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Chapter 2 --- Okay, But You Still Haven't Answered Me

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Chapter 2 --- Okay, But You Still Haven't Answered Me  Reply with quote  

Renee had the luck of your average piece of road kill. She was the kind of person that would walk in on a surprise party and ask, “Is this for me?” Everyone would smile and politely say, “Well…no.” So when Hawk Johnson asked her out she was a little blown away.
“I just thought it would be nice, we could catch up and talk.”
Renee narrowed her eyes at him. Things like this don’t happen to me.
“What’s the catch?” She kept her voice cold, devoid of curiosity.
“What? Oh, no catch. I just…”
“Are you on drugs?” She asked in a concerned toned. The one her mother used to use when she was crying. “Is everything alright Renee?” This tone was usually followed by a much angrier one telling her what an awful brat she could be. The fact that she was now using scared her.
“No!” He blurted it out and his voice cracked. He sounded like a major dork. Renee couldn’t help it. She laughed, she laughed even when his face turned red, she laughed when he tried to explain it away, and she laughed even after he asked her to stop. It wasn’t until he had already walked off that she stopped.
“Thank you.” She called out quietly, not really wanting him to hear it. She felt better now; the laugh had eased her tension.
Inside she went to the payphone and pulled out the calling card her Mom had given when semester started. She dialed home and waiting for an answer.
“Hello?” Uh oh, the voice sounded groggy and annoyed. What time was it?
“Mom?” She decided to go with timid, fake upset and avoid the “Why are you calling in the middle of the night” lecture.
“What is it? Are you alright?” She could almost hear her mother sitting up, her pulse picking up in fear. Now she felt bad.
“Yeah I’m fine…I just ran into Hawk.” Silence. “He asked me on a date.”
“Do you have to sound so surprised?”
“Well after what happened in school.” Renee nodded and then remembered her mother couldn’t see her.
“Yeah I know, I was shocked too.” She now realized she didn’t really have anything to say. “Did you know he went here?”
“No…honey can we talk tomorrow.” Yes, released!
“Sure.” She tried not to sound excited. They said their good-byes and hung up. Renee went back to her room and typed twenty paragraphs on Vincent Van Gough’s impact on modern art.

“So he just asked you out, out of no where?” Cayce asked her in between bites of her blue berry muffin.
“Yeah, it was so weird. I haven’t seen him in three years…”
“And that didn’t turn out well.” Renee glared at her and mumbled an apology.
“Now he’s asking me out!” She threw her hands up in the air and then let them drop on Cayce’s bed. Cayce finished her muffin and stared at Renee.
“Are you sure it was him?” Renee’s eyes widened and she looked directly at Cayce.
“Oh my God…..yes.” She said sarcastically. “I am sure it was him.”
“Uh huh, I know that tone. That’s cover-up sarcasm if I ever heard it.” Renee blushed and looked down. “Maybe you should make sure you know who you’re crucifying before you actually go through with it.”
“Yeah…” She said it as a sigh and looked at Cayce. “Hey did you finish your paper on Van Gough?”
“Last week, why do you ask?” Renee shrugged, she didn’t really know why.
Cayce got up from her computer chair and walked over to her mini-closet. She was shuffling through clothing, a non-verbal “get the fuck out.”
“I have to go.” Cayce looked relieved.
“Yeah, I’ve got a dance class in twenty.” Renee nodded and hugged her friend. “Hey, if it is Hawk what are going to do about it?”
“I’m going to fuck with him, what do think?”
“Okay, but you’re not answering me.”
“You have class.” Renee smiled and shut her dorm door. She walked down the hall feeling like a first-class bitch and loving it.
*If only I was more creative*

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