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A few brief dialogues

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A few brief dialogues  Reply with quote  

A/N: These dialogues are things I do as a writing excercize. I just take out a blank sheet of paper and start writing. I try to create characters and settings using only dialogue. No dialogue tags, no descriptions. Don’t expect any of these plots to go anywhere. Note: each of these is exactly a handwritten page long, tho some are college ruled and some aren't. It's a fun writing practice, you guys should try it.

Dialogue 1:
“It seems a long way to go, doesn’t it?”
“But we’re already halfway there!”
“That was the easy half, the worst is yet to come.”
“You know as well as I that it would be even worse to turn back.”
“I know, I know. But don’t you think we should rest here a while?”
“Perhaps, but we don’t want this to take any longer than it must. We only have enough food for three more weeks.”
“Surely a few hours can’t hurt.”
“Two hours, but that’s all.”
“Aaahh. It feels good to sit again, does it not?”
“I admit, it does.”
“Look at how blue the sky is. Feel how soft the grass.”
“Aahh….But no! We mustn’t forget our duties.”
“Hmph. What good are our duties?”
“Our duties keep us whole.”
“Our duties keep us unhappy! They keep us enslaved! When was the last time you were truly happy? It was the last time you had no duties, wasn’t it?”
“I read the message we’re supposed to deliver. It’s a superficial insult to another nobleman. No one would be the worse for it not reaching its destination. In fact, its absence would likely benefit all those involved! So to Hell with our duties! Lets relax.”
“You’re right. The grass does seem awfully soft here, doesn’t it?”
“My friend, I do believe it does.”

Dialogue 2:
“Hold on tight!”
“Hey! I told you not to do that!”
“I warned you to hold on tight!”
“That’s not the point. I’m terrified to be up here as it is!”
“Please. You know I would never drop you!”
“I don’t care, this is the LAST time I ride a winged centaur!”
“Don’t refer to me as a simple beast of burden! We are far more advanced than youpitiful humans could ever hope to be. You’re lucky enough that I’m allowing you to ride me. I only do this because it’s So tedious to have to walk everywhere.”
“No, I like having you—“
“Do NOT refer to me as your possession! If anything, it is me who has you as a pet!”“—Around! Around! You interrupted me, I was saying that I like having you around! You are not a pet, you are a friend. A mighty feisty one, but a friend nonetheless.”
“For such an ‘Advanced species’ you sure do jump to conclusions a lot.”
“But I admit it. The first step to correcting faults is admitting to them.”
“I suppose that is something we humans are bad at, isn’t it?””Friend, what humans are bad at could fill a book. Hold on tight!”
“Whoa! I do hope we’re almost there!”

Dialogue 3:
“Well, look at that.”
“I’m scared.”
“That’s something you don’t see every day.”
“Did you hear me? I said I’m scared.”
“Just a minute more, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!”
“I want to go back now.”
“Be patient!”
“But the Sorcerer could return at any minute!”
”Psh, I’m not afraid of him.”
“You should be!”
“This power coursing through my veins…”
“That power is stolen from him!”
“He can’t possibly compare.”
“What you feel is only a tiny fraction of his power!”
“I can defeat him.”
“He would crush you like a bug if you dared attack.”
“You’re wrong. I can defeat him. I can win our freedom!”
“Your wild dreams of freedom are not worth our lives.”
“The cost will not be that great.”
“That’s our best possible fate if you challenge him.”
“But just wait a moment more, he’s still miles away.”
“I’m closer than you think!”
“Did you hear that!?”
“Of course I heard that!”
“I told you he knows we’re here!”
“Yes, Yes, I’m sorry I doubted you!”
“Now is not the time. We have to run! Now!”
“But where can we go?”
“I don’t know, I don’t know! Just go!”
“I’m HERE”
“He’s here. It’s too late.”
“Farewell, my friend!”
“You Shall PAY!!”
“No! No! Please! I’ll do anything! Don’t—AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!”
“Oh, God! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

Dialogue 4:
“Wow, it looks like a million lion’s dens.”
“It’s only the Cresendo Mines. It’s nothing to get excited about.”
“But just look! They must go on forever!”
“What you see from here is nothing compared to what’s beneath the surface.”
“Are you sure it’s safe?”
“Completely. It’s been centuries since the last collapse.”
“I shudder to think of a collapse. Imagine being buried…””It would be Hell.”
”In the most literal sense of the word.”
“I suppose we should get to work.”
“We’re headed for the D cave, aren’t we?”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“How far is it?”
“About four miles to the west of here.”
“We should start walking then.””It’s faster to take the mine car.”
“How does that work?”
“D cave is down hill from here.”
“So we just get in one of these cars on this track here.”
“And freefall in a rickety cart four miles west to the D cave?”
“Basically. But it’s a lot safer than it sounds.”
“How so?”
“If you fall out of the car, it’s only a couple feet to the ground.”
“Unless there’s a collapse, in which case, you die.”
“There won’t be a collapse.”
“I’m still afraid, but lets go.”
“See? I told you it’s perfectly safe. Just keep your arms inside the car.”
“Damn it, I told you to keep your arms inside the car!”
Wow, you must’ve flown fifteen feet!”
“Come on, lets get you to the infirmary.”
“Damn, that’s not the best way to start your first day on the job!”
“You know what?”
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just a few more

"What's wrong?"
"I already told you, nothing"
"You never tap your foot like that unless something's upsetting you. So what is it?"
"Will you mind your own business?"
"You're my friend, if something is bothering you, it is my business."
"If you must know, the plan isn't going so well."
"That isn't what you told Master at the inspection."
"I know, but he always takes his anger out on the messanger."
"Well he's going to find out eventually."
"We can get the ining back on schedule, but I don't know what we can do about the land."
"What's wrong with it?"
"I assured Master that one of the Orbs of Power was there, and now I've heard it was stolen years ago."
"You're right, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to tell him either."
"Maybe we can keep him in the dark long enough for the resistance to find him and stop this plan once and for all."
"He's been feeding them false information, they'll never find him."
"We're screwed."

"Stop it! Stop it right now!"
"Haha, what are you going to do about it?"
"I"m going to-"
"You're going to do Nothing!"
"I am not! I'm going to tell!"
"You're going to tell who? Who would believe you?"
"I-- I--"
"No one would belive you. Why? Because you're the Jock, the star athelete of the swim team. No one would believe that an unarmed girl could overpower a behemouth like you."
"But you didn't overpower me! You did something...Your hands! How did you...?"
"Lets just say I'm good with my hands."
"But the Prime Minister declared the Fire Magi extinct years ago. Where did you learn?"
"A teacher always appears for those who are willing and ready to learn."
"But the mark--"
"Yes, the doctors slay all the babies born with the Magus Mark, but it seems they missed one, didn't they?"
"Correction, they missed two."
"You have the water mark? But how?"
"Didn't you wonder how I could stay underwater for so long?"
"Then we are--"
"Yes, we are kindred."
"Forgive me fellow magus."
"You're lucky. An earth or and air magus wouldn't forgive so easily."
"Together we can bring about a second Age of the Magi."
"Yes, now we can begin anew."

"You play that game everyday. Aren't you sick of it yet?"
"I could never get tired of winning."
"Winning isn't everything."
"But it's the only thing I enjoy"
"You were enjoying yourself with me last night."
"That's just another kind of winning."
"I don't follow..."
"Romance is a game. I won, and you're my prize."
"That's horrible! I'm not a prize."
"Well I'm your prize too, aren't I? We both won."
"It's not about winning!"
"Everything's about winning."
"What about love?"
"What about it?"
"Love isn't about winning."
"Yes it is."
"How so?"
"Every date is a gamble, trying to find that one person who will make you happy. Finding them is winning."
"And work?"
"Work is completely about winning. Earn points to move up the career path..."
"How do you win?"
"Retire with more money than anyone else, duh."
"Only if you have a job you don't like."
"Does anyone like their job?"
"I do."
"That's different, you're an artist."
"Artists don't win, they just look at and paint the winners."
"What Am I going to do with you?"
Totus Floreo Totus Ardeo

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