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Happy Marriage - An Informal Essay

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Happy Marriage

I do not know if it is healthy, but I love the jealousy I receive because of my marriage. It makes me so happy when I think about how great of a marriage that my husband and I have. Especially when it seems everyone else around us (excluding family) is having so much problems with their marriages.

My husband and I rarely fight. When we do fight, it never lasts over a day. In fact, the argument is generally solved within the hour. Then everything is back to normal again and we are cuddling on the couch together that night.

I have friends ask me how we do it. My answer is simple. He is my best friend. People who say opposites attract are wrong, plain and simple. You have to have some things in common.

I get to hear complaints from other wives all the time about how their husbands never help around the house and are always playing video games. I have been asked why I donít have this problem. Well, one reason is that my husband is responsible. Sometimes I think heís more responsible than me. I knew this when I married him. Just like the other people knew what their spouses where like. My thoughts on this; they arenít going to change just because they signed a marriage contract.

Also, I take the time to play games with my husband. Yes, I play video games, too! I didnít turn my nose up at them because ďwomen arenít supposed to play video games.Ē And guess what, I enjoy it.

However, we both take the time, if necessary, to clean up. I cannot stand to be in a living environment with, say, dirty dishes everywhere. My house gets messy almost everyday, but he and I both work to clean it. And I knew heíd help me around the house before I married him! (Big point here, are you getting it?)

I am so happy with my marriage. I know the stares we get when weíre playing around in public. Especially when we are in a store and he grabs me, dips me, and gives me a kiss. I know people are thinking, ďdamn kids.Ē But I also know that they want to be me, or him.

My neighbors were fighting one day. Suddenly I had a knock on my back door and it was my neighbor handing me her 11-month-old baby. She asked me to hold him for a little bit, which I did. He didnít need to be exposed to that sort of yelling and fighting. Next door, the yelling commenced again. About 30 minutes later, she came back over and told us not to let her husband get the baby. Of course Iím thinking, Oh god, Iíve been dragged into the middle of this. An hour and a half passes, and things had quieted down. My neighbor came over and got her son. She also informed me that I wasnít going to have to watch her son again that night because she wasnít going to work. She had to clean up the mess her husband made in an angry rampage.

Situations like this, really really really make me appreciate my marriage. Itís nice being able to resolve tense situations without yelling at each other. I love my husband and I am happy. What more could a girl need?

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