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Chapter 1 --- What?

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Renee sat at her desk staring at an empty Microsoft Word page. Her writing schedule suggested she write three paragraphs a night for two weeks. She was on day eleven and hadn’t written a single word. Even her name seemed to dull to bother typing.
“Shit!” She yelled in frustration. Her roommate Kansas looked over at her. “Fuck you.”
“What ever.” She mumbled as she left the room. Renee watched her go and turned back to her still empty page.
“Shit!” She shut her laptop and grabbed her jacket. She reached in the pocket to make sure she had her Salem’s and a lighter handy, she did.
Outside it was raining, proving that everything was trying piss Renee off tonight. She ran to the dorm gazebo outside and sat on one of the benches. Within thirty seconds she had lit a cigarette and tried her hardest to smoke it in less than ten drags. It didn’t work, but then again it never did.
“Somebody looks angry.”
Renee jerked her head around to see who spoke and dropped her cigarette in a tiny puddle. She sighed loudly before turning around. When she did manage to face the stranger she thought to herself, “My day just got a whole lot worse.”
There in front of her was Hawk Johnson, the love of her life from age twelve all the way to her junior year in high school. He told her she was a fat girl in front of thirty people and she had never seen him again. But now here he was, three years later and hotter than ever.
“Hey…” She sounded stupid but didn’t really care. “What are you doing here?”
“I go here.” She looked at his letterman jacket.
“No shit, I mean here.” She pointed with both hands to the ground in between them.
“Oh nothing….Well I saw you earlier and asked around. Finally someone told me where I might find you.”
Renee acted like she couldn’t hear him as she lit another cigarette. After she took a couple drags she asked.
“Why were you looking for me?”
Hawk looked confused, more than looked he was confused. He lifted his shoulders and breathed out making a sound like a horse. Renee would have smiled if she hadn’t of had such a shitty day.
When he didn’t answer she started to walk off, ignoring the rain and the sound of him following her.
“I wanted to…”
She whirled around and looked at him. She tried to pierce his skin with her eyes, when she couldn’t do it she sighed and took another drag.
“I wanted to ask you if you could come with me sometime to get something to drink.” Now it was Renee’s turn to look confused. She dropped her cigarette but didn’t notice.
*If only I was more creative*

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