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Tape recorders

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Tape recorders  Reply with quote  

Good or bad to use? Sometimes, okay, most times my brain is going faster than I can type and by the time the two have caught up, I've lost my train of thought. I thought using a recorder might be a good way to help me stay focused.

Has anyone ever used one before? Good or bad results?

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I'm not sure. I think they are okay if you can remember to bring it with you everywhere- but I find its much easier to jot a few notes, everywhere you go somebody's got pen and paper- and my theory is that if a few words don't jog your memory, the idea probably wasn't as good as you originally thought. I tried it and that's been my experience....

What I DO like them for is rewrites- read the whole work aloud into a tape recorder and if it doesn't make sense in audio, it probably has a few issues as text as well (not true in every instance, but in general)

Thats my two cents Smile

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I use a Mini Disc. Play what I am reviewing over another system(my car stereo for example) then record my comments. Then listen back to that and record comments on my comments. Somtimes this leds to animosity and argument's carried out over several recordings. But most of the time it's very productive.

Tape recorders are noisy and cumbersome. But I'm a recording engineer so a tape player may be just right for you. No, no don't do it. I take it back. Mini disck all the way. What was the question? Oh Crap.
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tape recorders  Reply with quote  

I have a very small Panasonic digital recorder that I keep in my shirt pocket. Very useful. Especially for getting down brief ideas.

I go for long walks -- good for other reasons -- and get an idea about plot, for instance, and record it in a few words.

I used to get these ideas all the time, and I thought that I would remember them because they're usually short, but I wouldn't.

I find especially in walk mode that solutions to problems come, and I can quickly get them down this way.

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Websurfer RT

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I don't currently own a tape recorder and lack the financial backing to purchase one. But when I was still in school, I had a Walkman tape player/recorder which I used to use for this very purpose. After being banished to sleep the sleep of the unconscious by my parents while my mind was still in creative mode (I've noticed that the later in the day/night it gets, the more creative I become-genius by way of sleep deprivation perhaps?), I would sit up in my room with the lights out and record any thoughts that I might have to be pursued the following day.

Tape recorders can be useful in my opinion. I've personally found that I have great ideas at inopportune moments, when I'm not conveniently able to grab one of my notebooks and write it down (my muse seems fond of springing ingenious ideas on me in the shower, for instance) or when I don't have the time to take down all the complexities of said ideas. And my muse is somewhat hyperactive. Creative brilliance springs from nowhere for no reason and if I don't record it, that exactly where it disappears back to. In circumstances like this a recorder would be quite useful.

You might also consider using it to make notes while you're writing, so you don't have to stop your creativity to write down things that occur to you for future use or consideration. (I don't know about the rest of you but I find I have a tendency to have creative thoughts outside of what I'm writing while I am.) It would also be an efficient manner for proofreading. As someone already mentioned, the way it sounds back to you is most often the way it sounds in the reader's head. It might also be easier to spot flaws or grammatical errors when listening then when visualizing. It takes you outside of your position as a writer and puts you into the role of a reader, making this a little easier to do. I've noticed that editing is incredibly difficult because the human mind has a tendency to automatically fix smaller grammatical errors. Audio will make it easier to avoid this.

Anyway. I'm rambling. So I'll summerize. My opinion: Tape recorder good. Forgetting ideas and missing continuity and grammatical errors bad.

Websurfer RT

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