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this is a story I started a while ago and never wanted finish, the co author and I were in such a huge fight it literally left me scared and too afraid to write this up again. its not a Fan fiction of anything of Chris Moore, its more like my own works. I felt I needed to get it off my shoulders and I need some commentary. I need feedback on it so here it is.

*Disclaimer: I do not own Xion, my co-writer of this story ( ugh I hate him) borrowed the name from a game called Bloody Roar, I intend to change the name, but its been used in the story so far that I cant really change it now.

Red Orca Moon: Her legend lives on

By: The lone reject wolf

One fine morning Red was napping on the back of a huge orca that was 35ft long and weighed over 670,000 lbs. This Orca was very fast and many humans had seen him, but they never saw the girl, all they saw was a small pup that looked to be a bit unhealthy. Every time a Zodiac boat got near her to try and tag her, she dove under and launched the boat in the air. Researchers tried to record her sounds, but when the mic was dropped, no one made any sounds, not even to hunt. The researchers found this behavior to be very interesting. Red did not want any humans to enter her feeding grounds and her territory, in fact she questioned their very existence, were they perhaps just some stupid mistake from a monkey or a land walking, air breathing fish. Red shrugged off her questions; she never wanted to be associated with the stupid 2 legged creatures that cared more about how everything worked.
The orca pod was not too far from the shore when suddenly everything was quiet. Red’s nose twitched a bit, she listened carefully and looked around in front of her. The orcas were now being very cautious. Suddenly 2 hands reached from behind Red and grabbed her. She fought hard and bit the hands in defense, the arms let go, and another pair snatched her up quickly, she kicked the human and lept out into the water and disappeared, the humans used their radar and got her movement, the other boats closed in too and released their nets. Red poked her small orca head out of the water and growled a bit, how could they do this to her? She quickly clicked a command to the Bull orca “Quick, Midnight! We have to get the others to jump over the nets, its our only hope!” The huge Bull signaled the others and they all lept over the net, Red, unfortunately was too slow, and didn’t manage to escape in time. The humans started to make a strange noise, as Reds eye’s flickered red a bit. She knew what was about to happen, she was going to have tests and experiments done on her, just like before. The humans hauled her up to the surface, she was back in her human form, she looked very much like a child. She looked as though she were only 10. Red growled slightly as the humans offered her some food and water. She spit at their feet and attempted to escape once again. The Humans had no Idea what to do, so they locked her up in a cage and padlocked it so she couldn’t escape.
All Red could think of now was how to escape the dry land and get away from the humans. It wasn’t going to be an easy task for her, but she knew there was a way around this. Red was locked in a dark place, it was too hot for her, and she smelled something that had some human scent on her. She glared around the room, looking for any signs of life, she used her echolocation to see what it was. She found nothing in her memory.
“Ow….my ears…..that was not funny…” the strange creatures eyes were glowing yellow. There was a sound of metal against the bars. Red shuddered, what in the name of all cetaceans was this thing? It smelled like a human, yet it had glowing yellow eyes, much like a cat. Red was very confused, she didn’t understand human language, nor did she intend to understand it. Red had an idea no of how to escape, she had a staff that came to her a very long time ago, but she didn’t remember how long ago it was, nor did she remember anything about her past, all she knew was she had to find her old friend Xion and make amends with him. She missed him a lot, but for all she knew he was dead, and she was happy with her new life, back in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and back home where she belonged, she had quickly lost her memory of human language. It was never important to her. Red stood very still as she waited for the creature to make its move. A small glowing warm thing was showing, it made Red sneeze at first, she had never seen a lit candle before. “Hello there. My name is, Nick, I’m a humanoid animal, what about you? Are you human? Or animal? Or are you part plant?” Red blinked, she didn’t understand what he was saying. She made a sad and disgusted face as she looked away. “oh….you can’t speak the language of humans can you? I see…” Red growled at him
“I can too!” she exclaimed. “I just hate that horrible language. Its so disgusting. I spit on every human ever created!” The humanoid thing just nodded. “yes well I do not understand your language, is it dead language perhaps? Or something else?” Red looked at him furiously, “it is the language of the orcas, and I think it would do you some good to learn about things more than just stupid ask questions like that.” The strange creature blinked and said “ok, ok, I see how it is. Well just so you know, these idiot humans created me, they abandoned me right after I was created, they had made a better one than me. I was tossed aside and shoved into a dark room, they just throw junk in here, and I pretend to be dead. Besides, you’re keeping me company in here, I like it.” Red snorted at him and looked at the dark blank wall. She then hugged her knees and sighed.
“Hey are you alright there kid?” Red looked up and her eyes flared red. “I am not a kid, first off, and secondly, My name is Red, and THREE, you don’t know the pain I have, I miss my pod a lot when I am away from them. You will never understand that you vial human.”
The humanoid glared at her, his eyes now glowing a bright yellow, “YOU! NEVER CALL ME A HUMAN! I am not of their kin, I am a humanoid, I was designed to look like humans, but I am not, care to see? Here...” The creature tore off a part of his face to reveal something, he had metal underneath, but he also had some animal parts in him. Red looked at him in horror. She was wrong to have called him a human and she sat there quietly with her head hung low. “I-I’m s-s-sorry, Nick…” Nick nodded and gazed at her as he watched her. “You want to get out of here don’t you Red? I can fix that…watch carefully.” He picked the locks on the padlock to his cramped cage, and opened the door. Red looked at him all funny. “I only knew one was capable of doing that trick…his name was Xion.” Nick nodded, “He is a legend among the labs, I have yet to hear any real stories about him. I heard he once stole all of Bill Gates’ money and also bought out Mc. Donald’s and Sponge-Bob, and then he got high. Is any of that true? I heard he also tried to marry some young girl who was about 8yrs old and he was about 30.” Red tilted her head and laughed a bit, she remembered those good old days when she and Xion used to be partners in crime and she was clueless about any humans. “yes most of that is true, but as far as I know, he didn’t try to marry the 8yr old, she was older than that, she just looked a lot younger, he wanted to date her, but he had to go away before she could say yes.” Nick was stunned at this information. “Wait, wait, wait …you mean to tell me you have met the legendary Xion and actually stayed with him for a while? WOW! I’m impressed.
Red pulled out a small black book that had been waterproofed so she could take it in the water with her wherever her pod went to next. She had a few tears in her eyes, as she opened it up and ed what he had written on one of the pages.

Dear journal,
as odd as it is, I think I may have stumbled across another idiotic human, but then again, there is something about her, something I cant quite put my fingers on. This girl is not like the rest. She wants to learn things from me, and shes eager to be with me. In fact, she trails me everywhere. She says shes not human, I can see that, but there is something about her that makes her human. Oh well, I maybe wrong, but I think I may love her. I will keep you updated on this. Actually, I don’t really think shes idiotic, I think shes beautiful, and she just needs to see things from another view point and see that not all humans are bad, and learn to accept that she is part human, no matter what else she is.

Red wiped away her tears as she read another part, the very first page of the book. It had said a few words that made Red want to clutch her book and break free of her damned cage on her own. The words of the book were
Dear Red Orca Moon,
I could never find the right time to tell you this, but I love you dearly with all my heart and soul, if I really have one. I will come back for you someday, and until then, be good and put the wrong things right for me. I Love you and will always think about you. ~~Xion

Red’s eyes were watering up faster than she could swim. It had been about 30 yrs, and she had not seen or heard from Xion since, she assumed the worst and went on with her life. She would put the wrong things in her mind right, as she looked at another page, this one read
Dear Journal,
I cannot express my true feelings for Red, nor can I make her see what I see, or understand anything that I do, or make her do anything out of her own free will, but there are a few songs that I want to dedicate to her. One such is by Sting, its called in the Fields of Gold. Here are the lyrics:

You’ll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
You’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we walk in the fields of gold

So she took her love
For to gaze awhile
Upon the fields of barley
In his arms she fell as her hair came down
Among the fields of gold

Will you stay with me, will you be my love
Among the fields of barley
We’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we lie in the fields of gold

See the west wind move like a lover so
Upon the fields of barley
Feel her body rise when you kiss her mouth
Among the fields of gold
I never made promises lightly
And there have been some that I’ve broken
But I swear in the days still left
We’ll walk in the fields of gold
We’ll walk in the fields of gold

Many years have passed since those summer days
Among the fields of barley
See the children run as the sun goes down
Among the fields of gold
You’ll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
When we walked in the fields of gold
When we walked in the fields of gold
When we walked in the fields of gold

I think that this song best expresses my feelings towards Red. Well that’s all for today. Xion signing out!

Red’s anger and sadness caused there to be a huge glowing black and crimson aura around her, suddenly there was a loud explosion, as the cage that held her captive was now a pile of dust on the floor. Nick look at her stunned, “Wow….does that book teach you magic?” Red did not answer, her eyes were flared a deep blood red as her voice deepened and thickened a bit. “he….he lied to me….its been 30yrs and I haven’t seen him since. That dirty double two timing BASTARD!! HE WILL PAY FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE!!! Nick watched Red in horror as he wondered what she was all pissed off about. “umm…R-red? Are y-you gonna be ok?” Red growled as she kicked the door open and sped out of that horrible storage room and prepared to leap off the edge. Nick restrained her. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on, no jumping off the boat, come on use your brain here, I mean come on, that water is freezing cold and besides, were almost on sho-“ Red was enraged now “DO NOT TELL ME what I can and cannot do you pesky human. I live in frigid waters and I am needed back at home. LET ME GO!!!” The researchers quickly ran out and began to tranquilize her, she whimpered slightly and groaned as she began to hallucinate and drifted off muttering Xion’s name.

When Red awoke the next morning, she groaned loudly as she noticed she was in a small holding tank. She pounded on the glass to be let out, then she shot up to the top and saw it was closed off, but there was air for her. She saw some dolphins and tried to get them to tell her where she was and what she was doing here, but they turned away from her, she was not like them at all, she was a half human, and something else. Red lay on her back at the surface of the water and let half of her brain go to sleep, she felt nautious, dizzy, and she was shivering. She wished her orca pals were there help, but they were far far away from her. She had no way to escape this time either. When the researchers came to check her out, they pulled her out of the water and checked her pulse, It was low, she wsa not dead, then they checked her temperature, her temperature was a whopping 105.7. They stood there, not sure what to do, so they took her shivering and passed out body to a real hospital. The doctor cooled her down a bit and noticed she was a bit underweight. “You guys, may come into the ICU now, but she hasn’t responded yet, her brainwaves are incredible though. They overpower any normal human, and she occasionally mutters the name Xion then starts to speak in what sounds like a whale vocalization. Do either of you two know this girls family or parents? So that we may contact them?” both trainers shook their heads. “No, sorry, our boss just said here, and handed her to us, we didn’t know what to do with her lifeless sleeping body, so we set it near the dolphin tank, its all we could do to help. I doubt that she has a family and look at her, she’s so young too.” The doctor scratched his chin as he looked down at his clipboard full of paperwork. “Well does she have any form of ID? There has to be some record of her being alive, otherwise how could she live and exist. Do you know where your boss found her?” One of the Trainers looked at the other and then at the doctor. “Well, were not sure about this, our boss told us she was found on the back of an orca and living with them, and avoiding any human contact. Bu we think its all a lie and a rumor to give us a laugh, I mean come on, who’s ever heard of a girl who lives in the ocean and survives on whatever she’s got? Doesn’t she need to use the computer, or watch TV? Or buy things? How can one girl survive in a bay that is freezing all year round?
The doctor looked at them and smirked, Its very possible, just believe it’s true and you’ll see what I see in her. Now go one, I have some more work to do at the moment. The trainers nodded and headed out to wait for the girl.
The doctor who was about 6’5 was clean shaven, and he had what looked to be very dark blue hair, on his head he wore a motorcycle helmet and it had on it a giant Red X on it. The doctor crept into the ICU and watched Red as she lay there panting. “I told I would come to you someday, but you didn’t listen to me. You didn’t trust me….oh what’s this?” The doctor quickly took the little black book and read the first page as his eyes watered a little bit. Oh Red….what happened to you? Look at you, your motionless and seem, to be close to dying. Please Red, for the sake of the orcas, don’t die on us. I missed you terribly…” The doctor sat on the edge of her bed and cried into her chest.
Red opened up an eye and muttered one last time before she passed out again, “Xion…I…L….ng...” Red passed out once more as she smiled at the doctor. Red was curled up in a ball and hugging an orca plushie that had been sent to her anonymously. A nurse came in and checked in on Red. Red looked at the nurse “Um...Mamm! I have a small question to ask. The nurse nodded ready to hear the request. “what is the name of that doctor? He seems so familiar to me…”
The nurse looked at her and nodded. “His name is Dr. Eric Tanager. He’s worked here for 20 years and barely sleeps. He especially wants to take care of you, he’s been acting strange since you were brought here…”
Red looked at the nurse and sighed, then smiled a bit. The nurse ordered up lots of jasmine tea for her to help her get better. Red sniffed the strange liquid and shook her head, she wouldn’t eat their food, it didn’t smell right. The doctor came in and motioned for the nurse to go away. The nurse winked at Red and left. Red was confused. “M- Mr. Tanager I….” the doctor pressed one finger to Red’s lips and smiled warmly at her. “looks like your fever is gone and you have strength again. That’s good. Now as for your memory….” Red looked at him stunned. “sir, I…” the doctor silenced her once again. “now, now Red. And Yes I know your name is Red Orca Moon, I want to see if you remember my name. Red looked at him confused, “isn’t it Dr. Eric Tanager?” the doctor smirked.
“You’ve forgotten me Red, and yet you hold on to me and haven’t let me go, but you cant remember me, tsk, tsk, such a pity. Red think hard and when I come back to check on you and bring you your lunch, you had better remember who I am. I am not who you see me as.” Red nodded as she lay back. The doctor saw the two trainers and let them know that the young girl was awake and could be seen at this time. They both rushed in and hugged her. “YOUR OK!” they both exclaimed, “where did you come from, and what is your name? and why did our boss dump you in the tank?” Red looked at them and began to speak an unknown language to them, it was clearly dead language. The two trainers looked stumped as she spoke to them. “Umm can you speak English? Little girl?” Red nodded “I speak only a little English. My name is Red Orca Moon. I need to go home, I cannot stay here….” One of the trainers asked her “where is home? Maybe we can take you back to your parents?” Red shook her head “we is too far away to be able to go home. I live in the Gulf of St. Lawrence” they looked at each other as the other trainer asked “ don’t you mean around the gulf? Or near it?” Red shook her head “no, no. I live IN the gulf. Not near it, IN!” the trainers shrugged and left, maybe it was from all that medicine she had had in the past few nights. Red sat and thought about what the doctor had said as she smelled something that was delicious to her brain. It was fish! It was poached Nova Scotia Atlantic sock-eyed salmon! And it was grilled with fruits and some veggies, on the side was a tiny bit of seal meat. Red squealed in delight as she watched the Doctor place the food away from her. “Now Red, please tell me who I am. You are the only one who would know. I’ll give you as many guesses as you need, But, each time you get it wrong, I take a bite of your salmon. Get it right and its yours. Now think hard to your past and answer the question.” Red thought hard then said “Aquarius?” The doctor shuddered. “Ugh….I despised that thing,” the doctor took a small bite of the huge salmon. “keep guessing, I could sit here all day and eat this yummy salmon in front of you with no hesitation.” Red thought again “nine?” the Doctor’s eyes flickered red and yellow, “ugh I hate that asshole, I will never forgive him…” the doctor took a slightly bigger bite of the salmon. “guess again.” Red was getting frantic now, she wanted to have that salmon, it just looked so juicy and ripe. She whimpered a bit and sat up straight then looked the doctor in the eyes as she squinted her eyes a bit and peered though him a bit.
The doctor smirked and nodded as he handed the huge plate to her. “Damn I thought I was going to have to sit there and watch you suffer. Red how have you been? And how is it that you came to be back on land?” Red was eating her fish happily and sharing bites with Xion. “I was forced back on land, there are new biologists out to get me and they have been on to me ever since they noticed a skinny orca that looked to be about a few months old. They have been trying to take me in, to research on me and then force me to teach them my secrets of how I survived this long. They don’t know who I am really.” Xion hugged Red and chuckled. “You haven’t changed much in these past 30 years. You’ve physically changed, and somewhat mentally, but you still wont accept the human’s ways of life…ah Red, if only you could understand. I missed you, I got my revenge and got what I wanted. Now I am complete, and my body changed but I do still wear my helmet, and of course I keep my hair blue.”
Red though still weak, managed to con Xion over to her side so she could hug him. “Red I really missed you, I came here because I was lonely, and I had stopped by any orca show on my way to anyplace, never saw you and assumed that you went home or something bad happened.” He said, he had one tear streaming down his face. “Red I worried about you more than anyone else in this planet. I missed you terribly” Red felt her eyes watering a bit, but nothing came out. “I…I found the remnants of my ancient city. It wasn’t anything…it was me who destroyed it, I should be destroyed, I am but a mere machine that was built to destroy and be experimented o-” Xion silenced her. “Red, please, be quiet, I love you and that’s all you need to know. Now, I have an escape route that no one knows about in this building but me. So follow me.” Red nodded and followed him, holding his hand and silently slipping into the shadows of the hospital. It was the middle of the night and all the doctors had gone home for the night. All except, Dr.Tanager. He seemed to want stay claiming he had a lot of unfinished work there, and saying he couldn’t sleep that night. The two trainers refused to leave the hospital until they knew that the girl was safe.
Red in the meantime couldn’t think straight, all she could think about was some island in the past slowly sinking with an earthquake and Poseidon rising from the water. Then all was black. Poseidon couldn’t have been real could he? He was only a myth, as for Atlantis something told her it wasn’t. there was also a blurry image of a male who was very attractive, more so than Xion, as Red tried to remember his name and face, Xion grabbed her. “ QUICK RED! WE’VE BEEN SPOTTED, RUN!!!” Red had an idea. She quickly grabbed her pendant and lept in the air. She twirled the pendant around till it was a staff that had an orca on it. She smirked. “Aquarius, freeze the floor quickly” the staff quickly froze the whole floor, so that red had the advantage here. Xion slipped and fell as Red grabbed him and skidded past the guards and past all the hallway doors. Red held his hand blushing the whole way. “Red why did you stop a little bit ago? Were you seeing something? Or was it part of what happened to you when you were hauled to the surface?”
Red said nothing to him she just stood looking at her feet. “Xion I….I just had a weird vision, that’s all. I don’t know quite what happened, but something in the past happened. And there was a tall blond man there. He wasn’t a mortal, he was something else. I’m not sure of what his face looked like, what he sounded like, his name or anything, I just know he was tall and blond, and he seemed to be a gentle being. After him I lost the memory. Maybe I’ll find him later….
Xion placed his hand on her shoulder, “Red Don’t worry, I’ll help you find this guy and who you really are. I’ll help you find your place your place in this world, lets just get out of here first.” Red nodded as she saw that the hospital was overlooking a cliff and into the ocean! This was a good sign for her. “Ok Xion, hold on to me tightly and don’t look whatever you do, this will be like a rollercoaster, but you wont be able to stand it if you watch.” Xion nodded and closed his eyes as Red lept out the open window and down the cliff. Xion wanted to throw up, but then he felt a soft thud as he was gently set down. He opened his eyes and saw that they were back on his boat. “Red! YOU JUMPED THAT FAR? And then landed on your feet softly? Wow!!!” Red nodded as she set the boat for the area where Atlantis was last seen. “Xion, we are headed to Atlantis. I hope you have a good submarine or something like it.” Xion nodded, he wanted to know everything about Red’s past and who this mysterious stranger was now. “Red you go rest up, I’ll take over the steering for now.” Red went to bed and started to take a nice long nap. Xion was confused about Red’s visions as he set his auto pilot to Atlantis and started to read an old myth book. One such had a legend of a girl she was to be a ruler of a land, any she desired, and was born from a God called Poseidon. Xion looked at the book and raised an eyebrow, was this the same girl he loved? He read on. “The girl had no name at the time, but she was promised to be married to a Male who was like her in almost everyway, but there were some other things. The page had been torn out and the picture of him was smudged so bad you couldn’t see anything but a blur. Xion sighed as he read on in the legend. Poseidon had given birth to a healthy young girl. It is said that her mother was an orca, or a mermaid, no one really knows what. But everyone agrees on one thing, if she was removed from the ocean and touched by unblessed mortals either she would die, or the world they lived in would collapse and never see the light of day again. Xion looked at this curiously, then at the sleeping Red. He couldn’t help but smile at her. He knew she could destroy him if she had wanted to, and he knew he was mortal, but he couldn’t help but wonder who this stranger the legend of the ocean princess was promised to, by the king of the seas.
Several hours later Red awoke. She stretched and found Xion passed out on top of a book about legends. She carefully took it and read the story. She blinked as she smiled, liking the legend already. She imagined how it must have been an honor to have been the daughter of Poseidon, the king of the sea. And to have been promised to anyone she deemed, also to have those kinds of powers. She read on. There was a small sketch of the young ocean princess. She had green eyes that looked like emeralds in the sun, she had long straight black hair with bleached in the front and then there was something in her hand, it was a staff, with an orca made of precious stones and jewels. Red rubbed her eyes, it looked just like her and her staff Aquarius, except on her head was a crown and behind her stood Poseidon, also on her neck was an orca necklace, one that looked very atlantean. The legend went on to say that if ever a human touched her she could either die, or the local area would cease to exist and all would be lost, even the language of the land. The girl was said to be a half Goddess. She was part mortal, but more goddess than anything. Red Looked at herself in the mirror and raised an eyebrow, was she this long lost princess? And what about the mysterious man she saw in her vision? What about Poseidon? Was he still alive? Or had someone invented a way to kill Gods too? Red had to know. This ancient legend was too interesting to her. She heard a strange noise, it was Xion, he was snoring lightly and muttering something to Red in his sleep. “Red… have to go back home….you are needed there….” Red smiled. “we are going home Xion, we are. The boat is almost there…” Red covered Xion up with a nice soft blanket and kissed his forehead. She had to meet the people who had known about this legend. She needed to know all she could about this princess and what her purpose was.
Days later Xion and Red arrived to the Greek islands, they asked around, Red seemed to have been given the gift of tongues. She spoke to the natives and asked around about the legend then interpreted it for Xion. No one had heard of anything about it, but said that maybe the town elder would. They brought her to a town elder who lived in a small village alone, he was cast out because he was different and old. Red bowed respectfully to him. “come child, do you need to know some valuable information on the past?” Red nodded “please sir, I need to know about this legend, the one I found inthis old book.” The old man took it, Red was trying to see his face, but she couldn’t. She wans’t sure she could trust this elder, he seemed like the other mortals, but then again, he was very kind to her and she sat patiently. “ you seem to not know who to trust these days, that is a good thing, but you can trust me and your friend there. He is trustworthy, just a bit crazy.” Red nodded.
“Sir, if you please, tell me about the story. I need to know what that girls name was and what happened to her, and if the story was true or not.” The old man chuckled. “slow down there young one. One mustn’t ask too many questions at once. Learn patience my child. That is one of the secrets of life. Now the first question, her name was illusion. She was a shape shifter. Her mother is unknown, but it’s a well known fact that her father is indeed Poseidon, but be warned, he has been very angry as of lately. Maybe you should go and see him. He knows you well.” Red sighed as she relaxed a bit. “I’m sorry, but I am going to have to ask your friend there to leave the room for the time being. Is that ok sir?” Xion nodded and went out to the porch then fell asleep there. Red smiled. “Ok so what’s this big secret?” the old man looked at Red. Red, I don’t know how to say this….but I…I know you well, and you are indeed the princess come to save us. You have come back to free the imprisoned souls, now come and take your place among the mortals.” Red stepped back and shook her head. “No, I cant be a mortal, there is something else, I keep having flashbacks, blurry ones, but flashbacks, and one is Atlantis. Could it be that I am indeed the missing princess, who disappeared and never surfaced again, but there is one other thing, there is a male, he looks to be human, but he is tall and blond and seems to be blurry to my memory, I want to know who he is.”
The old man nodded. “ah yes, well he would be in your memory, but before I answer that question, may I see your necklace? Its an odd looking necklace.” Before Red could protest, the man had carefully removed the necklace and uttered something to the necklace, suddenly the full staff of Aquarius emerged. The staff was not in a pleasant mood, “who dares to remove me from my owner?” the old man chuckled as he gently held the staff. “My, My, My…such a nasty attitude you have Aquarius. You don’t remember me at all? Pity. You of all should know who I am. I am the one who forged you and forced your spirit to become what it is today, had it not been for me, you would just be another wandering soul incapable of going anywhere, and trying to possess a body to stay alive. You have a good owner and a nice home in the staff. So tell Red here who I am, and who she is, If you please?” there was a long pause and then a sigh. Red, you are the Princess Illusion. This man here, he is an old shaman who just happened to help keep an eye on you. AND Xion here, I dunno, you just met him recently. The other guy, the blond guy, we can still find him. He should be alive still, but then again…many have died waiting for your return, Illusion.
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Chris if you read this, please critique my work, I realize I may have mispells and puntuation errors, but please rate it too, I would really appreciate it. anyone else I really need feed back on this story.
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