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Kitty Litter - An Informal Essay

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Kitty Litter - An Informal Essay  Reply with quote  

*Feel free to give suggestions. I'm always wanting to learn more. But if you say anything regarding how a 'formal essay' is supposed to be written, I will smack you with a wet noodle or however the saying goes*

Kitty Litter

The worst part of my lush housewife job? I have to clean out the litter boxes. Well, letís say litter boxes in general.
The only place in my house where a litter box can be put and not be out in the middle of the room any where is in the bathroom beside the toilet. There is rarely anything worse than waking up with a good stretch, walking into the bathroom to do your morningly duties, and your bare feet stepping into cat litter. Not to mention the occasional morning where thereís that surprise intermixed in with the litter. Oh, the joys of vomiting in the morning.
You make be thinking that I should know better. I got cats knowing that I would have to clean litter boxes. First off, thatís like saying youíll never have a baby due to dirty diapers alone Ė the argument is flawed. The pros of a companion (or offspring) outweigh the cons of simple waste disposal. Secondly, my husband is the cat person.
Why not have outside cats? A simple answer for a simple question, I live on a military base. We are not allowed to have animals that roam freely outside. Besides, the life expectancy of a cat that lives outside is a bit lower due to traffic and predators that would include large hawks or other birds of prey. Iím paranoid about letting my animals out of the house without supervision, especially with how much traffic there is here on base, but thatís a different topic all together.
Now, there have been people who have successfully trained their cat to use the toilet. Thereís only one bathroom in my house. If I actually took the time to train the cats to do this, that would mean thereís four beings using the same toilet, and two of them would not even know how to flush.
So whatís my point? Simply put, I am a dog person. It cannot get any more straightforward than that. Cats are cute and fun to cuddle with, as are all animals that are fuzzy. But my dog is comfortable on a leash and will not run up a tree to hide when I take her out to go potty. Kitty litter pans are just plain gross.

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November 7, 2005
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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics. This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.

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