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Fate of Man

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I have been lurking for a long while now and though that I would share with the group.
This is a short story I wrote based on an idea that I am wanting to turn into a novel.

Fate of Man

Before I can truly begin this tale of good versus evil, I feel that it is my responsibility to clarify a concept that most mortals fail to grasp. Infinity is everyone’s lost lover, fallen angel, and ultimate omnipotent entity. Most of mankind cannot even begin to fathom what infinity really is.

Let me tell you. Infinity is nothing, and everything. Infinity always has been, and always will be. The mind of an over evolved simian cannot logically grasp an idea this vast. Many of your kind have tried, most of them with better minds than you. What is the problem, you might ask. Let me just tell you.

Mankind’s pursuits in life, religion, music, science, math and linear time itself, all have one thing in common. They all require a leap of faith when one gets past the fail safe point. The mind must just accept it to be true. This is where infinity rears its ugly head. Infinity is what the mind encounters when it has reached this point. The downfall of man though, is that linear progression keeps him from realizing what he is bumping into. For example, when a professor admits that he cannot deal with time being infinite, because he cannot accept that it HAS always been, this is infinity-phobia. The problem lies in the fact that each individual is trying to view infinity from their own porch, be it religion, math, science, or what ever other pursuit. Infinity can only be viewed without safety glasses when one is aware of the other porches in the neighborhood. The man who accepts music, religion, math, science and time as originating from a single point, infinity, has truly become enlightened and may see what is really going down on Earth.

This is where my story begins. In the beginning, God created, well, everything. But before he got the brainstorm to do so, there were angels. God and the angels were existence, the very essence of infinity if you will. Being one of God’s only children was blissful. Then came the idea that He needed something more, someone to revere Him in all of His glory. The hymns of glory that we, yes I was once one of the highest choir of angels, sang unto Him became just another annoyance for Him. The talk of a new breed to take our place as His favorites brought forth an uprising so tremendous as to split infinity itself. Thus time begins and the uprising, led by myself, and a few of my most trusted allies among the rank and file in heaven. This is where the story gets mangled in the Bible of man.

The war started and by the time God realized it, he had already performed His six-day miracle of creation. On the seventh day, He did not rest, but turned to attend the uprising and negotiated with me for the fate of mankind and heaven itself.

The deal went like this: mankind would be left mostly up to its own devises with neither me nor God genuinely interfering with progress. We planned the entire thing, up to what you would consider the last 500 years which would be all or nothing, winner take all.

God and I were allowed only minor intervention to weave the intricate tapestry leading up to the end. From the time man crawled out of his cave, the race was on. I gave you fire, He gave you the wheel. I destroyed Rome; He gave faith and hope. On and on through the ages, we have been watching, playing our game of hope and destruction with man as our pieces.

Now the end of the trial is upon us and with that, I feel that mankind, as a race, should be aware that there is only one man to blame, sort of.

This is the story of that one man, and how he single handedly doomed the rest of you to my rule. Like most stories of such life changing magnitude, I find it best to start at the very beginning.

In the beginning…

I do so find that phrase fitting for this tale.

In the beginning, there was the word, and that word was Atlantis. Atlantis, place of beauty, wonders, in short, home. Contained in its center was a structure of such magnitude and grandeur. This was His sanctuary. This is where He came to vacation on Earth. Contained within the majestic walls of marble, coral, and granite was a vast library of scrolls containing all of His words, records of what was, what will be, and of course The Deal.

When Atlantis was to be destroyed, the scrolls were removed. The one of interest to my tale was moved and given to the Pharaoh. Its importance was stressed and Pharaoh placed the scroll within his Great Pyramid, carefully hidden from human eyes. When Pharaoh was to be hidden from the world himself, the scroll was moved to Alexandria and stored within mankind’s greatest achievement, the great library.

When the library was burned, man has always been able to achieve one thing: the single-minded destruction of all things great, Gabriel took the scroll and hid it away, safe from harm and man’s self destructive tendencies. Oh, Gabriel, where did you hide it?

The scroll was to be given to one of your own at the appropriate time, why was it not? Clever Gabriel, you have done it again. However, I digress, let me return your attention to the man of the hour.

Enter James, suiting that the man whose life is solely and helplessly entwined in the fate of mankind shares his name with one of the twelve chosen. I bring you to him on his dying day, confined for some time within the bed that ultimately became his judge, jury and soon to be executioner. An unsuspecting voyeur would see not James, but his husk of a shell, frail, weak and pale. He lays thinking, for that is all he can truly manage. His near hairless head reeling from the thoughts placed there by time and an unkind existence. I am here to add one more thought, a devastating bit of imagery to push him over the edge and into oblivion, but before I do, I will give you a peek of his turmoil. I will be your guide through his existence, which began so many eons ago on the day that the deal was done. Please, come inside his dying brain, there is plenty of room. You men, so limited in your capacity, yet still the ungrateful chosen.

Ahh, there is the one we are looking for, the memory of what sparked his recent tumultuous decline. Lets watch…..

“…Breaking news…” The smartly dressed and cosmetically handsome news caster speaks and looks as if the end of the world is upon HIS shoulders, “A team of archaeologists, led by world renowned scientist Franz Reinhold, have discovered and retrieved artifacts from beneath the right paw of the Sphinx at Gaza, Egypt.”

This is the interesting part. Here we see why James, our poor beloved bringer of my reign, is in such a state.

“Contained within the artifacts, was a scroll, written in Arabic, French, English, German, and Spanish. The age of the scroll has been determined to predate most civilizations. Early dating places the writings at approximately 12000 years old. Scientists are speculating how a document so old could have survived, and how it could have ended up within the chamber within the Sphinx, which is only around 4,500 years old.

“Skeptics are warning that this is an elaborate hoax on the scientific community, and argue that there can be no other logical explanation for the documents existence. Those who are studying the document for clues to its origin are expected to release a press statement today.”

Gabriel, you clever seraphim. So it is there that you so carefully hid the evidence. Did you forget your duties so quickly? The scroll was supposed to be removed and given to its rightful owner soon after you hid it away. I will personally offer you a “thank you” when my take over is complete.

Before I allow you to see more of what is to become of our little drama, I feel that it will do no harm in showing you the story of Gabriel and his mission to deliver the scroll, so that you would be saved from what is to come. Again, thank you Gabriel, you have served me well with your lapse in duty.
Quite a few years ago, around 2000 of your years, there was a poor carpenters son who was predetermined to die in His name. Sad really, the misguided fool. So easily led to believe his role in all of this as the “Savior of Man.” It was my influence that guided his destiny, contrary to what your books say. Without his influence, The Deal could not have unfolded as it was supposed to, and I could not stand here today, savoring my sweet success. But as you will see, his death was truly meaningless in all of this; rather the significant player was a fellow by the name of Peter.

Peter was destined to deny his fellowship with the carpenter’s son, I believe that your books detail it as three times which he denied it, a fact that is all but purely trivial. Poor Peter wanted to believe so badly he could taste it, but he never quite bought in to the Son of God party line, he followed easily enough, but never really believed, a perfect start to proving my point and supplanting Him in the rule of man.

God was pretty upset, while I reveled in Peter's choice. So it was decided that Peter was to pay for his transgressions, though his actions were merely an act of logical, rational thought, something that more of your kind should try sometime. Actually, it was not Peter who was to be punished, but his descendants, or one of them anyway. I could bore you with a long-winded speech about how Peter begat Susie and Susie begat a three headed dog, down the line, but that is really not suitable for my tale. Besides, He has already bored you that way a few too many Sundays. Rather, I will focus on the one person in the family lineage who does matter, for it was that individual who was to attempt to make the difference.

William Hayes, direct descendant of Peter the Apostle, was born to serve one single purpose, the bearing of the singularly most important news to ever reach your kind. It was to him that Gabriel was supposed to deliver The Deal to; he was to devote his life to reaching our poor, miserable James. William's sole mission in his pathetic existence was to persuade James to shed the skin of his hatred and general mistrust of all things. He was supposed to befriend James and show him that there is some good, and that James must make that blossom in those he came into contact with. He didn't even have to affect the entire world, just those around him.

Through the design, William did in fact meet James, but he arrived into James' life without good tidings and joy and life changing news. Ahh, here it is, right here inside James' mind, carefully buried among the debris, as if he was trying to forget. Let us watch as James tells the story...

“Hi there! The name’s William. I saw you sitting here, and thought that I would come introduce myself.” Young William smiled a warm smile and extended his hand. Tall and lanky, he was dressed as most kids, blue jeans and white t-shirt. His face was kind, topped by a mussed brown hair.

“You will want to remove that hand, William,” James, just a boy himself, responded. He wore a look on his sunken face that was a mix of uncertainty and hate. It was a look that William was trying to determine if James was going to shake his hand or eat him for lunch, but only after some extreme torture. James brushed his fire red crew cut and turned away from William.

“Hey, nothing doin’,” withdrawing his hand and sheepishly stuffing it in his pocket. His broad smile quickly disappearing as if it suddenly remembered that it had another place to inhabit and realized that it was very late. “If you ever change your mind and want to start over, look me up. I know that we have some classes together.” William turns and walks away, head hung down while he thought about what had just happened.

After a few more tries, William and James became friends, not friends really, but conversation buddies anyway. But now that I have shown you the inevitability of their meeting, I will now move us forward in this pathetic memory, for it bores me so. After all, I have watched it unfold before, eons ago. Here we go, this looks like a good spot to start.

James, still hollow and sunken in appearance, sits behind a large mahogany desk. His red crew cut has been replaced with a short trim and a receding hairline. Wearing an expensive suit, he furrows his brow as he speaks sternly into the phone. “William, I really do not care what happened. You owe me for the damages. Yes, I am more than aware that we have known each other for that long, a reality that I am truly regretting as the minutes pass, not that I didn’t already regret it enough. Just figure it out, it is really not my problem.” He hangs up the phone with a bit more force than the cheap manufacturing was designed to handle.

“Sir? Your 11 o’clock is here,” James’ secretary quickly retreats back to the safety of her desk before he could turn on her. She enjoyed being a secretary; it was his mistrust and pure dislike of everyone that she tried to avoid. Quite often she was the object of his hostilities, simply because she was there. She was particularly avoiding him today because she liked William, and felt sorry that he had ever gotten mixed up with the tyrant, which was her name for her boss when she was away from work.

“Tell him that I cancelled. I do not care that he came in. I am canceling. If he don’t like it, he can go to another company and try to get what he needs.” James yells at the closing door, while thinking that he really needed to find another secretary, one with some spine. For James, everyone is too soft hearted. Everyone always wants to believe the best and expects him to do the same. Goodwill and chivalry are dead, the world needs to quit mourning and move on. He would fire her tomorrow, and hire a replacement that could do the job the way he wanted it done.

Two days later, “poor” James would fall ill. Within a week, his health would decline to the point where we found him. I almost feel pity for him, after all it is not his problem that a certain messenger failed to complete his duty. Had William received the scroll, he would have had the knowledge that he needed to sway the balance within James and thus save humanity. Truly sad that even within the ranks of God’s own, the laziness of men has infiltrated.

Here we come, almost time now. I can feel James slipping; soon it will be time for me to leave you, for I have an appointment with someone. The time for me to take my rightful place is almost upon us.

Something is wrong. We are not alone. Gabriel, is that you come to beg for the opportunity to make this right and spare your Father’s beloved creation?

“Hello, Lucifer.” That voice, it is Him.

“What are you doing here? Did you come to try to persuade me from taking my place in Heaven? How long have you been here?”

“Long enough, my son.”

“Don’t you dare refer to me as your son! You gave up that right so very long ago.”

“It was you who took that right away from me, Lucifer. You were not content to be with me in Heaven. You instigated the uprising and forced me to banish you to Hell. I will never understand why, and why you. You were always one of my favorites. Your praises were sung louder and your pride in who you were outshined all the other angels.”

“You forced me to do what needed to be done when you started talking about a new chosen, a new favorite race. It is only a wonder that none of the others saw it for what I did.”

“Were you so proud that it blinded you to the truth? You and the other angels never ceased to be my favorites. The brief attention that I gave to the new creation was not meant to supplant that favoritism.”

“It doesn’t matter, Father, for you have finally lost. When our friend James leaves his mortal shell, I will take my place as ruler of this world and show your ‘new chosen’ what suffering truly is.”

“You are not going to do any such thing, my sweet Lucifer. You have not won anything. When this man passes, you will return to Hell and exist just as you have for eons.”

“You are delusional. I have won. The deal cannot be undone. James did not change within his lifetime, he is every bit as spiteful and his hatred of his species has only blossomed. I am taking over, and you are powerless in all your glory to stop me. This last ditch effort to persuade me otherwise is feeble, even for you.”

“No Lucifer, you have not won. You are correct in your observation of the evolution of James, but it does not mean that you have come out on top in this deal. The deal was that William would get the scroll and have the chance to change James for the better utilizing the knowledge that he had gained. William tried admirably to make that difference, even without the knowledge contained within the scroll.”

“It is none of my concern that your beloved Gabriel did not complete his duties in this. You should be having this discussion with him. I have planning to do.”

“No, Gabriel did exactly what he was supposed to do. I prevented him from delivering the scroll to William at the appropriate time, not directly of course. We both know that under the circumstances, Gabriel would not have done anything to jeopardize the chance that I would prevail once more. And in the terms of the deal, he was the only one who knew where the scroll was hidden; I could have no more tampered with it than you because of this. So I sent him on a fool’s errand to distract him in that brief, but crucial, moment in man’s history.

“Knowing you the way that I do, dear Lucifer, I let you continue your pursuit believing that you had won, biding my time until you proved yourself and showed, yet again, your true feelings. The only thing that I am guilty of in this is believing that even you might change and want to come home without the turmoil.”

“Then you are a fool. Why would I ever want to return to Heaven, to the eternal mistrust of me and my actions.”

“I had hoped, just as man hopes. Hope is one of the strongest weapons that I have ever bestowed upon them. You have proven once again where your allegiance lies, only with yourself.”

“Then you plan to send me back? I have been there for an eternity, another will teach me nothing more than the spite that I have already nourished as an outcast.”

“Lucifer, at one time, I would have just sent you back. Not this time, for I see now that you will never be anything other than what you are. No, this time I waited for this exact moment. I planned to have this discussion here in this man’s mind since I sent Gabriel away.

“You once said ‘Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven’. I will not give you that luxury a second time. This time, you will reign over nothing. I have passed onto you the punishment already. You are to live inside this man’s mind, experiencing everything his senses provide, but with no control and no influence over him what so ever. This is now your prison. And when James leaves his shell, you will be placed into a new prison. This is your fate for the rest of eternity; never again will you have the opportunity to gain your passage back into my kingdom.”

“NO, You cannot do that. You need me, and my influence over them to keep mankind’s faith upon you. Without me, you will not have the reverence and belief that you hold so dear.”

“I do have it, don’t you see? Your influence over time has made sure that man naturally makes the opportunity for good and evil. You have about as much use in that capacity as anyone of them do. You are no longer integral to the reverence that they show me.

“Good bye, my son. I truly wish that you could have overlooked what you saw as flawed and come back to me.”
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