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election anxiety

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election anxiety  Reply with quote  

dudes! i gotta get this shit off my chest!

the alaskan senate race is driving me fucking nuts! the polls aren't going to close for another hour or so and then, because of the mess those lazy fucking republicans got us into, the results are probably going to take weeks to figure out!

what's going down is this.
palin endorsed this massive, evil, slimy, douchewad, teabagger joe miller (more on his douchewaddness in a bit) who beat lisa murkowski, our incumbent republican, in the primaries.

it kind of took a lot of us up here by surprise because we don't like to see our politicians change.
so immediately after that people encouraged lisa to run under another party, not one to throw away her repub status just so her name could be printed on the ballot lisa said "fuck it! i'm a write in this year!" [paraphrasing].

some highlights of the drama
-despite the fact that poor scott mcadams, the dem candidate, doesn't stand a fucking chance miller paid for smear ads against him. mcadams already lost a lot of voters (me included) to murkowski when miller won the primary, way to kick a man while he is down buddy.
-miller actually stated that he thought soviet era east germany method of immigration control was a good model.
-when a reporter called miller on some of his douchewaddness miller had his body guard restrain the reporter and is pursuing legal action, but it's cool cuz he wants america to get back to constitution Confused
-he wants to drastically reduce programs like welfare, unemployment, farm subsidies and medicaid despite the fact that he and his family have used THOSE EXACT SAME PROGRAMS.
-most of his ads against murkowski emphasize that she voted with the dems on some things, which makes people in the middle, you know most people, like her more

a basic summary, the dude is 6 shades of bat shit fucking crazy with a slight hint of retarded in the background. and he is kinda close to being in the senate. Sad Confused
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I hear you Walk. Here in Oregon, a very Democratic state usually, Kitzhaber (the uber amazing former governor) and Dudley, a former NBA player who is a Republican puppet, are neck in neck with 59% of the vote counted. I JUST don't get it. But then, I think there should be a 30 second rebuttal at the end of political ads, just so they could have dealt with Dudley's horribly misleading ad that said when Kitz left office in 2002 unemployment was rampant, job loss was rampant, yadda yadda. Yeah, so now Kitz is responsible for the ENTIRE dotcom bust and recession? Until the dotcom bust, our state was doing quite well, and he'd served a whole term and a half before that. He crafted the Oregon Health Plan which among other things helped keep homelessness down because a lot of mentally ill people were able to stay on their meds, which in turn improved livability. My favorite quote from the campaign was a girl who said the last time she felt safe was when Kitz was in office.
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Question So, how'd it turn out?

Yep, I could look it up myself, but where's the fun in that? Wink

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It's still in the counting. They say it could be weeks. It seems they have to check each and every write-in that appears to be for Murkowski for penmanship and spelling - and it's still damned close.
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