not seen them before

They told the dwarf the story
Of the treasure they had found
After much contemplation
He took them to higher ground

The dwarf made a deal with them
A safe passage for the treasure
He led them out of the woods
Making money was his pleasure

The children surrendered their gold
And thanked the dwarf for his guidance
He stuffed the coins in his rucksack
Then he performed a happy dance

While Sophie and Martin sauntered home
Martin was flushed with humiliation
Thus they shunned the Forbidden Forest
With an attitude of resignation
Death warmed over.

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This was not his mother
Too pretty and too thin
She appeared so fragile
Like a store mannequin
This was not his father
He was a total stranger
He doled out discipline
Like Walker, Texas Ranger
This was not his brother
The one with the quick mind
He seemed so damn perfect
He never fell behind
This was not his sister
She was on the sports teams
He was not athletic
Not even in his dreams
This was not his music teacher
Who taught him James Blunt songs
He was a stoic headbanger
He didn't wear women's thongs
This was not his Daschund
Who bit him on his knee
He was a cat person
He wanted a kitty
This was not his apartment
So cramped and so cold
The building always seemed like
A hundred years old
This was not his employer
Who worked him to the bone
He wanted his own business
He'd rather be alone
This was not his career
This was not his wife
As William Faulkner said
This was not his life
Death warmed over.

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The world is torn asunder
By the force of a thundercloud
Turning and twisting madly
It swallows the town like a shroud
But you chase away the storm
The drops on the window pane
And it's unbelievable
Just like fucking in the rain

You are always my soulmate
A kindred spirit throughout the years
Our thoughts are identical
We share the same troubles and fears
All the angst seems to dissipate
And I cannot complain
You fill my life with a gentle heat
Like fucking in the rain

Your long jet black hair
Hangs like a curtain of velvet
My Prince of Darkness
You remind me when I forget
You resurface in my life
Faster than a jet plane
I love kissing your body
And fucking in the rain

Then I feel a void form
When it's time for you to go
You mean the world to me
More than you'll ever know
Whenever you're around me
My heart leaps like a freight train
It's a time to remember
Just like fucking in the rain
Death warmed over.

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The police questioned him firmly
He told them nothing but lies
He watched women through their windows
And he raped them with his eyes

He denied the stern accusations
And he protested the Inquisition
He claimed mistaken identity
To avert the weight of their suspicion

The witnesses were assembled
In the grey interrogation room
They stated their testimony
The Peeping Tom's guilt began to loom

He stared at them without remorse
He thought they were unaware
Evil filled his dangerous mind
While he touched himself down there

It was a form of gratification
He believed it would not cause harm
He liked to pleasure himself in this way
Till he heard the police alarm

He was charged with voyeurism
And then he was locked away
Now the women are vigilant
They are cautious to this day
Death warmed over.

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She settled here from the Eastern Bloc
A refugee from a brutal war
Her husband was killed in the conflict
And her entire family grew up poor

She was pregnant with a baby boy
And she had a female child
Her son had muscular dystrophy
And her daughter became wild

She tried to put the pieces together
And to hold on to her family
She suffocated her daughter with love
While she nursed her son's infirmity

Her daughter had a life of her own
Filled with drugs and licentiousness
She was prone to ultra violence
And had a history of wickedness

She wielded a kitchen knife fiercely
Her mother strangled her in return
She twisted the scarf for five minutes
It left behind a wine-colored burn

The case was so complicated
With extenuating circumstances
The judge put her on probation
Because he believed in second chances

Sometimes murder is not murder
When it is renamed manslaughter
So it was with the refugee
The mother who killed her daughter
Death warmed over.

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Shirtless men are everywhere
There's no way to avoid them
They pace around the sidewalk
And shovel dirt in tandem
I pass them when I'm jogging
When I visit the department store
I see them around the gym
It's not a novelty anymore
They dig trenches for the driveways
And they hammer in the shingles
They wash cars at the gas stations
Some are married, some are singles
During the dog days of summer
They patrol the neighborhood
Their chests are tanned and muscular
Their lives are misunderstood
I see biceps and triceps flexing
Somehow it seems so wrong
I wonder how much iron they pump
To makes themselves so strong
Their abs are sculpted and picture perfect
Their burly shoulders are broad
Like a statue of Michelangelo
Some could pass for a Greek god
Some of them attend college
Some of them are architects
Some of them work on road crews
Some of them are old prefects
They train for prestigious marathons
And they maintain Japanese gardens
Some of them have been granted parole
And others have received their pardons
None of them seem to be writers
And none of them preach for a living
I shouldn't forget the rock stars
The gift of music keeps on giving
Though I am a cold-blooded vamp
I try my best not to stare
But it is very difficult
Shirtless men are everywhere
Death warmed over.

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Virginia went down to the river
At the end of a long hard day
It was her final Voyage Out of town
After a life of disarray
She had a room of her own
Where she found inspiration
Started a revolution
And rose above her station
Virginia loved men and women
She took her secrets to her grave
A feminist and a modernist
She wouldn't be told how to behave
She led a life of fecundity
Her moods were like Night and Day
She created works of brilliance
And helped Eliot find his way
She hoped to meet her family
To join her sister and her mother
They made their new home in Heaven
With her father and her brother
She lined her pockets with stones
And she put on her overcoat
She left her hat in its box
Beside the Diaries she wrote
Virginia went down to the river
She had to keep her demons at bay
She treaded the water resolutely
Until The Waves carried her away
Death warmed over.

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