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Cheering up the AG

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One of the Innocents

Cheering up the AG  Reply with quote  

Dear Chris,

I just got back from Israel, and while I didn’t get to see Joppa (as you had recommended) I did see Sepphoris, Nazareth, and lots and lots of rocks.

Anyway, when I got back I started reading the guidebooks all over again, which is something I always do, just to clarify what I did see and what I missed. Missed items go on the itinerary for the next trip (should there be one.) The following is an excerpt from a guided trip that Mark Twain took to the Middle East and Mediterranean in 1867, which he wrote up in The Innocents Abroad:

[Nazareth is wonderfully interesting because the town has an air about it of being precisely as Jesus left it, and one finds himself saying, all the time, “The boy Jesus has stood in this doorway-has played in that street-has touched these stones with his hands-has rambled over these chalky hills.” Whoever shall write the Boyhood of Jesus ingeniously, will make a book which will possess a vivid interest for young and old alike.]

So there you are. You wrote Lamb ingeniously, fulfilling the prophecy, and I’m sure Mark Twain would have admired it. He was a humorist as well as writer.

Anytime you feel like writing the sequel to Acts, we’ll be ready.
(MT also wrote an interesting travel book on Hawaii.)

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It seems today that all you see,
Is violence in movies and sex on TV,
But where are those good old fashioned values,
On which we used to rely?
Who cares, we've got author guy,
Who cares, cause he's the man who,
Positively can do,
All the things that make us laugh and cry,
We've got author guy!


These lyrics are based on the theme song to Family Guy. No claim of authorship is made or implied.
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You just made me think of Dear Old Grambo, aka my Grandmother, who's been a writer for 60 years.

When I told her I'd written a book and thought it wasn't good enough for publication, she said something like this (summarizing, she probably said it better):

"Writing is single handedly the most agonizing thing you'll ever do. You'll sit in front of your typewriter and create something that you think is just great, and all it takes is one dipshit wearing a grimace to ruin the whole thing. Get used to being humbled. Get used to having your heart ripped out of your throat. Because it might be your baby, but it's an ugly one to someone out there."

Now, I know this doesn't directly tie in with what you said (having another author not recognize you when you've been on the bestseller's list before), but the humbling aspect of it does, I think. It's a theme with writers. I commend all of you for having the steel to work with it and around it; I haven't shopped this book of mine yet because I'm so afraid of rejection, I won't let it go.

How's that for being a big giant pu$$y?

Hugs, Chris. Hugs for having big f'ing balls.

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