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Most embarrassing moment

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Most embarrassing moment  Reply with quote  

So does anyone care to share?

I guess I'll start off with mine....

I was 17 and was an assistant to the bookkeeper at my high school for one of the periods of the day. I wasn't feeling very well and soon began to vomit....projectile....enough that I was curled up on a bench with a trashcan, vomiting and trying to call my Dad to come pick me up because I was too sick to drive home. On that same day, the Japanese Olympic Wrestling Team was visiting my school and Mayumi, the Japaneses exchange student who lived with my family was their translator. She brought them to the bookkeeper's area (which was also a student store) to meet me. They bought sodas and stood around me in a circle, laughing and taking pictures of me vomiting for about 10 minutes.

I still expect to come across one of those pictures on the internet someday...when I watched the next Olympics after that day I recognized most of the wrestlers and flipped them a double bird from the comfort of my home.

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FAIRBANKS?  Reply with quote  

My brother is stationed in Fairbanks until May. So, how big is that place and do you think you might run into him and pass on the message "ANSWER MY FREAKIN' E-MAILS you little twit"? That would be greatly appreciated.


Lara (John's Big Sister)

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Ferrit Leggings

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I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes. -HST

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I can't even believe I'm about to tell this story...but here goes...

In the sixth grade, I played the trumpet. Where I lived at the time, the sixth grade was still part of the elementary school so my classmates and I were the epitome of cool. (yes, even the band members) It was difficult to understand 'cool' at that point, let alone live up to the unbelievable expectations of the first through fifth graders. I'd like to believe that I did a good job at it though...up until that fateful day anyway.

We were playing one of those whole school/every parent spring pageant thingys. The song, was 'Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah'. We were supposed to stop playing at timed intervals and shout out various types of food. As this was way too embarassing to actually do, we screwed it up pretty badly. Some of us would mumble 'mashed potatoes', or none of us would shout anything. Knowing full well that we were in for an ass chewing after the show, I tried to save the day by shouting out 'kidney beans!' exactly when I was supposed to. I was the only one that spoke. I was so horribly embarrased, that a I snorted halfway through 'beans' in a feeble attempt to just stop talking. A gigantic snot bubble shot forth from one of my nostrils. After it reached it's maximun size, namely, bigger than my head, it was sucked back up again. The auditorium was in an uproar.

The only standing ovation I ever received, and for all the wrong reasons. Isn't that horrible?
"I believe in everything, nothing is sacred. I believe in nothing, everything is sacred." ~Tom Robbins Every Cowgirl Gets the Blues

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