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My boring jobs

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My boring jobs  Reply with quote  

OK, my first few jobs were boring ... paperboy, busboy, catering assistent. Then I became a cashier at a high end restaurant, which mostly consisted of me waiting in the back cashier's box, a small about 8x10 room with a 10-key and stacks of menus and the like and ... lots of flies. I got really good at shooting flies off the walls with rubber bands, a trick that still wins me bucks in bars on hot days.

After that came the good ones... DJ, roadie, sorta-rock-star... but they don't count in this thread.

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My second job after being a proofreader was a real step up - receptionist for a privately owned conglomerate. I was the first person anyone saw when they got off the elevator, sitting behind my desk beneath a bank of lights. It was a grid o' bulbs, the combined wattage of which made for a lot of heat. Nice looking, but r-e-a-l-l-y hot after a couple of hours. Very few people got off the elevators. I read a lot of books, sitting there waiting for someone to get off the freaking elevator so I could do my job. I read most of D.H. Lawrence's novels while I sat there.

To alleviate my boredom, all the managers of the different departments tried to find work for me to do. I was a dyno typist thanks to taking typing as an elective twice in high school. Anything that somebody's secretary (they were secretaries back then, not executive assistants or whatever) didn't have time for got passed along to me. My official boss, in the personnel department, gave me stacks of resumes to sort based on various criteria, a relatively interesting task until some headhunter started giving me a lot of grief over the phone because I couldn't tell him anything because I didn't know anything. He was also responsible for my learning to use a dictaphone, so he could dictate his letters and memos at his leisure, then give me the tape to transcribe. I didn't know shorthand. (Does anyone know shorthand now?)

I also got to give the switchboard operator a break once or twice a day. This was rather exciting because those were the days when you actually plugged a cable into somebody's extension to transfer a call. Setting up a conference call was the ultimate event.

Various other employees would recommend books to me. One guy suggested Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I think that's the title of the book Willie Wonka ... was based on). I never actually read it though.

Salary for this job, $100 a week, a big step up.

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