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a little extra taste of Red

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a little extra taste of Red  Reply with quote  

ok here is some more, I havent had much motivation or time to work on my story between naps and work. they nabbed at the first chance they got, last thursday when I wanted to mess around with college buddies watching them play zombies and magic.

“Long ago, I was found laying in the water, face down, by a pod of orcas. They took me in and taught me many good things, how to dive and hunt for food, as well as how to hold my breath. I have been caught by humans too many times, and will not let it happen again. I found I have the ability to shape shift and control the orcas. I seem to be at the point where I think I’m almost a goddess or a shaman…I have long since defended the oceans, and kept it as clean as possible. The humans…every time they catch me, something bad happens to me, I get really sick or close to death…” Shire paused her.
“My dear, the reason you come close to death is because you are not to be touched by human hands, only the Gods have the right to capture you. Xion however, you have allowed him to touch you; you seem to have a strong relationship with him. That is good, he is a good partner, and I think you will find you know him more than you think. Tell me about what you know about him, I wish to know more about him.” Red looked at him all funny, then hesitated.
“Sir, please, I would prefer to know what happened when Poseidon took me. How did I survive the island sinking and how did the civilians escape?” Shire smiled weakly.
“Red, my dear, had it not been for you’re magic, we would have never made it. You enclosed everyone into a huge bubble and teleported them to another island. The gods were angry with us because we had technology that no one else had, and you knew it was time to sink the island and save our race, before anyone got hurt. Had it not been for you, the Atlanteans would all cease to be. So we are forever in debt to you.” Red was now confused as she thought about this, trying to understand what he meant, She sat there quietly, trying to figure out what he was talking about. Shire calmly got up and nodded he understood that she couldn’t remember her past, or anything about what he was talking about.
“Come my child, I shall show you what we have created in the memory of Princess Illusion, who was long lost. It may help.” Red followed Shire and saw a huge monument, She walked up to it, dropping to her knees she saw the statue of the once lost and never forgotten princess. She was very young, maybe about 17 and she had the same body as her, same facial expressions, and her hairstyle, she had bleached bangs, and black hair. There was a portrait under it, and Red’s jaw dropped to the ground.
“That….that portrait, it looks like me…is that Princess Illusion?” Shire smiled.
“I believe she is you, however I may be mistaken.” Red decided to the story of Illusion, she then stood up.
“Sir, if I may, is there a library where Xion and I may read further on her?” Shire smiled warmly.
“Of course there is, my girl. Xion should know where the library is. Its right down this lane and you go right. It’s a huge dome shaped building, you can’t miss it.” Red thanked Shire and went off to find Xion.
Xion was hiding at a pond, he seemed a bit upset to be back here, he played a soft melody on a wooden flute that he had found. There were children surrounding him and being entranced by his music. Red stood a good distance so he wouldn’t detect her, and so that she wouldn’t bother him. Xion finished his song and slowly spoke,
“Hello Red, no need to stand that far away, come, sit down close to me. I was merely entertaining the children with music.” Red chuckled, knowing something was bugging him. She softly hugged him and looked him straight in the eyes,
“come on, lets go to the library, I have something I want to read there.” Xion smiled softly and got up, she followed him to the library. Red walked into the building with Xion and asked the librarian politely,
“Excuse me mamm, where would I find books on Princess Illusion?” the librarian, got up and showed her and Xion where to get them.
“you are the first to ask about her. And you have her likeness. But theres no way you could be Princess Illusion, look at you, she must have died long ago. We are all descendants of the people she saved, except her father, rumor has it, he begged the Gods to let him live until he found his daughter. Ah here it is.” The librarian pulled out a book that had a picture that similar to Red on the cover of the book. It was a leather bound book as Red and Xion sat together at a nearby table and began to read to each other.
“Princess Illusion: fact or myth? Although there is no proof that she existed, many believe that she did. It is said that when Poseidon the God of the sea, rose from his throne to take out Atlantis for using technology that was not to be invented yet or discovered, Illusion somehow got everyone to safety and begged the God to take her instead of the people of Atlantis. With her she took Atlantis and all its technology. Many watched in horror from the safety of where they were being held as she was strangled and pulled under water. She was known for being able to hold her breath for close to 30 minutes, but she did not resurface after an hour. The Civilians watched in horror, as their beloved leader did not resurface for days. They all mourned her loss and wrote stories about her. It was rumored that Poseidon took her captive and never let her escape. Many believed that one day she would defeat Poseidon and return home, but thousands of years passed, she never returned. The elders of the island brought whatever they found of Illusion’s, one such item that has been evidence that she existed is called Aquarius, the staff that she carried around. It is believed to have a spirit in it, and will only work for her. Humans cannot touch her, for she was never the human type, but she ruled over a few, who knew to not touch her. Princess Illusion, if she truly is real, may still be alive, she was not fully human, and had many God like traits. Many of the elders of Atlantis believed that she may even age slower and live longer than humans. The Father of Princess Illusion, was-”
Red noticed part of the book was destroyed, there was no name for the father. Red looked at the book in great curiosity wondering what happened to it. It looked as though in case Illusion ever came back, they didn’t want her to find out anything about her father or who she was for that matter.
“Xion, do you think Illusion died in the time that Poseidon took her, and the time I was found?” she whispered to him. Xion said nothing, he didn’t want Red to know what he had found out earlier, nor did he want her to know about his feelings for her. Red was confused as she looked at him and stared softly into his eyes. She smelled something gross on him and wrinkled her nose. “Xion, is that cigarettes I smell?” he nodded and shrugged as he walked out of the library quietly. Red went to the librarian and pointed out the problem with the book. The woman was mortified. “Someone has been in here! Someone has ripped part of this book and destroyed valuable information. Who could have done such a hayness act? The part that said anything about the girl’s father and anything after that was in there. Thank you miss for pointing that out to me. What was your name again?”
Red smiled and bowed politely, “my name is Red Orca Moon, mamm” the librarian smiled and bowed back to her.
“so Miss Red, where do you hail from?” she asked curiously, “and how is it that you came to know Princess Illusion?”
Red looked at her weakly, and smiled. “I-I’m not really sure where I came from, but I do know that a pod of orcas taught me a lot of things and I was rescued. I was captured by some humans and few years ago I met Xion; he is a great friend to me. He taught me a lot of things that the orcas couldn’t teach me very well. Somehow I knew how to walk, but it was being blocked by something else. I-I wish I could remember what it was, but it scared me at night.” Red looked puzzled, she wished she could tell tyhis librarian everything. The librarian handed her another book and smiled
“Don’t let yourself get so worked up over it. Here, read from this book, and don’t worry take all the time you need. You are part of us now for now, and you seem to be connected to us somehow. I want to help you in any way I can.” Red smiled at her and took the book. She sat down across from the librarian and started to read. She continued to do her research, and find out more and more about this wonderful princess named Illusion.

well this is my christmas present to everyone. and chanukah nd kwanzaa. ok well have a good one ^^ and Author guy, Keep up your awsome stuff. the day that book hits the shelves I will blow all my good tip money on it so that I have a first ed.
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