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A fun, spontaneous, inspirational way to write

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A fun, spontaneous, inspirational way to write  Reply with quote  

Writers should find something to write about every day. It's a phrase that you hear all the time from authors who are giving advice to people trying to get started in the industry. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. It's perfectically logical advice - if you want to get better at something you must routinely work at it. One needs to develop a work ethic, constantly stimulate their imagination, and work the "kinks" out of their writing style.

My problem is that, while I completely agree with this advice, I've never been able to put it into practice. I love to write. Creating is one of my favorite things to do. But I'm just not the type of person who can sit down every day and write something. I can't find inspiration as easily as others, you might say. This bothered me for a long time. It freaked me out a little because, for someone who wants to make a living on writing sometime in the future, I don't seem to have as big a passion for it as I believe I should.

But then I realized that it's not through lack of passion that I don't write as often as I ought to, it's just that I'm not the sort of person who can stimulate his own imagination. I need outside influence. Other people inspire me and push me to be better. I love working off of other people's ideas to create something both by myself and with them. Thus, I have come up with a concept that I hope will not only selfishly satisfy my own needs, but hopefully some of yours as well.

The Proposal:

I've decided to create a fictional community, a town that harbors only a few thousand people, but has an infinite number of stories to tell. My wish is for others to join me as I discover this diamond in the rough, this place that has remained undiscovered by most of the world and yet is home to some of the most interesting people I have ever seen: all of you. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Broken Oak.

The Premise:

I hate to use the word "roleplaying" because it is hampered by negative connotations, but Broken Oak is essentially an online community where we "roleplay" in an everyday community. No, it's not in a world with dragons and magic, it's not on some distant planet home to exciting beasts and wonders beyond belief. It's an ordinary town with extraordinary people (I hope).

How it works is that everyone can write whatever they want, so long as it pertains to our fictional town of Broken Oak, or involves one of the characters who live there. Each person who registers must create at least one character that they "own" and write about; for example, while I'll be the admin of the board, I'll also be living life through Sheriff Wesley Randolph as well as a slew of others. You can create as many characters as you'd like, all I ask is that you keep it to a number that you can manage. People may write about other people's characters, but they must respect the character and try to write him/her as faithfully as possible.

You can write about anything. Your character(s) can be a store clerk, and you can write about his experiences at work, as well as home. You can be a cranky old man who just sits on his porch and complains about the world at large. Broken Oak should be as immersive as possible, so character interaction is a great way of creating a living, breathing, online community. For the gamers out there, it is essentially The Sims, but we create and write about characters instead of control them in a game.

Everyone plays a part in building the community. If you think Broken Oak should have a horse track, write about it. If you think it has a crazy homeless man who constantly talks of alien conspiracies, write about that. You want to play a serial killer? Weird, but go right ahead.

I want Broken Oak to be a self-contained universe that we can all constantly expand on. I want to create our own little Pine Cove, if you will. We'll all help create it together as we tell our little stories and interact with one another. Perhaps we'll discover that one of your characters is actually the lost son of my own Sheriff Randolph. Maybe Randolph used to be a failed trapeeze artist who has fled a life of embarassment and settled in Broken Oak as an attempt to escape a life he'd rather forget. Who knows? As of now, I don't even know who Wesley Randolph is, or who my other characters may be, but I through my own little jaunts in Broken Oak and your own, I hope to find out.

At the end of the day, all I want is the chance to play around with my imagination in an environment that constantly provides me with new ways to do so. Interacting with other people and their creations is my favorite way to do that. I'm basically looking to practice writing in a fun, spontaneous environment where I can interact with and learn from other writers.

Hopefully there are others out there who see the benefits in this form of writing that I do. It's a chance to write about the unexpected every day. Maybe you'll log on one day and find out that a band of angry dwarves are rampaging through the town. Maybe there's been massive snow storm that hs knocked all of the town's power out, and we're all trapped in different buildings for days on end. This forum is a chance to write about characers and events that you'd normally not have the chance to. It's an opportunity to expand your writing horizons in a fun, spontaneous way.

Well, my spiel has come to an end. If you're interested, then by all means join the forum. There's no limits on what you write. Be as dramatic, or comedic, or insane as you'd like. Small towns have all of that stuff. There's room for everyone. See ya around.

Here's the link:

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