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Red Orca Moon: Halloween Ed.

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Red Orca Moon: Halloween Ed.  Reply with quote  

By: the Real Red Orca Moon

(Theme music for this story is Crimson Tide deep blue sea by Nightwish.)

Early one morning Red, who had been captured by a bunch a humans was about to go outside when she was dragged in.
“Young lady you have not earned the right to go outside. You will remain in your room until further notice.”
Red growled at the man and bit his arm; she quickly kicked his shins and squirmed out from under him. She ran down the stairs and escaped. She ran as far as she could to escape these abusive humans. When Red could run no more, she found herself in a strange new place. There wasn’t a human in sight, a good sign so far. Red walked around enjoying the scenery. Suddenly she spotted a big stone marker, it looked like a skeleton. Her eyes grew wide; as she looked around and noticed that this wasn’t was real. She screamed and saw a whole mess of statues rising from the ground. They were covered in green slime, and all looked angry at her. Red, who had never seen these before, leaped into the air and grabbed a branch of a tree. This was a favorite skill of hers; it helped her escape the dogs that hunted her down all the time. She sat up in the tree for a good while, watching the surrounding area become more visible. Red hadn’t been in a place like this before, but it was abandoned, and seemed to be a good place to stay, away from human eyes.
The sound of dogs barking was heard in the distance as she drifted off to sleep. The sound of footsteps woke her. The figures she saw looked remarkably human, but more like they were experimented on. One had no eyes but could still see her, one had no arms but he had a head and there was no blood on them, they just kept walking slowly; coming towards her and making strange noises. Red grabbed her magical staff named Aquarius.
“Aquarius, Lets get these pesky humans and show them what were made of!” Aquarius made no movement. Slowly the staff in her hands turned around. The sapphire eyes looked dull, they had a certain very dark color to them, it was almost as if it had died and came back as an empty shell.
“No! Aquarius! Wake up Aquarius, don’t do this to me. You can’t do this to me!” Aquarius made no motion of her commands or pleas. Red had a few tears in her eyes as she proceeded to snap him into two. She threw him to the ground and lept from her hiding spot in the tree. Red Ran out of that forest, wanting to escape that terrible place. She had almost made it to the end and she was trapped. It was a dead end, there was a huge concrete wall surrounding her. She desperately tried to climb the wall and found it was covered in the slime that had covered the huge stone pillars that rose from the ground. Red panicked and looked around. The entire place was closed off. She saw an opening. There was a huge stone house, she ran to it and tried to hide in it. As she ventured into it, there was a huge wooden coffin that was polished very nicely. She curiously looked around. It was the only one there, all the rest were just skeletons around her; skeletons of humans to be exact. Red froze where she was, this was too eerie, why were there all these skeletons and why was there an empty coffin that was fresh? Red heard the sound of a lock closing as she looked around her. Titanium wires, in small grid form, there was no way to climb them or try to escape. She was locked inside this cage with no food or water. Red slumped down on the cold ground and sighed.
“Red! It’s been a while hasn’t it?” Red jumped back and saw who it was. It was her friend Xion. She was relieved that he wasn’t like those other human creatures.
“Xion what’s going on? Why am I in this cage? And what’s wrong with those humans? What happened to Aquarius?”
“Whoa, whoa, slow down Red. One at a time please. Ok the humans set up a trap, they know where you are, I had nothing to do with that by the way. Ok next, those humans were all killed and brought back to life through some weird lab. They are apparently Zombies, as for Aquarius; sadly he suffered the same fate. I’m not sure how though, but we shall repair him later. Now let me just get you out of here.” Xion punched the door’s lock and opened the top, grabbing Red and running carrying her on his back. Xion took Red back to a small village, where he carefully blindfolded her.
“Red I have a small present for you. I hope you like it.” Xion pulled out a huge cloak along with a witches hat and broom. “Red this is for you,” he proceeded to remove her blind fold and helped her put on the costume. Red went to a mirror after he had put the costume on her. “Xion, what’s this for?” Xion chuckled and looked at her with kind eyes. “Why Red this is only a costume. On Halloween people like to dress up in costumes. The younger kids get to go around and get free candy out of it if they say ‘Trick or Treat’ if the people refuse to give them candy, they have the right to throw things at the house. Everyone loves to dress up in costume. I picked this one out myself for you. I think it looks good on you too.” Red scoffed at Xion for making that last remark. “So I am a toy for you to parade around like the humans did to me? You lied to me about being my friend?” she started to have her eyes water, not liking to be like the humans, and ready to fight her friend.
“Red no, it’s not like that, I thought that maybe you would like to wear a costume and have some fun. Very don’t have to wear this if you choose not to.” Red saw Xion was ready to leave; she didn’t mean to hurt to her friend. She placed her hand on his shoulder and smiled to him. “Xion, My friend, I’m sorry, it’s a nice thought, but you have to realize that I do not plan to be like the other humans, we both know I am not human. What I am, I have not found out yet, but we will find out someday.” Xion turned and smiled at her, hugging her gently. “Come on Red; let’s get you fed and washed up a bit. I may be French, but even I know when to bathe.” Red laughed at his comment, knowing it was mean, but all in a good sense. “Xion, you know those humans have been starving me and not letting me have any freedom, I can’t even go to bathroom anymore to wash up. They keep a close eye on me like I am a captive whale in a fish tank, no space to swim, no room to be me, and I cant stand it. I had to kick duck and run this morning to get outside. I think they want to sell me to another family…a stricter one.”
Xion smiled and hugged her tightly, “come on Red, stop that, lets just get you some fish and fruits, as well as cleaned up. The women in that hut over there will take care of you. Trust me they will help you in the tub if you need it. If you don’t, just let them know that you don’t need any help.” Red ran for the hutch and immediately decided to bath herself. She accepted the women’s help, she felt so much better after that bath she had just received. Her stomach growled loudly, the instant she walked out. She went into Xion’s hut and saw all her favorite fish, Tuna, Salmon, haddock, smelt, even Mahi-Mahi. In the middle was some spinach as well as some mashed potatoes and fruits. Red took a little bit of each one and ate so well that night. She cried while eating, food to her had never tasted better to her than it did today. After she finished the meals Xion took her by the hand and gently helped her up. “Come on Red, let’s go for a walk. It will do us some good.” Red followed Xion deep into the forest. She held on to his hand firmly, not wanting to let go of her friend. Xion held her close, Red was paranoid that the humans would come after her and find them both, then exploit them altogether. Xion knew he would never do that to her. Xion stopped and sat down near a tree, he patted the ground for her so that she could see that he wanted to keep her happy. Red and Xion hugged each other tightly for four hours, knowing that they both were having a hard time being separated for no reason aside from greed.
Xion got up after a few hours of holding her there. Red was sound asleep in his arms now, she had never felt safer, than in his arms. She missed going on adventures with him. But now that they were back together, she felt as though nothing could separate them now.

so? what did everyonme think? what needs to be done to improve it? and what should I put in it? and how long should I make it? its only a short story.
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